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Help with the Corsair Crystal 570x case


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I’m a noob at this but was just wondering, with the corsair 570x case, what are the ports like? Are there any HDMI? At the moment I have a prebuilt HP pavilion tower, and all the ports (hdmi etc) are on the back, with USBs and headphone jack on the front. I know that the Corsair crystal 570x they are on the top but from the pictures I’ve seen there are no ports on the back other than power supply ... so how are you meant to link it to a monitor? On my current pc it has 4 USBs, but on the 570x it only has 2, right? Which means if I were to have keyboard, mouse, headphones and I assume monitor connected via USBs, that’s not enough. I may be waffling because I have no idea what I’m on about but can someone help :(


Edit: Solved

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