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  1. Hi, I replaced the switches in the keyboard k70 rgb lux mx blue - D, left arrow, right alt,?, Right shift, spacebar. After assembling and turning on the keyboard, it works normally for about 1 hour, then the keys from ESC to F11 stopped responding to pressing, but they glow. F12 is working. I noticed that these keys respond on their own. Is it a short circuit? What should I check?
  2. Ok, first of all, the RGB doesn't light up at all, the three white lights constantly blink, and that is fine, because you need to turn RGB on on the iCUE software, right? well, i download iCUE, and it asks me to update the firmware of the keyboard, the current firmware version is unknown; fine, i update it, it gets stuck at 100%, the keyboard disconects from my pc (with the device plugged off windows sound) so, i can't use the multimedia keys, can't use the RGB and can't update the firmware, damn, right? i search for a while and get to know how to manually change the firmware on my keyboard, i download the firmware.bin (K70 LUX RGB_Isp_Bld_v300_App_v308.bin) although it does work on my keyboard, AND my pc does reconize it as an K70 Lux RGB, i can't use the rgb, multimidia keys and it still gets stuck on 100%; changed the firmware for no reason at all, i don't know what to do anymore, maybe i'm using the wrong firmwares? because the keyboard is not NA and its made to be used in brazil, is there an special firmware for it? THE KEYBOARD IS COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL ON ITS BASIC FUNCTIONS, ALL THE KEYS WORK, EXCEPT THE MULTIMIDIA KEYS AND THE RGB LIGHTING. i've tried a lot of CUE and iCUE versions too, with no luck anyone had this problem? i really need some help...
  3. When I started my computer this morning the keyboard stayed dark. I reconnected the USB cables and the keyboard lit up but the computer went dark. I reset the computer and the keyboard stayed lit up but was not recognized by the PC or iCUE. Tried resetting the USB cables again but no luck. Nothing I try has worked to get the computer to recognize the keyboard, Is it truly fried or can anyone suggest anything else I can try. iCUE sees the HS60 headphones and the H11i cooler.
  4. As title, I haven't bothered with the software for some time. I set up lighting some time ago, saved it, and never ran the software again. I've reinstalled the software, and I can no longer see a way to save lighting effects without running the actual software. In fact it seems more bare than ever?! Where have all the profile/lighting options gone? I shouldn't really be having to search the net for how to do something so simple... https://ibb.co/yBVPbPw
  5. When i updated my dongle and mouse to newest update, my wheel scroll started behaving wrong. Sometimes when i go down it goes up and when i go up it goes down. I wanted to download older version to test it but cant find the firmware image. Dongle version:2.4.14 Mouse version:2.7.37 Note: When i unplug dongle then plug the dongle, it fixes for some time but max 3-4 min. Thats why i think it is firmware problem.
  6. Hi, I've have a K70 Lux on Red MXs for 3'ish years that suddenly started ghost typing* after a couple of minutes of use and proceeds to do it until I disconnect it and let it rest. *When triggered, it spams the whole row of Tab to | Only change that "might" have caused this is that I upgraded my Rig to a 5600x + B550A Strix which had default power settings in terms of USB power while turned off. I ignored to turn those settings off since the span of having my new system up and running and the issue with my K70 happening was just one night, <24 hours. I've written to Corsair's Global email support (8 days ago as of this posting) with ticket #2003825930. Tbh, I just want to know if this can still be repaired (already out of warranty) or if I'm just better off buying a new one.
  7. I bought K70 LUX RGB in August 2018 Few days ago, I found out my 'Q' key can't show green light but it still can show blue or red lights. When I use ICUE to set up rgb lights to green, some of keys are not so green, more like yellow. I reset keyboard by press ESC then plug into my computer but it still not working. Any idea what happen?
