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Found 10 results

  1. Hi I recently took apart my vengeance pro modules and there were three different types of things inside firstly there was some thicker sticky pads which I'm assuming is just thermal pads or thermal adhesive however there was then some thin tape as well as like a foam pad, I'm just wondering what are these things and where can I replace them them
  2. Im going to do some painting on my AIO, its currently black and i have painted one before with great success but I want to know if it is possible to remove the fan blades from the QL/LL fans so I just have the frame, so I can paint the frame without possibly painting over the fan blades that diffuse the RGB. I have watched a few videos on Coolermaster fans or Thermal take fans, being able to quite simply pop the blades out, I am not sure if the LL/QL series fans are mag lev or ball bearing, or fluid, I have never taken fan blades apart but I'm pretty sure the type of bearing determines if they can be taken apart simply or not. If anyone has any info on if this is possible or if I should should take a safer approach and just hand paint them. much thanks in advance!
  3. Hi, I am looking at changing a few Cherry MX red switches that are misbehaving. I have had this keyboard a good few years so the warranty is long and gone! Anyone know what are the correct switches i need to get? The keyboars is the old K95 with 18 G keys on the left i understand that i have to unsolder they keys on this board.
  4. Apologies if this is a duplicate thread, I tried searching through several threads but couldn't find any definitive information. The Problem: I have built my rig in the Cooler Master Master Case H500M which included two front mounted 200mm fans (MASTERFAN MF200R ARGB) which have individually addressable RGB Leds. I am very fond of these fans, but all the other fans I have (5 of them) are corsair ML140 pro rgb fans, which I am controlling with a lighting node pro with an attached hub. I would like to use the second channel of the lighting node pro to control the two 200mm fans on the front. I bought an adapter (The one here: https://www.amazon.com/EZDIY-FAB-Adapter-Corsair-Lighting-Commander/dp/B07XNZLZWM) so that I can connect the fans to the lighting node pro. For those unfamiliar, this case has an integrated led controller with a passthrough connector so that for example the motherboard can take direct control of the LED fans. I am connecting this passthrough connector to lighting node pro so that I can control both fans using only one channel. After setting this all up I went into the iCue software to try to configure the fans LED's and this is where the problems started. I knew going into this that I wouldn't be able to control the fan LED's "natively" but I figured I could just configure them as if they were e.g. LED strips, but when I tried that I just got odd flickering behavior, regardless of how I configured the LED strips. So I tried playing around with selecting different fans for the channel, and I found that by selecting SP RGB Series fans I could control 1 led per fan I put in the channel reliably (although blue and green colors are flipped, and I can't control each fan individually). Possible Solutions? Is there some way I could force iCue to accept more than 6 fans in a single channel of the lighting node pro? (My fans have 8 LED's and I have 2 of them, making 16 total) THE FAN LED's ARE NOT BEING POWERED OFF THE LIGHTING NODE PRO, I have them separately powered by the controller provided by Cooler Master, so I don't need to worry about drawing too much power. Is there some other software I could use to individually address the LED's? It seems that different products require different control schemes for their LED's (Perhaps Naively I assumed they would all work similarly, so except for order I thought I could just choose any product as standins for my fans, but that didn't work) Has anybody had any success controlling non-corsair fans with the lighting node pro or icue? I have a decent amount of programming experience, so I would be open to using the iCue SDK if it could solve this issue. I attempted to read up on the SDK and as far as I can tell the SDK can only be using for basically turning LED's off and on and setting different levels, but not actually configuring how they are addressed and configured, please correct me if I am wrong. Sorry if this is a bit rambling, I just wanted to make sure I had as much info here as I could provide. Let me know if any more information is needed. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  5. Hey all, I'm just finishing up my build, and I wanted some advice on how to make custom connectors so I can have cheap ambient lighting strips controlled by iCue. Basicially, I have some 12v RGB 5050 LED strips with four pin connectors. I want to have the power still be supplied by an external power brick (so I don't have a limited number of LEDs), and just have lighting controlled by iCue. I figure I would just buy one Lighting Node Pro and get sata power adaptor. that way, I get super cheap ambient light for under my desk and behind my monitors. With this external power brick idea work, or do I need to draw power from the Lighting Node?
  6. I own a corsair k70 rapidfire and I would like to grease or lube my keyboard to make the sound and feel better. Is there any way I can remove the top part of my switch without having to desolder my keyboard in any way? Another thing does anyone have any suggestions for greases or lubes I should use? Is there any way at all I can do this without desoldering it in any way I have the material to desolder but I do not want to risk my keyboard getting damaged. Thank you!
  7. So I know the question has been asked a million times over, and I have looked at other forum posts in the past - Is it possible to get a whole key set replacement for the Classic K95 Rgb Keyboard with the 18 G-keys. I looked for key replacements on Corsair's products website and they have full replacements of the classic keys but only for the K70 and Strafe Keyboards, but also on an earlier Forum post a Corsair admin posted links to Corsair's product pages saying original k95 keycap sets could be purchased there. There isn't actually anything wrong with my current K95 keycaps, and this keyboard has been through a lot so I'm quite impressed. As a project to go with the rest of my extensive corsair lighting, I wanted to get 'pudding' keycaps for my keyboard, (sides of keys are translucent white plastic so the entire key glows except for the black tops) however I obviously couldn't find a whole kit for the Corsair k95 with 18 G keys. In an earlier forum post someone posted a video of a guy sanding the sides of his Corsair keys down, just with sandpaper and it actually worked just fine! It had a really good result, and this is my next idea of what I could do. I don't really want to mess up my only set of Corsair K95 keycaps, so I was going to ask if the Corsair K70 classic keys would fit onto my K95 keyboard, excluding the G-keys? This way I could buy the K70 classic key set replacement and try it with those so I don't mess up my original keys. If not, is there any possible way I could get my hands on a Classic K95 key set without buying another whole Corsair K95 RGB Keyboard?? Any help or direction would be appreciated.
  8. I am currently looking at getting a new dual system case as you do. I was looking at the corsair 1000D but my main issue is the limited number of 3.5 " Bays. 3 I believe. If you are not able to put in some form of bay rack im not sure that I would get this case
  9. Hi Guys, I have three questions at once regarding the Corsair RGB LED Strips. Has anyone ever attempted to shorten the last strip in a chain by a few LEDs? I am about to put the strips in aluminum rails in which I cannot fold them or anything. So I may have to shorten the last strip in the chain. Can this be done without damage? What happens if I add a fifth strip to the chain? I currently only have one kit. But I am considering buying the expansion as well. I only need another strip (thus 5 in total) to fulfill my needs. It would be much easier to have 5 in a chain, compared to having 2+3 or 1+4. Last Question: Did anyone ever attempted to solder the strips together to get rid of those stupid connectors and bring the LEDs closer? Thanks a lot in advance for your help. Have a nice day!
  10. Hello guys I am currently in the process of building my dad a gaming pc as a retirement present. I chose the Crystal Series 460X RGB as this is the same case I build in and I absolutely love it. The theme of this is going to be red white and blue. So my Question is, is there a way to change the color of each individual fan??? Ive looked and I cant seem to figure it out. I would appreciate the help a lot thanks in advance
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