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  1. check the SATA cables, lots of times they do not last long in my experience
  2. Seems my H115i RGB fans are running at 500 rpm suggesting something is amiss.
  3. I have accumulated power cables from all over the planet. My RM650 was a Chinese model so I swapped out that cable for a NA variant and powered it it up. Modern power supplies are 90-240V automatic unlike the ancient models which a switch.
  4. I use MSI motherboards and their BIOS has all kinds of options for the CPU fan as well as the fan headers. The MB fan headers are not in use so I have them disabled which is the default. The CPU fan is enabled but the alarm is not. The Alarm can be set to one of several temperatures. I can post screenshots of my BIOS if you need clarification or you can find the manual for the MSI X470 Gaming Plus or MSI X570-A PRO on the MSI support pages.
  5. I am using iCue 4 for my H115i which is still working. Firmware is not usually needed. The older H100i is starting to get close to the end of the road for service life. AIO water coolers tend to last maybe 5 years or so
  6. My Corsair cable box has lots of single PCIe cables and pigtail PCIe cables. I have many power pig cards and I found the single cable and pigtail combination works with cards want three PCIe cable connections. Try a R9 Fury card which needs over 300W of power to run it. The RX 480 was actually slightly more powerful while using less power.
  7. the power output suggests the fan is switching on and off and may be slow to get rolling
  8. Of the very few I know with cream puff rigs and vertical graphics cards had a pile of custom hardware and cabling to go along with it. My Obsidian 750D is a large but conventional EATX box with lots of room for the H115i water cooler. On the front was an option for a 420mm radiator but I elected to install a third cage and stuff the machine with lots of hard disks. Even with 3 cages there is still room for 11-12" video cards but the RTX 2080 I have is a measly 10.5" long and it's easily installed. The RTX 3080 is longer and thicker. It fits too. I have a R9 Fury so I can test fit giant power pigs.
  9. I use Intel based laptops and they have been stable. I use AMD desktops because AMD offered PCIe 4.0 2 years ahead of Intel.
  10. Corsair still lists obsolete models for users who may have questions about a particular model. AFAIK high power rated power supplies are in short supply due to digital coin mining.
  11. The image of an ITX chassis clearly shows nowhere to place the huge triple slot RTX 3080 while the suggested 275R is dramatically more spacious.
  12. I own an FLIR camera and my H115i RGB is very close to ambient I have seen a lot of garbage readings suggesting software is defective and hardware sensors are not standardized
  13. Update your BIOS, AMD fixed that and several other bugs with this years ROMs
  14. I would go for an AX1200 just to be sure there is abundant power
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