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New Build How to Set Up Fans and Cooling


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Hello everyone. I have just received all the parts to my new build, which is the one matching my description provided upon registration. I have not been able to find a reliable resource that describes how to set up my build for cooling, and my ignorance on the matter is sure to be displayed in this post, so any help would really be appreciated.


So my setup is based off a youtube video from Max Yuryev, and his 8k Video Editing PC (570x which is the case I have as well). The way he seems to have it set up is


3 - stock SP120 RGB Fans housed at the front.

2 - SP120 RGB Fans at the top

1 - SP120 RGB Fan at the rear

1 - 360 Arctic Cooler non RGB, housed at the front creating a push/pull with the front stock fans.


I have an ASRock TaiChi X399 Motherboard as well, with a Threadripper 1950x.


I made the mistake of ordering HD120 fans, and found out that they are incompatible with the SP120's and their controller, and so have ordered 3 additional SP120 fans, which are on the way.


I have also purchased the Thermaltake Water 3.0 Riing RGB AIO rather than the 360 Arctic Cooler. I didn't realize originally that he had the non RGB or that it even mattered.


So my biggest concern is regarding connectivity for power and running the fans. I don't know what the best setup would be regarding for power. I have never built a PC before and am not sure what the best setup would be.


So I plan to mirror his PC as he obtained great benchmarks with his setup, the only problem is he didn't go into details about where to connect the fans, or how.


Do I need the six fans surrounding the Rad to be connected together, if so, how do I do that? A schematic would be great, or just advice on which header to plug the fans into, and if I need any additional accessories.


Thanks all!

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As far as fan speed control, the SP120 RGB fans are like any other DC 3 pin fan. You will need to connect them to a fan controller or motherboard header and that will be your source control. Each SP120 RGB fan (and all Corsair RGB fans) have 2 wires, one for fan power/speed control and the second for lighting power. Those lighting wires will all travel back to the RGB Lighting Hub (small 6 port rectangle) that comes with the 570X. Your RGB remote control will connect to that RGB Lighting Hub.


If you haven't already seen, there is a lot of wiring information here.



The traditional method of setting up the fans in the case would be front intake (with TT 360mm cooler there) and top and rear exhaust. There are people who also use the top fans as intake with a single rear exhaust and try to push all the waste heat out the back venting. I will let 570x owners debate the pros and cons of that, but it is not an irreversible decision either way and does not require you to order different hardware or use different fans.


In regard to the TT 360mm cooler, be aware that uses its own RGB fans with its own fan and RGB controller. You will have two separate controllers and neither fans will be interchangeable on the other. You cannot use the SP120-RGB on the TT controller. Without going into a direct head to head comparison and assuming "all coolers perform the same", you might find a Corsair H150i or the above referenced Arctic model make more sense for your build. I don't know pricing or availability where you are, but obviously that is a factor as well.

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