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QL/LL fan blades


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Im going to do some painting on my AIO, its currently black and i have painted one before with great success but I want to know if it is possible to remove the fan blades from the QL/LL fans so I just have the frame, so I can paint the frame without possibly painting over the fan blades that diffuse the RGB.


I have watched a few videos on Coolermaster fans or Thermal take fans, being able to quite simply pop the blades out, I am not sure if the LL/QL series fans are mag lev or ball bearing, or fluid, I have never taken fan blades apart but I'm pretty sure the type of bearing determines if they can be taken apart simply or not.


If anyone has any info on if this is possible or if I should should take a safer approach and just hand paint them.



much thanks in advance!

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fans are already make in every color imaginable and LED fans step it up


my box is dark so that the glow of the video card and the h115i accent the decor



Correct they do, but i want a mix of white and black fan housings, I plan to do the corners and rubber anti vibration mounts in black (this is what they are now) and then the longer side portions of the fans housings in white this is why im asking if the fan blades can be removes safely, i can easily masking tape off the corners but I want to make sure i get the inside and outside portions of the longer black sides of the fan housing and this would require me to remove the fan blades themselves.

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  • Corsair Employee
Any modification to the fan is at your own risk and will void the warranty for the fans. We do not advise that you attempt to remove and/or modify your fan in any way, and we are unable to advise on how to disassemble the fan. If you do, you do so at your own risk knowing that if you break something or mess it up in any way that we will not be able to assist you with any sort of warranty replacement.
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