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  1. They won't say until it's ready - that's just how Corsair is. That said, historically, they have - certainly they made them available when the Ryzens were first released. So there will be mounts, rest assured. The question is what will they cost? Also, considering that many of their competitors have already announced that they'll be providing them for free, Corsair would be foolish not to do the same. Certainly, they did with the Ryzen mounts for the coolers that were current at the time. But I wouldn't expect mounts for older coolers that are long out of production - like the H100i V2, for example. If they, however, do charge for them, I am pretty confident that the feedback from the community would be loud and clear and probably convince them to change their minds.
  2. The original SP-RGB fans run a completely different protocol for the RGB than any of the other fans. While you can get away with mixing LL and ML on the same channel (though effects may be weird), you absolutely cannot put the SP-RGB fans on the same channel. They won't work at all. Note that the SP-RGB Pro and SP-RGB Elite, the newer ones, don't have that issue. This is only the original SP-RGB fans.
  3. Have you looked at using the Lighting Link effects?
  4. I do have a Dark Core but that's not my current daily mouse. I've not timed the recharge rate at all so I really don't have any insight into it. As for the charger - I've just used the same charger that I use for my phone.
  5. Hey @thejaxx! So let's see if I have this straight ... 1x XR7 360mm (Top) 1x XR5 360mm (Side) 1x XD7 (Front) Plus ... XG7 and XC5/7? and 9 total LL's. You have the CoCore XT and the PWM hub that come with the case. ... plus a LNP and RGB Hub (only one? or two?) You'll be good. You can put 6 of the fans on a fan hub/Lightning Node Pro channel and then the other 4 on the Commander Core. The HydroX components can also be controlled from the Commander Core XT's 3-pin RGB port. You'll use the PWM hub for at least 3 of the fans on a radiator, possibly all 6. Those will be controlled from a single port on the Commander Core XT. The HydroX Thermal sensor can go to the CoCoXT (from the XD7 - it comes with the sensor) as well as a single temp sensor for the case exhaust temperature. These would then be your two control variables for your fans. And you'll have a Lighting Node Pro channel to spare for more RGB ... you can get the strip expansion kit ... because one can never have too many RGBz. Oh ... and you'd only have to use the USB connector for the Commander Core XT - so only one motherboard USB header. The USB connector for the Lighting Node Pro will connect to the end of the USB connector for the CoCoXT. This is one of the coolest aspects of the CoCoXT.
  6. Well, that does eliminate a hypothesis as to the cause. But the issue is the same - it's related to your display driver. That's what provides OpenGL functionality.
  7. It can't create an OpenGL context. That's going to be your display drivers. Question for you - do you have the iGPU on the Intel chip enabled? If so, does it work with the iGPU disabled? (I'm sure you aren't using it but the iGPU can still be enabled in the BIOS).
  8. "Fry" is certainly an appropriate term. English, being the super-confusing, contorted language that it is, has several different words and phrases for the same thing and "fry" is just as good as any of them! I think you'll be OK, though. SATA does provide 5V power and that SATA power cable only has one wire. Also, the connector that is on there is the right one for Corsair strips and I really doubt that it'll cause an issue (or they'd not put it in the box).
  9. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    The first boot after fill ... she is alive!! 😁
  10. This is the album to go along with the Build Log and FAQ that I'll be building as I play around with the 7000 series cases. This will be the log of that as well as an FAQ for others seeking to go down this path. It's going to be an ongoing work in progress - both with the case and with the new features in the forum. The best view, I think, is to order by Caption and then view as a List. Commenting is enabled on the pictures, too. Feedback and questions are welcome as are your own comments from your own build. Let's see what we can do with this case! The companion thread is here:
  11. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    The airflow diagram for the first build in the 7000X. Yes, it is very heavy on positive pressure - everything is intake except for the rear fan. I have 3 dogs, 2 cats and a kid in the house so dust and fur are issues. Keeping the intake filtered helps minimize the mess in the PC. Negative pressure does tend to cool better, especially the components that aren't under a block but it's not a silver bullet. With the tempered glass panels, exhausting the radiators at top or front would pose some issues - the glass acts as a barrier and holds the warm air in. While there may be less airflow than with the airflow panels, tempered glass doesn't have this issue with intake. I am curious to see what kind of difference there is between the glass panels and the airflow panels.
