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K70 Pro Mini Wireless - Cannot select 2000hz polling rate, possible FW issue?

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Hello, everyone. I purchased the K70 Pro Mini Wireless about two weeks ago and have been loving it so far, but for some reason I cannot select the 2000hz mode when using the keyboard wirelessly. After digging through some forum posts, I think I may have found out why this is but I wanted to ask if anyone else had this issue.


When the K70 Pro Mini is connected to the PC via USB, all polling rate modes up to 8000hz work as expected, and the slipstream dongle shows the 2000hz mode as well. When I disconnect the USB cable and try to use the keyboard completely wirelessly, the 2000hz mode disappears and reverts to 1000hz. I'm currently in contact with Corsair support where I was given some basic troubleshooting steps which did not work.

I then decided to look around online to see if anyone else had encountered this issue, and I found someone else with the same issue here, although it's an old post. I then found this post, where a Corsair rep says "So when your dongle is connected to a device that has a lower refresh rate, it automatically limits its maximum to the maximum of the connected device." (using Google Translate from French). While this makes sense for a different device that supports 2000hz wired/1000hz wireless, in the case of the K70 which is advertised as supporting 2000hz wireless, it got me thinking...

When the K70 Pro Mini Wireless is connected via USB, the slipstream dongle shows 2000hz as available because it is detecting the higher polling rate capability of the keyboard just fine, but when the USB is removed, the keyboard is not properly telling the slipstream dongle that it is in fact capable of 2000hz. What leads me to believe this is some sort of issue with the K70 Pro Mini firmware is that, as soon as the keyboard is no longer connected via USB, going to the keyboard's panel in iCUE shows a max of 1000hz. If I change it to 4000hz or 8000hz, nothing happens and the K70 continues to function as normal, however selecting 2000hz in that exact same panel causes the K70 to fully restart (almost like if it crashes) then when it finally reconnects to the PC, it is back at 1000hz. This rebooting/crashing issue only occurs when selecting 2000hz, not 4000hz or 8000hz, which is what leads me to believe there is an issue somewhere in there.


Does this happen to anyone else? I'd love to hear anyone's input on this.

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