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  1. Hey, for you guys who have this problem still, could you upload logs from iCUE? It might help at least a little in getting this issue fixed.
  2. The two channels on the LS100 or Lighting Node Pro are each able to drive at least 1 of the 1.4M strips. A Commander Pro should be able to do the same
  3. Ignoring issues with the logs, you said the update through iCUE works. Is your keyboard working fine?
  4. If you guys have Gigabyte boards, the RGB fusion program screws with the cooler and causes it to not update. When I close it out, the update works fine.
  5. You could set it up for lighting, but it won't properly work with video lighting since iCUE does not have more customization options for screen size yet.
  6. I'm not having this problem with my LT100 anymore. Maybe try making a new profile and creating a new lighting effect for it?
  7. If the cooler is still flickering with iCUE not running in the background, it may be a hardware issue with the LEDs. You could try setting it to a few different colors to see if maybe some LEDs are dying. For example, setting it to white should turn on all the LEDs.
  8. Is your cooler connected directly to the motherboard? or to a usb hub?
  9. With the 3.34.161 version, do you guys still have this issue? If so, could you export logs from iCUE after this issue happens?
  10. When you're in iCUE and have 6 strips set in iCUE, make sure that your lighting effect is highlighting all the new strips. Just create a new effect to accomplish the same thing.
  11. That's weird, I have no problems with my 4k monitor and the LT100 towers. Can you export logs from iCUE (in Settings), and upload them?
  12. It will not work, sorry. The controller is only capable of maybe around another 100 LEDs if you take into account the 84 used for the monitor.
  13. I would assume one of the pins, the PWM pin, isn't really making good contact. But yea I would try c-attack's suggestion #1, and try to really push the connectors together and see if that helps it.
  14. How does it look in iCUE? Are all the LEDs lit up? If that's the case, it may be a hardware issue if it's a new cooler.
  15. Google translate below so bare with me: Trennen Sie zuerst die Lüfter von der Pumpe. Wenn Sie den Computer einschalten, spüren Sie, wie die Pumpe läuft? Die Pumpe hat ein kleines Kabel, um zu messen, wie schnell sie läuft. Wenn Sie das an das Motherboard anschließen, können Sie im BIOS nachsehen, wie schnell es ist.
  16. Generally the first tower should be on the left side, but since you can move them around in iCUE or switch the capture area per tower, that should resolve your problem no?
  17. Can you show a screenshot of the Lighting effects screen? Maybe also make sure the brightness is on in the Settings. I'm not sure what else would cause it to not light up.
  18. Yea Gotta be honest, I'm not too sure why it's not lighting up all the way. You could try switching it to channel 2 and see if that'll work. You'll have to cancel out what was in channel 1 in iCUE due to the LED limit. You also shouldn't need the Y cable for the amount of LEDs you're running at the moment, I think there is only mainly an issue when the expansion used is the double 450m strips. Maybe taking out the Y cable will get rid of a factor. Otherwise, you could also try to just set the Lighting Setup to something else like Dual Monitor Mode to just max it out and see if they light up then.
  19. I brought up the issue with Netflix. Can you list specifically what else isn't working for you?
  20. @e3under, can you extract log files from iCUE and upload them? You can find the button to do it on the Settings tab near the bottom.
  21. When you open up iCUE, you'll see a list of devices you have connected. Click on the K68, and then on the left hand side you should see a list of tabs with one that says "Lighting Effects". When you open that up, you'll see the current effects on your keyboard and a control area to set new ones. You may just want to set a static color effect. Otherwise an easier way is that when you open up iCUE, you can look at the top menu bar and look for "Instant Lighting". There you can click a color and it'll just apply.
  22. If it's not too much, you could try disconnecting the strips and plug each one directly to the port on the LS100 to see if they all light up.
  23. If your fans are the older SP120 RGB fans then I don't think it would work properly, but if your fans are the SP PRO fans, you would be fine.
  24. I just noticed that the video doesn't work on Netflix as well, it actually captures the media buttons instead of the video. What games are you having problems with the lighting on?
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