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QL/ML fans question


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I am planing to build my first pc with corsair 4000d airflow ql edition with h115i elite capellix liquid cooler but today I realized the fans in case and cooler are different but I want them too be compatitible I was wondering if it would be compatitible so if it wasn't I was planing to change the fans of the cooler. Also I am planing to have 6 fans for my setup 3 for taking air in 3 or exhaust.

Can anyone tell em if it is going to have a problem or not and what should I do?

And this is first time I do things with rgb so pls correct my mistakes.

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The 4000D Airflow edition does not come with RGB fans.  It does have a few standard fans for airflow.  The 4000X RGB version comes with 3 SP-Elite 8 LED fans that are an exact match to the ML-Elite fans on the Elite Capellix, but there is an issue to work out first.


In order to put a 280mm radiator up top, you must have low profile RAM and hopefully no large motherboard VRM heatsinks up there either.  There is little room to spare and since this case is the smallest of the mid-size line, it was really meant to work better with 120mm fan sizes.  If you have not purchased the H115i Elite, you may want to look at the H100i and H150i Elite Cappelix models.  


I am not sure how the QL fit into this, unless that is what you want to buy.  The Commander Core controller with the Capellix has individual RGB header control and will allow you to mix fan types, unlike most other Corsair controllers.  However, nothing will make a ML-Elite or SP-Elite 8 LED center hub fan look like a double sided 34 LED ring fan.  There will be differences in effects and how they look.  

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Thank you for your reply! I was planing to buy a special edition of 4000D Airflow which you can find from this link (the reason I want ql fans is because this case has 4 integrated ql fans in it) and I'm planing to buy H100i Elite Cappelix instead of H115 Elite Capellix just like you suggested.

As for rams I'm planing to buy white 16 gb vengeance rgb pro from the setup videos I have watched they seem to fit to 4000d airflow with H100i elite cappelix on top.

The motherboard I'm planing to use is an ATX motherboard do you think that will fit in with all the other stuffs?

Do you think I would be able to change the fans of the H100i Elite Cappelix with 120mm Ql fans that I am planing to buy separately?

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OK, I see.  They really buried that QL edition on the US site.  Vengeance Pro RGB modules are 44mm, which I don't think will work with a 280mm up top.  Pretty much any fun RAM is going to be too tall.  You need something down around 34-36mm to keep it from hitting the side of the radiator/fans.  There are no RGB RAM modules at that height.  Or you have to do something drastic like put the fans above the case, which is not appealing either.    The difference in cooling between a 280 and 240mm radiator (2C) is not enough to where I would give up something like the RGB RAM.  


You will have no issue changing the included ML-Elite for some white QL120 fans.  Both the PWM and RGB connectors slot right in with the others for either fan set.  That also means you can use the ML-Elite with the AIO at the start if you need to wait on the QL.  It also means you can buy two single QL120 white and you don't need a multi-pack with a controller.  

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