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  1. Hey there, sorry to hear that. Have you gone into the Lighting Setup for your Commander Pro and set it to External LED Strips, and how many you have?
  2. Hey there, sorry to hear that. I am creating a ticket for you to get the Pump Cap sent out to you!
  3. can u also assist me on h60i rbg pro xt I can, will convert your post to a ticket to get that to you!
  4. Hey there, the Pro RGB does not have this issue, and unfortunately does not have a manual flash procedure such as the RGB Pro XT or Platinum. However, it is often repairable by removing iCUE and reinstalling iCUE. You can do that with this guide here: Remove iCUE I will send the steps to you through your ticket as well.
  5. Hello there, currently control of Corsair Ram within Armory Crate is not working. Asus is aware of the issue and is working on correcting the issue which is on their end after they updated their software. Also, Aura Sync is no longer supported by Asus, and only the Latest Armory Crate is able to work with iCUE. You also no longer need the Asus Plugin, as it is included with iCUE.
  6. We are planning on supporting LGA1700 with in market coolers and will have more information closer to the platform's release, whenever that may be.
  7. Hey there, sorry to hear you are having trouble. When using an RGB Hub, you must not skip ports, so if you plug 1 fan into port 2, it won't light up until you place another in Port 1. Its also not suggested that you mix fans of different series on a single Commander/RGB Hub as they have different number, and sometimes different types of LED, and can cause issues. It is very likely that one of your LL120 is defective, and it being connected can cause issues like you are seeing in fans after it in the series. Try connecting your fans one at a time in slot 1. See if any have issues, if they do, place it aside. Now leave a good working fan in Slot 1, and repeat this step with the next fans in Slot 2. Any that have an issue place aside, and repeat in Slot 3. I have created a ticket for you from this post. Once we receive the results of the above testing we can look into the issue further.
  8. Hello, Sorry to hear about your fan's LED. I have created a ticket for you so that we can get this taken care of. Keep an eye out for further emails requesting additional information. Thanks, Travis
  9. Hey there, sorry to hear that. We can warranty this for you. I will be converting this into a ticket so we can start that process for you.
  10. Hey there, there is no SATA power for this unit. You will have the RGB connections for each fan, as well as a forth cable for the Pump that will also need to be connected to the motherboard to power the RGB of the Pump. The hub you linked above does not go to the H150, and won't be the problem.
  11. Hey KBhamm, we spoke earlier on Reddit, again sorry to hear of your experience with our fans. To any with this issue, we are looking into this, and will continue to honor the warranty for these fans to any that have this issue. Please do not hesitate to reach out by creating a ticket, and we will do what we can to assist you.
  12. We are not able to discuss coming products, but we will have more information once we are closer to the platform's release.
  13. Hey there, sorry to hear that. This does appear to be a failed Commander Core. We can send out a replacement. What is your active ticket number? I can look into it for you.
  14. Hey there, sorry to hear you are having trouble. I have converted your post into a ticket so we can check a few things for you.
  15. Hey there, the QL will perform slightly less than the Stock Capellix ML fans, but with a 360 Radiator it will make up the difference. You may want to run the QL fans a little faster and you won't even notice the performance drop.
  16. Hey there, sorry to hear that. Check that you do not have the mounting thumbscrews too tight, or too loose. Try tightening them by hand, and if they won't tight anymore, try loosening them 1/4 a turn to 1/2 a turn.
  17. Hey there, since you have the Capellix, run it, and top mount it. The 280mm radiator will provide a little extra cooling to your CPU. Plus, you get RGB fans!
  18. Hey there, this will work, you can also use the PWM Repeater that comes with the 5000D for the extra fans, as the Commander Core can control a total of 6 fan's PWM speed.
  19. Hey there. The way that AMD's PBO boost works can be a tad aggressive, and will cause the CPU voltage to jump. This will cause the temp to jump for a few moments and is completely normal. You can limit the voltage in your BIOS, but there is not anything wrong with this per AMD's statements.
  20. Hey there, the fans connect to the cables coming from the pump, and then the fan header cable coming from the pump with 1 wire on it goes to the CPU_Fan header on your motherboard.
  21. Hey, the Pro XT won't have any problems with any AM4 board, as it uses the same brackets as AM3. Electronically will be fine as well.
  22. I would not disconnect or plugin anything while the system is on. RGB is not technically hot-swap, and it could cause a current spike damaging LEDS. As for the Commander Pro, try performing a repair of iCUE, if it continues create a ticket. https://help.corsair.com/hc/en-us/articles/360044638712-How-to-Fix-unresponsive-macros-and-remaps Please reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com
  23. Hey there, Find a fan that works and where you have it connected to the motherboard, and swap all the fans on that single port. Do all the fans work then? If so this is a motherboard issue, and likely just means you need to change the Fan curve of your ports. If we still have a few fans that do not work, please reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com
  24. If other fans work in the slot the LL120 fails to work in, and the fan doesn't spin connected to the motherboard this points 100% to a defective fan. Since you just bought it you can return it for a replacement from Microcenter. If for some reason you can not, or would prefer to go through us please reach out to our support staff by opening a ticket at https://help.corsair.com
  25. Hey there, I see you have a MSI motherboard, meaning you likely have Dragon Center or Mystic Light. Make sure you only have the latest Dragon Center installed, and go into it's setting and disable the "iCUE Integration". You can also go into iCUE, and under the Settings tab disable the "Enable SDK" option.
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