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Corsair Utility Engine 2 Problems Tuchs


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Hello I'm french and my english is not perfect but ...


Here is my problem:

Corsair Utility Engine is causing me problems with my devices:


K70 Rapidefire


Corsair Saber RGB


Basically some time after the software is open about 1h some button no longer work for example: the DPI button of my mouse or the back button, for my keyboard is the same all (secondary)

No longer works either I'm talking about the button to dim the keyboard color for example or to lock the windows key.


Of course I try to uninstall the software several times, several different version but nothing to do is always the same, do you have an idea of ​​the problem?


I do not think the problem comes from my USB ports the PC is brand new


I'm waiting for your answers Thank you in advance

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I've also had problems since i got a new PC, i can't import profiles on the CUE 2 engine anymore, even though advanced mode is on. Downloading files of Corsair forums is a pain in the ***, so i try to do it directly of CUE 2 but the import button doesn't work, it doesn't even show the profile!
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Bonjour! Im having the same issue. After a while my light dim button and windows lock key stops working for some reason. Every other keys including color still works fine.

The only thing that helps is to restart the programm!


Im using the newest version 2.24.35 and i have the k70 RBG Rapidfire Keyboard. Just bought it 2 days ago.

And im using Windows 10 Pro, everything is up to date, if it helps.


Hardware is


Cpu 2500k

Mainboard Asrock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

Graphic Nvidia GTX 970

Ram 8gb 1333


And its connectet to USB 3.0

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I purchased a K95 Platinum a few months ago and it has been working flawlessly. Because of how great it was I decided to expand my mouse with Corsair (as I was also in the market for a new mouse) and decided to go with the Scimitar.


Now, ever since getting the mouse, periodically all the custom/re-mapped keys on both the mouse and keyboard simply stop working (including the profile change/lightning keys on mouse and keyboard). Never have I ever had an issue with the keyboard and no additional software for the keyboard was added, which means it must be something with the mouse.


I am not sure what is causing it and have tried changing the mouse from the USB pass-through on the keyboard to a 3.0 USB, but that hasn't fixed the issue either.

I also have not seen a direct solution from anyone other than someone who suggested a USB hub, but it was unclear if that would resolve this issue?


If i kill CUE from the Task Manager and restart it, it fixes the issue for a random period of time ranging from moments to a full day.

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Yea this seems to be an issue with the latest version of CUE at the moment. It should probably be fixed in the next version, but meanwhile you can revert back to an earlier version or close CUE.


Well closing CUE wouldn't really be beneficial considering all the keys on the side of the mouse are reliant on CUE being open lol


Hopefully the issue gets fixed sooner than later though. I suppose I could always try to save a profile to the mouse and if there was some way for CUE not to detect the mouse that would be a work-around. But seems too complicated

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it may has something to do with the volume scroll wheel, i found something similiar here in the forum! link here http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175836


somepostet this " Hey, hey!


Same here. In another thread, it has been determined that using the keyboard's volume wheel, locks down macro keys, profile keys and other binds of the keyboard, along with dpi switching buttons on mice. So, avoid the volume wheel for now in 2.24.35. "


it seems to work for me for now if i dont use the volume wheel button

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