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LL140 fans broken?


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Ive had those fans for at least 6 months now, they were working fine.


i swapped cases and left them unnused for at least 1 month.


i then decided i would put them in my new case, but to my surprise one of them is glitched out and the other is just not working


(the one on the left is always stuck on that blue color on the top)


i disinstalled corsair link and installed icue instead, thought that might fix the problem, it didnt. all the latest drivers & stuff installed



so i think it might be the fans that have gone bad? or did anyone have this problem before?

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Your screen cap of the Lighting Channel Configuration indicates that nothing is on the channel. You need to configure the channel for 2 LL fans - iCue won't pick them up.






ive tried stuff in the software too


i tried to plug the 4pin rgb cable directly on my motherboard and it gives out the same result, the left one gets a blue light on top and the other just doesnt work

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Hey, hey!


The 4-pin RGB of the LL fans require 5v connection. If you tried to connect it to a 12v RGB Header on your motherboard, you've most likely just fried your fan.


Corsair fans cannot be controlled via motherboard RGB Headers - 5v or 12v.

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