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Install iCUE H150i with iCUE 5000X RGB


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Hi All,

I'm about to build my own gaming rig, using the following pars:
CPU: i9-12900KF
GPU: 7900 XTX
AIO: iCUE H150i Elite Capellix

I have several questions related to AIO, Case and CPU installation, I hope you can assist with.

1. Air Flow
Since the case has x3 front-fans, i'm planning to install the AIO on the top (not to the side).
1.a Should I put the fans on top of the radiator, connected to the case, or below the radiator, connected to it?
1.b Based on the answer above, should the air flow of the AIO be inside out or vice versa?
1.c Based on the configutation above, what should be the Case fans air flow direction?
1.d Do I need additional single rear fan? if so, which size? type?

2. Thermal Paste
I've heard some rumores about thermal issues with the Intel's LGA 1700 socket, so I bought a Thermalright Buckle from Alliexpress, just in case.
2.a Do I think I need this buckle (I'm not going to overcloack the CPU)?
2.b Should I use the AIO's pre-applied Thermal Paste or clean it up and put Noctua thermal paste on top of the CPU (X layout)?

Much Thanks!

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UPDATE: finaly, I build my own gaming rig with the parts listed above, as follows:

1. 3 iCUE AIO fans connected to the commander comes with it. Installed the radiator on top, where the fans located below, pushing hot air out throught the radiator.

2. 3. iCUE 5000x Case fans connected to the commander/circuits comes with the case (couldn't connected the fan RPM single wire to the assus board, since the CPU_FAN is 4-wire and the case plug is 3-wire and couldn't fit - set to ignore in BIOS).

3. Additional single Corsair 120mm fan connectred to the rear of the case to pull ait out from the case - connected to the case commander/circuits, as a fourth fan.

4. Didn't install the LGA 1700 socket buckle as it is too risky and i'm not going to override CPU clock.

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