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  1. First, you do not want a USB splitter. They are unpowered and will give you grief. Get a powered USB hub - the NZXT one is frequently used. Now, when you connect the LNC's to the USB hub, each one will be a separate device in iCUE. So you'll be able to configure each one separately.
  2. What are the fan power headers connected to? And is the RGB still connected to the Lighting Node Core that came with the case? You would need to connect the fans to the PWM fan headers on the Commander Pro in order to control the fan speed. Before you do so, go to the settings for the Commander Pro and set the headers that you are going to use to 3-pin. To control the RGB with the Commander Pro, you'd need to add an RGB Fan LED Hub. This is the dumb device that distributes power and signal to the fans. The Lighting Node Core, that you have, is essentially a Fan Hub + a single channel from a CP in one device.
  3. For 20 QL fans, you'll need at least 4 Lighting Node Cores (6 fans each). You'd be best served getting an internal USB hub if you want to use the LNC's that you have.
  4. All exhaust can work well. All intake is also possible. There are issues and benefits to both approaches, some of which are dependent on environment. But you had two key things goings on that are resolved - one, get the case out in the airflow!! and two ... don't have one radiator feeding another radiator. Those will be your biggest gains.
  5. They won't say until it's ready - that's just how Corsair is. That said, historically, they have - certainly they made them available when the Ryzens were first released. So there will be mounts, rest assured. The question is what will they cost? Also, considering that many of their competitors have already announced that they'll be providing them for free, Corsair would be foolish not to do the same. Certainly, they did with the Ryzen mounts for the coolers that were current at the time. But I wouldn't expect mounts for older coolers that are long out of production - like the H100i V2, for example. If they, however, do charge for them, I am pretty confident that the feedback from the community would be loud and clear and probably convince them to change their minds.
  6. The original SP-RGB fans run a completely different protocol for the RGB than any of the other fans. While you can get away with mixing LL and ML on the same channel (though effects may be weird), you absolutely cannot put the SP-RGB fans on the same channel. They won't work at all. Note that the SP-RGB Pro and SP-RGB Elite, the newer ones, don't have that issue. This is only the original SP-RGB fans.
  7. Have you looked at using the Lighting Link effects?
  8. I do have a Dark Core but that's not my current daily mouse. I've not timed the recharge rate at all so I really don't have any insight into it. As for the charger - I've just used the same charger that I use for my phone.
  9. Hey @thejaxx! So let's see if I have this straight ... 1x XR7 360mm (Top) 1x XR5 360mm (Side) 1x XD7 (Front) Plus ... XG7 and XC5/7? and 9 total LL's. You have the CoCore XT and the PWM hub that come with the case. ... plus a LNP and RGB Hub (only one? or two?) You'll be good. You can put 6 of the fans on a fan hub/Lightning Node Pro channel and then the other 4 on the Commander Core. The HydroX components can also be controlled from the Commander Core XT's 3-pin RGB port. You'll use the PWM hub for at least 3 of the fans on a radiator, possibly all 6. Those will be controlled from a single port on the Commander Core XT. The HydroX Thermal sensor can go to the CoCoXT (from the XD7 - it comes with the sensor) as well as a single temp sensor for the case exhaust temperature. These would then be your two control variables for your fans. And you'll have a Lighting Node Pro channel to spare for more RGB ... you can get the strip expansion kit ... because one can never have too many RGBz. Oh ... and you'd only have to use the USB connector for the Commander Core XT - so only one motherboard USB header. The USB connector for the Lighting Node Pro will connect to the end of the USB connector for the CoCoXT. This is one of the coolest aspects of the CoCoXT.
  10. Well, that does eliminate a hypothesis as to the cause. But the issue is the same - it's related to your display driver. That's what provides OpenGL functionality.
  11. It can't create an OpenGL context. That's going to be your display drivers. Question for you - do you have the iGPU on the Intel chip enabled? If so, does it work with the iGPU disabled? (I'm sure you aren't using it but the iGPU can still be enabled in the BIOS).
  12. "Fry" is certainly an appropriate term. English, being the super-confusing, contorted language that it is, has several different words and phrases for the same thing and "fry" is just as good as any of them! I think you'll be OK, though. SATA does provide 5V power and that SATA power cable only has one wire. Also, the connector that is on there is the right one for Corsair strips and I really doubt that it'll cause an issue (or they'd not put it in the box).
  13. This is the album to go along with the Build Log and FAQ that I'll be building as I play around with the 7000 series cases. This will be the log of that as well as an FAQ for others seeking to go down this path. It's going to be an ongoing work in progress - both with the case and with the new features in the forum. The best view, I think, is to order by Caption and then view as a List. Commenting is enabled on the pictures, too. Feedback and questions are welcome as are your own comments from your own build. Let's see what we can do with this case! The companion thread is here:
  14. How many total fans do you have in that case? You really can't put enough fans in there to require a Commander Core and 2 Commander Pros. Heck, we've even managed to get a fully loaded 1000D with 32 fans all controlled by a single Commander Pro.
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