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CPU Cooler and fans setup


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I want to use the Corsair iCUE H150i Elite LCD XT CPU Cooler. The thing is, I also need some Corsair fans on the case and the LINK ecosystem seems an obvious choice for them.

This test ranks the XT higher than the H150i LINK in cooling power. Should I stick with it, or is it worth losing a bit of performance to have the CPU Cooler join the LINK chain?

Reading the manual for the XT, they recommend a Y USB splitter to only use 1 slot on the mobo (because both the command controller and the LCD need to be plugged in).

With XT + LINK fans, will I need 3 USB? Would it work with an internal USB hub such as this?

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4 hours ago, Monso said:

This test ranks the XT higher than the H150i LINK in cooling power.

Yes, but this is maximum cooling power at the highest possible settings.  So if you take the same cooler and test it will 2000 rpm max fans and then again with 2100 rpm max fans, the 2100 rpm scores slightly higher.  That a few tenths of a degree and you must be running your fans at those max speeds to attain it.  Nobody does that and for good reason  - it's just noise in exchange for a couple of degrees better CPU temps.  


If you are going to use QX or RX CUE Link fans, use the CUE Link AIO.  You are setting yourself up for a more difficult day to day management with two different generation controller systems.  I would say the same if the situation were reversed and you had a case full of the prior gen LL, QL, XX-Elite fans.  Then you get the Elite Capellix AIO because it works with those fans and you only need one controller type.  

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32 minutes ago, c-attack said:

If you are going to use QX or RX CUE Link fans, use the CUE Link AIO. 

Thanks, after thinking about it some more I'll use the Link cooler.

About the fans... Many sources state that RX are better case fans than QX, which are better for radiators.

Since you're forced to have QX fans with the cooler, I worry that putting RX fans on the case won't look that great. Because of the 2 different types.

What do you think?

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It not likely to make any difference unless you run a high core count CPU overclocked with 100% load runs throughout the day.  A 360mm radiator can dissipate the 100-150W you generate for most sustained tasks very easily and with nothing more than moderate speed.  At those levels you see nothing more than a fraction of a degree between a "good radiator fan" and a "below average" radiator fan.  Fan choice become more important when you have a small amount of radiator surface area (a 120mm radiator) or some type of airflow restriction, like high density custom radiators or some combination of case+radiator restriction.  


The stats for the RX are marginally higher, but again its about 3 cfm difference per fan of actual airflow at typical 750-1300 rpm speeds.  9 cfm seems like a small difference, but it's even less if you only need to increase the other fan speed by 100 rpm to equalize.  I used QX fans on my thick 54mm radiators for most of the past year.  There was no change from using more radiator focused ML-Elite prior to that or thicker 28mm fans after. My 2x480 makes the fan choice pretty irrelevant.  The CUE Link fans are expensive.  You should choose the one that makes you happy.  If that happens to be the QX, know you are not missing anything in terms of performance.  

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