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Corsair Virtuoso Buzzing / Flickering


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As you can see from the title i have an issue when i turn my volume up to 100% on windows where i get this weird TV flickering sound when ever a sound queue is executed.


The games i play is CS:GO / Warface. When ever i shoot i hear hear this TV Flickering / Buzzing for like 1 sec and then there is silent until some other sound is coming.


This does not happen as much at like 30% volume on windows but then the sound is waay to quiet aswell.


I have tried plug it in different USB ports checked on google if anyone had this issue and the only thing i found was there should have been some sort of update in ICUE that should have fixed it, but it still occur for me even though i have the latest version.


Notice this happens when wired and wireless. I hope there is a clever head out there that has a fix for this :)

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