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  1. Love the new triangle design Corsair has adopted. Perhaps a few of those in the corners where the mouse and keyboard would not hide, along with a subtle logo, like in the picture of the K100 on the wrist rest somewhere down the side like the bottom left or right of the mousepad.
  2. Hey, hey! You will need an audio device like Corsair headset to install those drivers.
  3. Hey, hey! The ability to check Full Software Control on/off is gone in iCUE4. For the new version of iCUE4 AIO and DRAM always are in Full Software Control mode.
  4. Hey, hey! Did you configure the lighting setup to LL fans?
  5. Hey, hey! iCUE only support motherboard and gpu by Asus and there is no mentioned plan to add support for keyboard or mice of other brands.
  6. Hey, hey! A more fluid update notes for everyone. Two largest updates are GPU support for those who have ASUS graphic cards, and now support for Phillips Hue Application Programing Interface. Other major updates for this version include the audio and BUS driver to v2.3.23.0 and v3.0.88.0 respectively along with new support for HS60 HAPTIC Gaming Headset and Lenovo Legion 7i Laptop.
  7. Hey, hey! The biggest edition to iCUE is adding to the asus plugin by now offering gpu detection. Enjoy!
  8. Hey, hey! This is a result of iCUE not properly detecting 4k resolution on monitors. EDIT: AH-HA! It was you who noticed this in another thread. Nice work on finding this little annoyance, and posting a temp. solution.
  9. Hey, hey! You need a Lighting Node Pro which the RGB Hub will connect to, and the Lighting Node Pro will use a usb connection so iCUE can detect it. What you have is a button controller which has no usb connection for iCUE to communicate with.
  10. Hey, hey! It adds support for the new LT100 Light Towers, and support game reactivity for the game Hyper Scape, the new Battle Royal from UBISOFT.
  11. Hey, hey! The major updates with this most recent version is RGB Support for the video game Embr, and modifications to other game profiles to support new hardware which had not been available at the time those games released to the market.
  12. Hey, hey! Thank-you for following up on this. Indeed, you will be able to enjoy using Hardware Lighting when you go into Windows 10 Lock Mode. I have made an edit to the original post, as not to spread misinformation or create confusion. https://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=982262&postcount=1 Enjoy!
  13. Hey, hey! Windows 10 no longer sends information to internal usb headers when the OS is locked, and that information is required by iCUE to apply effects to the hardware connected to them which drives the rgb. The option here is to make use of the hardware lighting feature. EDIT: Use Hardware Lighting Feature when the OS is locked as the Corsair Service will stop running, not the shutdown of internal usb headers. Enjoy!
  14. Hey, hey! Did you configure LED 2 for your fans in iCUE? Have you tried just selecting Instant Lighting and see if the fans not illuminating will illuminate? Have you verified all the individual LEDs are highlighted on all the fans in iCUE?
  15. Hey, hey! Click on the Commander Pro. Click Performance. Click +. Create a new fan curve to your liking setting the sensor to your GPU temp. Select all six fans to the new custom curve. See if that helps.
  16. Hey, hey! Corsair AIO requires a Sata connection for power and a USB header. You can hook it up to the CP's USB header or a motherboard header if you happen to have a 2.0 header available.
  17. Hey, hey! Please deselect the Plugin option under iCUE Settings to disable your ASUS Motherboard plugin which allows iCUE to control the RGB on your motherboard.
  18. Hey, hey! Why wallpaper engine is not illuminating all your Corsair products is unclear. Do you have a link/name to the wallpaper? I'd be happy to test it out.
  19. Hey, hey! Are you perhaps using a wallpaper that has iCUE reactivity support? Some wallpapers have it as an option to select. You can also go into Wallpaper Engine Settings, select the Plugins tab, and uncheck iCUE & Chroma SDK to see if this resolves your lighting issue. WPE may have to be restarted.
  20. Hey, hey! Wallpaper Engine starts on its own without Steam loading, so I would check to see the wallpaper chosen, is not checked to use iCUE.
  21. Hey, hey! By chance do you own Wallpaper Engine on Steam? If not it may be one of the leds on a fan are going flaky and causing the others after to act up.
  22. Hey, hey! Your case (Phanteks) RGB will connect to a motherboard RGB Header 12v or 5v. Check your case manual. If you have an Asus supported motherboard that iCUE can detect and the case RGB is 12v you can control it with iCUE. Still, the connection is the same - to your motherboard RGB header. If you don't have an Asus motherboard then you will have to control the RGB of the case via your motherboard RGB software. Your cooler pump can be plugged into a Commander Pro USB Header, yes. 7x LL RGB cables to RGB Fan Hub RGB headers. (using y-splitter) 7x LL Power cables to Commander Pro fan headers. (using y-splitter) The RGB Fan Hub will connect to the Commander Pro LED #1 Header. The RGB strips can be connected to the Commander Pro LED #2 Header. Fans need to be configured under the Commander Pro. Select Lighting Setup, tell the Commander Pro which Lighting Channel the RGB Fan Hub is connected to. Then use the selection to configure 6x LL fans. You repeat this for the other Lighting Channel under the Commander Pro to specify how many RGB strips you have connected.
  23. Hey, hey! So here is it. 2x LL RGB cable connect to RGB FAN HUB #1. 2x ML RGB cable connect to RGB FAN HUB #2. 2x LL power cable connect to Commander Pro Fan Header #1 and #2. 2x ML power cable connect to Commander Pro Fan Header #3 and #4. RGB Fan Hub (LL) #1 connects to LED Header on Commander Pro LED #1. RGB Fan Hub (ML) #2 connects to LED Header on Commander Pro LED #2. Lighting Node Pro USB to Commander Pro USB Header #1. AIO to the Commander Pro USB Header #2. Under your Commander Pro, you select Lighting Setup and tell iCUE on Lighting Channel 1, you have 2x LL fans. Under your Commander Pro, you select Lighting Setup and tell iCUE on Lighting Channel 2, you have 2x ML fans. Click on your Lighting Node Pro, you select Lighting Setup and tell iCUE on Lighting Channel 1, you have 4x RGB strips. As for software taking control of Corsair RGB, if you have Wallpaper Engine and are running a wallpaper with iCUE integration, disable it for that particular Wallpaper. Sounds like you have a conflict of some sort. Best I got for you. Good luck.
  24. Hey, hey! Is everyone configuring their Lighting Node Core to tell iCUE you have QL fans and the # of QL fans connected to the hub? This is a requirement as well after hardware installation.
  25. Hey, hey! It most certainly will, just as long as it requires a 12v RGB Header. 5v is not supported. Enjoy!
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