  12. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    The diagram for the loop, including placement of the temp sensors. I have temp sensors for the top radiator inflow and outflow, the XD5 Pump and the front radiator outflow. The two sensors on the Commander Core XT are monitoring the intake temperature on the side fans and the exhaust temperature from the rear fan. Fan curves for the radiator fans are based on the outflow temperatures for the associated radiators. Curves for the airflow fans (side intake and rear exhaust) are based on the exhaust temp sensor. The drain for the loop comes off of the outflow for the front radiator. It is connected to a drain plug (https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Custom-Cooling/Fittings/hydro-x-fill-port-config/p/CX-9055018-WW) that is mounted in a hold that I drilled (!) in the bottom of the case. As I can access the ball valve from the front, that means that I can drain the loop with only opening the front of the case. The order of the loop is as follows: XD5 Pump XR5 420mm Front Radiator XG7 GPU Block XR5 420mm Top Radiator XC9 CPU Block XD5 Pump
  13. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    The first boot after fill photo. She lives! 😁
  14. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    Here's the RGB diagram for my first iteration in the 7000X - running 2 XR5 420mm radiators, both in push/pull with white QL-RGB fans. I did leave the SP-Elite in the back just for giggles ... well, mainly because I'd not used the SP-Elite for anything and wanted to play with it. Both of the radiator fan banks are synchronized but in reverse order. The Top Rear Inside fan is synchronized with the Front Bottom Outside fan. IMHO, this is pretty cool. I could probably do without the Lighting Node Pro for the strips and just put them on the Commander Core XT. However, with 4 QLs and a SP-Elite (with a potential swap out of the SP-Elite for another QL-RGB fan), there's already a heavy 5V load on the Commander Core XT. I could also put the radiator fans (currently on the Commander Pro) on the Commander Core XT as well and then use the Lighting Node Pro for the strips and the HydroX components, eliminating the need for the Commander Pro. I'd need a couple of splitters for the side fans but I'd also be able to control the PWM from the Commander Core XT. However, I do have something of a fetish for temp sensors and the Commander Pro lets me put 4 temp sensors in my loop.
  15. From the album: DevBiker's Corsair 7000 Series Build Log and FAQ

    The diagram for my loop and the location of all of the temp sensors. My fetish for temperature sensors is a bit overblown, tbh. You really don't need this many. I just like having them. But being able to monitor the inflow and outflow temps on a radiator is interesting as it lets you see the temp drop from each individual radiator. The order goes like this: Pump Front Radiator XG7 GPU Block Top Radiator XC9 CPU Block Pump
  16. How many total fans do you have in that case? You really can't put enough fans in there to require a Commander Core and 2 Commander Pros. Heck, we've even managed to get a fully loaded 1000D with 32 fans all controlled by a single Commander Pro.
  17. You have the channel configured incorrectly. It's configured for QL-RGB fans with 34 LEDs. Your fans are SP-Elite, which should be configured as "8-LED Series" fans.
  18. How do you have the PSU connected to JRGB1? That's a 12V analog port ... going to a 5V digital RGB fan. That's not a good mix. It tends to release the magic blue smoke. You can control the RGB for the fan from iCUE and the PSU should come with a cable specifically for that. On an MSI board, these would connect to a JRAINBOW header or, if your motherboard is so equipped, the JCORSAIR header. Both would be controlled from MysticLight and won't show up in iCUE. Of course, that's also assuming that you've not killed the RGB in the fan by connecting it to a 12V header.
  19. PirateDog does include a sheet that lists out the number of LEDs with each device. The most you can have is 204 LEDs (6x QL-RGB fans). But the QL and LL fans tend to look really, really weird on other devices. Strips tend to work best across the board. The most you can have configured as strips is 126 (6x external 350mm strips) but you may be able to configure more total LEDs by mixing external strips. The larger problem, however, is the available current. Some of the Corsair devices have fuses that you can blow. Regardless, you do have a limit of 4.5A on the 5V rail with a SATA connector. Some of the controllers out there will also convert 12V to 5V to provide more amperage for 5V devices but I don't think that any of the Corsair devices do this. If you use an old-school Molex style connector (ick!!), then you can actually get up to 5.5A on the 5V rail. But it's still limited.
  20. Well, now ... that's interesting. I think that's new. I know that @Zotty certainly get one of those puppies in his 1000D from a while ago. Based on what I see here and what I know about the 1000D (and RGB in general), I would say that's an RGB controller and power source. Just plug it into the PSU and you'll have some basic RGB without requiring a Commander Pro or iCUE. That "THING" in the middle is the controller. Question - does it have buttons you can press?
  21. At least one of the wires in that bundle is a fan hub cable, which won't help you. It only has two wires. As for the length - once you hit about 1.5 - 2.0m, you'll start seeing enough voltage drop to be noticeable. But it should work.
  22. This sounds like the wrong cable. Are you using the cables that came with the PSU? Does is say anything on the PSU side of the cable?
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