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Crystal 570X Anodized Thumbscrews Now Available

Corsair CJ

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We've now got an assortment of anodized thumbscrews for mounting the tempered glass panels of the 570X (in case you wanted to customize your build with something that has a bit more pop than the standard stealthy black thumbscrews).


Available colors are:














Here's a quick pic of what the gold screws look like when installed:



As well as the screws included with the kit (8x short for mounting the side panels and 8x long for mounting the front and top panels):



You can find the anodized thumbscrews on our webstore using this link, then select the color you want with the drop down menu.







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now that i ordered these in red, now i am on a mission to change all the thumbscrews inside my case Dammm Corsair!!!!!!


Anybody know the size of the thumbscrews, are they 6/32, M3 or M4?



we must be related!!!!


Oh my Days!. why would you do this to me! lol.... now the search begins to find all the bolts/screws for anything within my case in red!



i would also like to know sizes as i ran into a brick wall at this point lol

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I am going to give these a shot for the price, my gut is telling me they are #6-32.

For the price I was able to order 2 packs if they don’t fit I will only lose 5 dollars.




keep us informed duder.... fan scews??.. rad bolts?.. mobo bolts?.. its an endless list... and then some...



some one say AIO thumbs too?

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Also picked up the updated panel w/ type C USB jack. Power button is crazy stiff! But I will survive.


Have ya'll seen the 570x mirror version yet?.. with what looks like an RGB corsair logo in the psu shroud?..


Sure do hope they sell the rgb lighting panel as a spare!!!!


to add,


I think the sails logo on the front is also rgb!

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