  8. This NEEDS a hotfix My keyboard has been partialy bricked for months, 3 blinking white lights, ghosting and stuck at 100% when i try to update on iCUE No luck, i've paid Premium for this keyboard wich has amazing reviews and people telling me that It was one of the best keyboards in the world, and 1 week after the rgb Just stops working after an firmware update (v.308) I searched the whole internet for a fix, even tried to buy a New Motherboard for the keyboard but no luck, no fixes, no Corsair support I've already tried manually changing the firmwares witch absolutely no luck, already tried to update on another Pc, other iCUE and CUE versions, no luck at ALL CORSAIR, this is a shakedown, please release a hotfix on iCUE for k70 lux rgb users, please help me, i am Brazilian and i grinded hard to get this keyboard, this needs a fix
  9. Hello everybody, I am new to the forums here. I recently updated my Corsair iCUE software to the latest update and after doing so my keyboards volume control scrollbar and all media keys have totally stopped working. I have tried multiple ways to fix it including going into services and checking to make sure human interface device service is on and running which it is and I do not know what to do from here. The software doesn't appear to be detecting my keyboard at all anymore as it only shows my mouse and allows me to change configurations for my mouse. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  10. Hey guys! I've got a Corsair K70 lux RGB that was dead and after trying soft reset and connecting to other computer. The keyboards led indicators (3 white leds) are flashing. Does anyone know what this means? iCue recognice somehow the keyboard but no backlight no settings nothing. I've tried updating the keyboard firmware inside the software but nothing happens it's stuck at 100%. typing is possible with the 3 lights flashing, but there's a lot of ghosting.
  11. So I spilled some juice on my keyboard earlier today and I spent most the day cleaning it. I put it back together and it works I can type and it mainly works but when I plugged it in the only colour on the keys are white and red then when I launch ICUE the lighting turns off completely, but other ICUE features like macros work. I also tried the reset keyboard thing when you plug it in while holding ESC it resets but once ICUE recognises it same thing happens. I don't know if maybe I missed a cable while reassembling it or what but if anyone has any ideas on a fix would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Where can I go to download some cool RGB user made keyboard profiles? I got a K70 RGB LUX Keyboard. Thanks
  13. There were problems with my old k70 so I have to send it back after I have received my replacement board. But the replacement board was pretty much unusable there is a very noticeable high pitch metallic resonance ping whenever I press a key, I also have a misophonia disorder which probably doesn't help. I have received the new replacement board on the 17th so I must send the old faulty one back by the 27th. Can I extend that time until a solution can be found? Since I rather use the old broken one than this new one with the ping noise. I have contacted corsair support about a week ago but still no response, I bet they are just trying to wait out the 10 days and make me pay for the replacement keyboard. Anyone else had to deal with this before, what can I do here. Here is a clip of the new keyboard with the ping noise [ame] [/ame]
  14. Hello. I registered to post that my K70 Lux RGB keyboard has 3 broken keycaps, and 4 more will break any day now, they have significant cracking in the underside plastic. I work from home remotely and manage spreadsheets, so having these broken keycaps is going to be a major problem. I have not abused my keyboard, I treat it very well and clean it regularly. I purchased the keyboard on September 2017. I know it's probably out of warranty, which is okay. My question is whether I can order and get expedited shipping for replacement "K", "Left arrow", and "L" keycaps. The broken left arrow keycap I can live with, but I absolutely need a new K and L. Alternatively a full keycap replacement set would be good. Thank you.
  15. I decided to clean my board. After pulling off all the caps, I used a toothbrush and mildly soapy water to scrub the surface of the board. I didn't think I used so much water that it would cause a problem, but I was wrong apparently. After putting everything back together, I noticed the colors were off on a few keys. CAPS LOCK, A, S, D, V, B, N, M All of these seem to be on a shared circuit. The problem seems to be with BLUE and is more pronounced at lower light levels. A max brightness the higher voltage seems to be able to "push through" whatever corrosion may have occurred. I can get it too look close to correct by using a different color profile for those keys and compensating for the "off" color. I obviously tried drying everything out. I removed the back of the keyboard and hit all the nooks with compressed air, I hit the keyboard with a hair dryer, I even baked the board in the oven at 175F for an hour. Nothing made any difference. I'm going to try an alcohol bath next but I'd like to know which component may be causing the problem. Does anyone have knowledge of the circuit so that I can pinpoint the problem component causing the key group above to have issues?
  16. I have my K70 LUX RGB keyboard since 2016. I did an RMA about a year after I bought it since the LEDs were showing wrong colors. Today my keyboard seems to have a bigger issue. I have it rotate between two colors, Red and Blue. When the color is in blue the entire row from F1 to F8 are in red color and they flicker. This sometimes happens at the row below (ctrl, windows key, alt, space bar). Any fixes? Any suggestions?
  17. Hi! I have a problem with the LEDs on my keyboard, since yesterday it only shows me some colors such as: (Green, yellow, among others) white looks pink. Any solution? :(? Thanks in advance
  18. I have a Corsair Void Pro RGB and a ST100 stand. When my Stand is Plugged in the K70 Void Visualizer Stops working. Unplug it and it goes back to using audio from the Void Pro. Kind of Disappointing I like the rgb being synced. Anyone know how to fix it or how to tell the audio visualizer which Corsair device to grab from?
