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Found 11 results

  1. Hey all, I recently purchased 4 packs of the Corsair Ql120 RGB Triple Packs with Lighting Node Core. 6 of them are going on my Corsair iCUE H150i Elite Capellix Liquid CPU Cooler in a push pull configuration. The other 6 are split between front intake and side intake on my Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW ATX Mid Tower Case. Additionally, I have a Corsair QL140 RGB, 140mm RGB LED Fan for my exhaust out the back. My issue is, my motherboard, Asus ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO ATX LGA1200 Motherboard, only has 2 usb headers... So how do I even begin to connect all of the fans and RGB to this board? I know that each 3 pack of fans comes with a Lighting Node Core 6 which means I have 4 of those. Additionally, I have 1x Commander CORE RGB & PWM Fan Controller and 1x Corsair iCUE Commander PRO Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Speed Controller. my issue is that I was also hoping to still use at least 1 of the USB headers on the motherboard for the front of the case usb's. I can't see how to put this together so that all fans and all USBs work. Any help would be super appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Always wanted to build a mini-itx in the 380t. Finally picked a 380t up on EBay. I want a Mini-Beast that can travel. Hoping for Ryzen 5900X build. With a 200mm Fan up front, 120mm in the rear and an H110i 2x120mm AIO cooler, Will I have enough airflow to cool my build with a Radeon RX6900 or RX 6800 graphics card. Any feedback from those building such a computer or experienced builder's thoughts on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Don
  3. Hi all, I am about to purchase the items needed for my first build. For CPU cooling i've chosen the H115i ELITE CAPELLIX. They come with two 140mm ML RGB fans. Because they're ML fans, do I have to choose ML fans for compatibility / desired effect as my case fans, or can I also choose LL-fans for more lighting effects? EDIT: The SP120 Elite fans come with a 4-pin PMW connection from what I can see. Is the only difference there in the amount of leds? Budgetwise (overspending on GPU/CPU) I'd prefer to put the SP120 in there, instead of the LL120. Still the same question, because my top mounted AIO fans will be the ML140. Planning to top-mount the radiator, to have three 120mm fans as front intake, and 1 120mm fan as rear exhaust. Case: Corsair 5000d airflow. The AIO comes with a Corsair hub. besides that, the 5000d comes with a hub attached to the chassis. Help is welcome! Regards, Khonen
  4. Hello, I recently installed the Commander Pro to the pc but the iCue software doesn't show it. The fans are all on and spinning, the RGB is fine and I can even edit the RGB to my liking but cannot control the fan speed since it doesn't detect the commander pro. Please help! ): Cancel that I solved it
  5. I don't know if I can post my case and motherboard info again here, I think it's against rules or something. Guess you all can see it as it's in my profile. The question I have is... I want to put one AF120 exhaust fan on the back of my case, two AF140 exhaust fans on the top of my case and six AF140 intake fans on my AIO. With the motherboard that I have, do I need to buy splitters, the commander pro or will I just have to plug into my motherboard? I'm a noob at this and this is my first PC build. Thanks in advance.
  6. So I've almost got all the parts to build my spouse's PC (waiting on that 3300x chip to come into stock!) I built mine about a month ago in a 680x and it was my first venture into PC building. I've loved my Corsair products and wanted to give building in another Corsair case a shot. I've got a Noctua NH-D15 for the CPU cooler, and between me and my friend who both built in the Crystal Series 680x we have two extra 120mm fans from the rear exhaust on the cases. I was wondering if I should add either or both to this Carbide Air 540? I don't know a whole lot about these fans or whether or not it would benefit to throw them in there for extra exhaust out the top. I've considered replacing all of the fans in it for pwm fans but I don't really know how much of a difference it'll make in terms of noise reduction or cooling. We have two cats so dust accumulation is a little bit of an issue and I wanna try and do whatever I can to minimize dust and give the case good airflow. I do plan to dust it regularly ofc, but I hear the open layout can cause quite a lot of dust accumulation since there's only one dust filter. Any suggestions on the cooling ecosystem of the case or minimizing dust/extra dust filters etc would be greatly appreciated guys.
