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Found 9 results

  1. Hi! Yes, I know there's a hundred threads already but I've tried every available fix. The left ear cup is buzzing like mad, and the headset has white noise coming out left, right, and center. I've tried... Reinstalling firmware Disabling sidetone Using different USB (both front and back/directly on motherboard) Mic connected/not connected Reinstalling audio drivers in windows Manually re-pairing with dongle Reinstalling iCue What can I do, guys? This is driving me insane. I like the sound of the headset (don't need the mic), but I'll be returning it in a heartbeat if I can't get this to stop. It's 2 hours old, for crying out loud.
  2. I am on my second brand new unit of this AIO and have had the exact same issue. A persistent loud buzzing noise almost like a chainsaw. When I tap the cooler it stops momentarily. My first unit went a month before it started making this sound, this one lasted a day. Does anyone know what the cause of this is and how to remedy it? I really would prefer not dismantling my system again and getting another replacement. Here's a link to the Reddit thread I started when the first unit went
  3. Hello. I have purchased a H60 hydro cooler a month ago and the pump has this constant buzzing, louder than my 3 fans in the system. I am aware of the fact that it has an operating noise, i just don't know if this buzzing is normal, it quite annoys me. I have tried to move the radiator but it doesn't help. If this noise is normal i'll just accept is, it is my first. With no fans operating, i measure the noise at around 40dB. Here's a video i took: [ame]https://youtu.be/RcW9N4yxl4k[/ame] Thank you for your answers.
  4. Hi, I've just bought a new custom built gaming PC with the Corsair h115i Platinum cooling system and I realized that it's making a buzzing noise that comes from the pump. I'm pretty sure it's the pump because the noise comes from the motherboard around the CPU area and If I'm not mistaken CPU's don't make any noise. It's like an electric noise and I just can hear it when I open my case side panel window and put my ear close to it. I don't think that it's coil whine as it sounds very different and it's strange but it seems that when the PC is under load the noise stops or it is nearly imperceptible. Here's a video of the noise, it seems a lot louder in this video than in reality. I wonder if its something to worry about as the PC seems to work properly ,the temps are fine and as I said I can't hear it from the outside. If it's something to worry about I will claim the warranty to the shop that sold it to me. Here' the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1--PAamcZLMg6oN0HDWtcqlQPZJnI0qmR/view?usp=drivesdk Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  5. Hi All. I ordered the HS75 XB headset pretty much as it was announced and it came weeks before my Xbox Series X. I love the sound and how comfy it is and it's been mostly problem free - other then the crackling connection issues series x has with all headsets using it's wireless protocol - but a restart of the series x always fixes that for a day or two. I'm presuming that will be fixed with a Series X update. So everything has been great.. until last night. When I turned on the headset and it immediately started to make a low buzzing sound from each ear. I can't turn it off and all the controls like mute, volume and power button are completely unresponsive. Also, my xbox pad seemed frozen and wouldn't communicate with the xbox. I guess if the headset it using the same wireless protocol as the pad that makes sense as its somehow 'jamming' that connection. I plugged in my pad to the series x and then it worked. And I completely shut the xbox off, unplugging it from the wall for 30 seconds. Hoping that would also signal the headset to turn off, which it normally does. But no luck. I turned the series x and controller back on. But they will only pair wirelessly for a short time. When I try and turn off the xbox with the controller wireless - it looses the connection to the pad again and I have to connect it with the lead. Again, I guess because the HS75 XB is jamming the airwaves. the xbox and pad won't even pair. Holding down the pairing button on the controller and the series x does nothing with both lights blinking forever. So that was 10hrs ago.. and I'm just waiting for the HS75 XB battery to run down. They sit on the shelf with the power light on. Buzzing away and unresponsive. I've googled a way to hard reset it and while I can a reference to holding down the mute button for so long and then the power button to hard reset the HS70 headset. There's no mention of the HS75 XB and I tried the HS70 method and doesn't work. I have found a reference to this issue on reddit and they said once the headset ran out of battery it powered back on fine and been working great since. As a side note there are reports of using the Corsair ICUE software to update the HS75 XB firmware can brick the headset so I'm definitely staying away from that. So to end.. has this happened to anyone else? And presuming everything is ok once the battery runs out and I can switch them back on. Is there a way to hard reset the headphones so I can speed up this process if it happens again.
  6. Hello, recently my rm750x started making a buzzing noise similiar to this: [ame] [/ame] But its higher pitched and wasnt there before and persists even when the PC is shut down. It stops if i turn off the PSU switch. I can only hear it if im close to the exhaust of the PSU and generally doesnt bother me unless its something bad with the PSU. I was wondering if this is just coil whining that recently developed or if its something dangerous/faulty ?
  7. The middle fan on my H150i Pro makes this buzzing / crackling noise and starts to appear only when its above 1450RPM. Other 2 fans are quiet even at 1600RPM. I know its only this middle fan making the noise because I managed to pinpoint it through iCue software by fiddling with each fan's RPM. I tried to loosen and tighten the screws but the noise is still very audible and is annoying. I think the fan's motor making this sound but I'm not sure. Any ideas or help is much appreciated. PS:This suddenly started to happen after 4months of usage. [ame] [/ame]
  8. As you can see from the title i have an issue when i turn my volume up to 100% on windows where i get this weird TV flickering sound when ever a sound queue is executed. The games i play is CS:GO / Warface. When ever i shoot i hear hear this TV Flickering / Buzzing for like 1 sec and then there is silent until some other sound is coming. This does not happen as much at like 30% volume on windows but then the sound is waay to quiet aswell. I have tried plug it in different USB ports checked on google if anyone had this issue and the only thing i found was there should have been some sort of update in ICUE that should have fixed it, but it still occur for me even though i have the latest version. Notice this happens when wired and wireless. I hope there is a clever head out there that has a fix for this :)
  9. Hi! When charging my HS70s they make a buzzing sound, is that normal? Also, when charging overnight they only charge to roughly 60-80%, is that normal too? Thanks in advance.
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