  19. Hi, so i was using my keyboard this morning turned off my pc and went to work when i came back i booted my pc but my keyboard did not turn on, only leds that worked are the 3 leds in the top right corner ( cap locks num lock and 1) other then those leds turned on nothing else on the keyboard works cant type either. I tried plugging it in different usb ports, restarting my pc, plugging it in a different pc, holding esc while plugging it in, making sure its not on bios mode, holding luminosity button down, nothing works any idea what it can be? Thanks for the help!
  20. i got a corsair k70 lux rgb and i was wondering if there was a way to keep my lighting affects going even when i lock my pc. Each time i lock my computer it goes back to the default lighting effects which is the fps preset that is set from the from the factory and sometimes when i go to unlock my computer it doesnt connect and stays as the default lighting which again is the fps preset (red all around except for the WASD and arrow keys) and is really annoying because the only way to get my lighting preset is to restart the computer. i know its not that big of a deal but something thats kinda annoys me.
  21. In around 3 months of use my L, E, and left CTRL keycaps have all broken. Customer support was kind enough to send me replacement L and CTRL keycaps, but the day I got them in the mail (yesterday) the E broke (see picture below). I'm tired of watching this piece of hardware literally crumble beneath my fingers, and while it's great that customer service is willing to send replacements I'm looking for another solution. It's hard to enjoy any sort of competitive gaming when I've had keys break on me in the middle of matches multiple times (E, CTRL) and in the middle of simple typing (L). No confidence in my hardware! Does anyone know of a higher quality set of keycaps that will fit this keyboard (K70 RGB LUX), which is otherwise very well built? I'd rather buy a higher quality set of caps than continue this perpetually revolving door of keycaps being mailed to me (which takes about 2 weeks by the way, so I get to enjoy having no keycap on my E until the replacement arrives). Thanks for your help http://i67.tinypic.com/8yz886.jpg
  22. Hello! One of my keycaps has broken, the "G" key to be precise. I have been looking all over for replacement keys, but I cannot find any. At least not in black. The European Corsair store doesn't sell them anymore either and the US store doesn't ship to EU. I was wondering if there was a way to get a replacement keycap. Thanks!
  23. I Everytime I assign a blue color to the Windows key, other 5 keys blue LEDs light up (F3, Prnt Screen, A, LAlt and LCtrl) the color is very dim, this is only noticiable when these keys LEDs are set to black (no color). The real problem is that the Windows blue LED is the too darker when set to blue, I can still see the blue light, but only when the keycap is removed. I thought it was a bug in the iCue, but after a clean installation, nothing has changed, any suggestions? @edit: The blue LED glitch just changed from F3 to F1. F3 is fine now
  24. I ordered a set of the corsair white PBT keycaps to change the look and feel of my keyboard. I never really liked the standard ABS keycaps as they were a little too shiny or smooth for my taste, and these new ones are great. I, however, live in Northern Europe, and while making the purchase I was already quite certain the set won't include the ö or ä keys commonly used here. After recieving it and putting the keys in place I found that the layout differs quite significantly, which is not a huge issue for me as I've pretty much memorised the key functions by now. At the same time it would be cool if you included extra keys in the PBT set following (for example) the ISO-DE layout which is very similar to the Nordic one. Alternatively you could sell smaller upgrade kits for the rarer layouts (like the nordic). According to my quick math, 10-12 keys would need to be made As a final piece of feedback, it would be fantastic if you used a "standard" ISO or ANSI layout in your keyboards. Currently I can't order a full keycap set from anywhere else but you due to the non-standard bottom row spacing and button size in use. This coupled with the missing keys for german or nordic layouts means that if one (german or nordic for example) wishes to upgrade their keycaps on a corsair keyboard, they will be forced to either endure having the wrong keys, or switch to a different keyboard manufacturer.
  25. So my: S, 4 & . Keys are not changing to most colours, they all different. 4, only red s, yellow, orange & green ., blue & green i spoke with corsair a while ago who got me to try multiple software re installs and updates, and a rest with the button under one of the stands. Today just before writing i replaced the actual switches on the board and it is still doing the same thing so now I'm confused and don't know what to try. The picture attached is after i replaced the switches & static white backlight https://imgur.com/a/0DyBH7f
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