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A Little Overwhelmed with New Build Options

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Hey, all! I'm hoping you gurus in here can shine some (RGB) light on my project planning. I'm building a brand new gaming/work rig and I want all the pretty lights but how can I figure out what will work with what?


Here's my part list thus far. I'm not 100% set on the brands so if there's a different brand component that'll better suit the goal, I'll change something. The two items I am set on are the Vengeance RGB Pro and LL120 fans so the goal is to highlight these pieces and have the Corsair controllers/software be in charge.


Asus ROG Strix X470 MoBo

Ryzen 7 2700x CPU

Asus ROG RX 580 GPU (or perhaps the MSI Armor MK2)

16 or 32 GB Vengeance RGB Pro RAM

Three pack Corsair LL120 fans

Probably one or two Corsair LED strips


First Question: As I understand it, I can just disable Asus Aura in the BIOS to allow iCUE to control the Corsair products. Is this correct? If so, what then happens to the MoBo lights?


Second Question: I'd like a case with built-in LEDs (but not a big fan of Corsair's options) such as the Phanteks Enthoo Evolv X. But, this case and basically all others list compatibility with MoBo software like Aura, Fusion, etc. So, with Aura disabled is there a way to make the case lights work with iCUE? I'll buy a Command unit or whatever is needed if it will work. I feel like I'm in RGB compatibility purgatory here!


Is there a solution here or do I have to give up on one or more of my choice components??


Thank you!

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So ...

I know that there have been some issue with the RGB PRO on some AMD boards but, IIRC, it's the lower-end chipsets. I think you're good with an X470.


For the fans and strips, that'll fill up a Lighting Node Pro/Commander Pro. That's fine ... just so you are aware. Also, there is a 2-pack of strips on the Corsair side .... DO NOT GET THEM!! They are for the Commander Mini and won't work with the NoPro or CoPro. The strips you want will come in a 4 pack and you'll have an option of getting them with or without a NoPro.


As for the case ... Corsair certainly has cases that have RGB built in, even with a customized NoPro (Spec Omega RGB, for example). But if your heart is set on the EvolvX, you'd have to make or buy an adapter cable. In my signature is a link to a post with all of the part numbers and a video on how to crimp the Corsair connections. Or you can get an adapter here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/372499030952.

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That's great to know about the adapters! Coming from no experience I didn't even know it was an option.


Two follow-up questions:


Is it known what the MoBo lights will do with Asus Aura disabled? One person said on another site his lights just stayed on the last known setting before he disabled Aura. But, I've not seen anyone else mention it.


Would the Corsair RAM and fans function under Aura control instead of trying to fit it all under iCUE?


TY again!

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So ... I'm not as familiar with the workings of all things Aura as I am with the iCue system but I can relate my personal limited experience.


I had Aura installed on my system with Corsair iCue ... but this was before I got the Vengeance Pro RGB RAM. I set my motherboard lighting ... never disabled it in the BIOS ... and then uninstalled Aura. My motherboard lighting hasn't changed (and I keep thinking that I need to change it ... but ...).


The Corsair RAM will, from what I understand, work with Aura. The fans will not. And, TBH, iCue gives you a lot more functionality with lighting than Aura (or, really, anything else) does.

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You're the man! Thank you. I do prefer to use iCUE from what I've seen. It's too bad all the manufacturers try to make us choose just one set of products. Corsair really has the best looking stuff, except the cases IMO. A lot of their cases cover the fans from the front perspective and those that don't aren't as attractive us others.


I guess I'll have to compromise a bit on something, but I'm glad to know there is a way to make other case brands work using an adapter, so long as the LED strips aren't too much for the NoPro. The Evolv X has quite a few lights so I'll have to try to get the details if I go that route.


Thanks for the help! That did a lot to help make a decision. Now the question is do I want to tinker with adapters and settings or not? Haha

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