  7. So I finished building my pc yesterday, but rgb fusion isn't detect the included rgb fans. They are lighting up, but just in one color. Can anyone help me please?
  8. If I'm running Linux as my main operating system, and i have a windows virtual machine on it, can I use the Corsair's Link/iCUE(can't remember what it's called) software to control my fan speeds? Specifically, the ones connected to my Commander Pro, and, possibly, my h100i v2 AIO? Has anyone successfully made the software work under WINE? Thanks! Oh, right, FYI, my system is currently running Windows 10, not Linux. I'm trying to do some research before I make the switch. I did search the web and this forum, but didn't find an answer. Edit: Another thought, I was considering just running the fans off of my motherboard, but I have a 1000D case. In the long run, I can see needing to use all 18 fan mounts if the plans I have work out. I'm not sure if running 18 fans through the motherboard could possible damage it or not....
  9. Hey there, I just built my PC (his name is Frank) and I have 3 sets of unruly RGB parts. I have two sets of Thermaltake Riing 120mm case fans which are independently connected to their own RGB controller, which looks like this: https://thermaltakeusa/hc/article_attachments/360003381393/Gen_1_Controller.jpg Not only do these two sets not sync even on the exact same settings, but it has no RGB cable support for the RGB strip on the front of my case. Additionally, I recently purchased the Corsair H100i pro, which isn't synced with my fans either. I hooked the two controllers into the H100i pro for the fan inputs, and I was hoping that somehow iCUE would be able to pick up on the RGB controllers and allow me to control them, but that is not the case. In fact, it doesn't even pick up on the fact there are 6 fans. Because there are only 2 controllers plugged into the H100i pro, it only thinks there are 2 fans. My next idea to control all of the RGB in and on the surface of my case would be to purchase the Corsair Commander Pro, which is not very cheap for my current broke college boy budget. I'm wondering if my Thermaltake Riings will be able to have their RGB controlled by iCUE when plugged into the Commander Pro? I don't like the idea of having to buy 6 new case fans so that all of my RGB is linked, especially having to fully dedicate myself to one brand when the corsair RGB fans are double the price of the TT ones I had gotten. I know the commander will be able to control my case RGB strip and iCUE already is capable of controlling my cooler, so I'm not worried about those. I'm more so concerned if I decide to drop 60 odd some dollars on a controller, that I'll have to purchase all new fans as well. Thanks for your help in advance, if you have any questions I'll do my best to answer them to my knowledge, as this was my first ever build and I've only been studying up on this side of computers for the last 5 or 6 months.
  10. Hey everyone, Sorry if this has been asked too many times, but I can't find a solution that works. I have 6 x LL120's on my Corsair 460X case and none of the fans have any lighting, but they are spinning. I've tried: Using Link and iCUE, installing each separately at a time and rebooting after each attempt. Checking the brightness Forcing updates Checking BIOS Only 3 of the fans are on system fan headers on the motherboard, the other 3 are on spare cooling pump headers. All fans are connected in order to the LED Hub. The Hub is connected to the NoPro and to a SATA power directly to the PSU. The NoPro is connected to the MoBo USB 2.0 header with the provided mini USB cable. I think next step is to use splitters or buy that Commander Pro. Any help would be greatly appreciated MoBo: Gigabyte Arous Gaming 7 CPU: Intel i7-8700K GPU: Zotac GeForce GTX 1080 Ti RAM: G.Skill Trident RGB 8GB x 2 3600MHz PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA G3 750W
  11. Hi Guys, Just a quick question about fan configurations. I am looking at getting a new case that has better front ventilation for GPU and CPU cooling. The case I want is the Cougar Panzer (link below) which has space for 3 x 120mm or 2 x 140mm fans on the front panel. My GPU is a EVGA 1070 SC which has open style cooler. My question is which fan config would be best when taking into account cooling performance and noise generated as well. On a side note: I am going to buy a Corsair commander pro so I have the capacity to control up to 6 fans at the same time. My CPU cooler is a H100i GTX which has 2 x 120mm Corsair ML fans. Thank you https://cougargaming.com/us/products/cases/panzer/
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