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  1. Can someone at Corsair please tell me why the new AX1000 PSU isn't digital? Seems odd that the new AX line wouldn't use iCUE software. I'm hoping for an AX1000i PSU in the future. :biggrin:
  2. Well damn, I read something about how Corsair products were now compatible with the Xbox One X and so I bought this for that intention. Guess I'll take it back and exchange it for a different product that will work with the Xbox. Disappointing. :[pouts:
  3. Can anyone tell me how to connect the Void Pro Wireless to an Xbox One X? Thanks
  4. Great question, I'd like to know the answer to that as well.
  5. Can the 4 x 120 tray be used for the front or is it only for the top panel? I think 8 fans are a bit much, but 4 down the middle would be fine. I would prefer 140mm, but I can work with 120mm. I agree with PWN3D_, a front curved glass panel would have been awesome, but I can understand how difficult that would have been for mass production. Still, if the 500 SE will have it, wish the 1000D could have too. Finally, after a couple of years wondering what case I will use for my next build, yes the case was keeping me from building anything new, I have found my new case!!!! And I can build two systems in one, YES!!! Maybe it's not perfect, but I'll be happy to build my HEDT system in it! Nice job Corsair!
  6. All of you are wrong!!!! From the beginning this was about the AXi line of PSUs, not any other model. Corsair has definitely made a decision about the AXi line which, as a result, has ended the AX760i model all together. Just because I started this thread a couple days ago, doesn't mean I just noticed this problem. This issue with the AXi line of PSUs has been going on for more than a year now and Corsair has not updated this line in SEVERAL years! At least with any model under 1500w. Miners don't help this, but as I already said before, this is not a miner issue. It's a Corsair issue and because no one from Corsair has addressed this thread tells me there is something going on that they don't want us to know. Like maybe they have decided to kill off this line slowly. I've been hoping that a refresh was coming due to the fact the AX760, AX760i, AX860 & AX860i models all becoming extinct, but now I think it's something else. No, not anything to do with the miners, just decisions made by Corsair. I've been extremely brand loyal to Corsair for many years now, but after much consideration, I'm going to change and use Thermaltake for my next builds. I want a full tempered glass case and the Crystal series sucks. It's too small, can't even use the Hydro Series H115i PRO and the PSU shroud on the 570 is stupid. I was told by someone at Corsair that they did consider a full-sized Crystal series, but it would cost them too much so they elected against it. At this point, I'm going with the Thermaltake View 71 RGB case and the Toughpower iRGB 1,050w PSU. Which by the way, every where I look, I have NO problem finding. Again, ALL OF YOU ARE WRONG!!!! It would have been nice for someone at Corsair to have addressed this thread, but I'm not surprised. As of now, Corsair has lost a very, very loyal customer that has used many, many, many of there parts for my own and others' builds. Corsair started something awesome with the LINK thing, but now Thermaltake has it and it's better, along with better cases and PSUs.
  7. Yes, I can understand manufactures are concerned with having a bunch of product left of shelves once the mining crap ends! So what you said here is correct and I already had the same thoughts regarding GPUs. We just have to wait this out, hopefully it's over sometime in the next year, but I doubt it. However, from most of what I've seen, which has formed my opinion, miners are going cheap with everything but the GPUs. I'm not saying your wrong or the article is wrong, but I've seen what I've seen and that's several mining rigs going with cheaper PSUs. All of those, IMO, crap PSUs shown in the photo Hockster2 provided, are on the cheaper side. As well as the rigs I've personally seen, both in person, and on the internet. My point is, that while I'll admit to being wrong in a way, I will also say I was correct in another. My assertion wasn't as wrong as you think.
  8. I will believe what I said, and YES, miners DO care! Just look at all of those PSUs, they all SUCK!!!! I wouldn't buy any one of them because I'm a gamer, not a miner! However, miners will buy that garbage on those shelves because they only spend money on the GPUs, everything else they can go cheap on. So thanks for proving my point! A big thumbs up to you!
  9. I don't think so. I'm not blaming the idiot miners for this one. Your typical miner will spend a small fortune for GPUs, but not anything else. The AXi line of PSUs are the top and most expensive versions, which miners don't need. They can go with the cheaper TX line and get what they are looking for. The AX760i isn't even listed or available on Corsair's website because it seems they quietly discontinued it which SUCKS!!! Furthermore, the AX860i is not available either here at Corsair. What's happening to the AXi line of PSUs???!!! Wish someone at Corsair would address this, but they probably would just lie or make up some stupid excuse because, as consumers, we're not allowed to know anything. Here's the thing, I want a top tier PSU and ONLY the AXi line is DIGITAL whereas the HX and RM are not. Why the hell is Corsair pushing these lower line of PSUs in the under 1000 watt market???!!! I don't need a 1200w PSU, especially a 1,500/1,600 watt one, but would like something between the 900 to 1,000 watt range. I always said I wished Corsair made an AX960i version. I guess that just won't fit the market there are trying to reach with the top tier versions!
  10. I'm needing to build my 5 year old son a computer. I wanted to use the AX760i psu, but after a quick google search, none are found. In fact, the AX860i are rare, so is Corsair discontinuing them? A couple years ago, after the AX1500i was released, I was hoping that was the first of a refresh of the AX line, but it wasn't. So with the new AX1600i now available, I find myself right back in the same position as before. I'm hoping that Corsair will bring a new fresh line of AXi PSUs to market, but I'm not hopeful. Can someone from Corsair tell me if the company is getting away from the AXi line? I'm hoping that because LINK is now a thing of the past, mostly, new digital PSUs compatible with the new CUE software are coming. Sure, a lot of people don't value PSUs, but I understand why it's important to never go cheap on one. Also, I love the digital control as well. I'm really hoping that, with the new CUE software available, a new AXi line is coming.
  11. LOVE THIS!!! Great idea Corsair!!! Now, PLEASE, give us the Crystal 570X in a TRUE FULL SIZE version!!!! I'm needing a case for a new build, but can't find one. A true full size Crystal 570x would be my choice.
  12. No GPU temps with my two ASUS RX 480 cards. However, my two previous GIGABYTE R9 390 cards had the temps shown. Now both 480 cards show up (minus temps) in the "Home" profile, but under "Configure", the two cards are missing. I have LINK version and have tried uninstalling/reinstalling, but doesn't work. Just replaced my BORNING Dominator Platinums tonight with 32GB of Vengeance LED (BLUE) and its showing up in LINK, although only two setting available. Everything else seems to be working fine. Any idea what is causing my two cards to be absent under configure????
  13. Thanks red-ray, now I know what's happening with my two ASUS RX 480 cards. Used the link and reported it too.
  14. Since I don't like any of the new Corsair cases, only like the original Obsidian Series cases (650D/700D/800D). I've decided to go in a different direction, I will be using the EVGA (can't believe I just said that) DG-87 case. So with a case like that, would you use the MAG LEV or the AF fans? Since aesthetics are important to me, I would prefer to use the RGB fans. Wow, the MAG LEV instead of the SP series for the H115i! OK, I can do that! Like them better anyways.
  15. WOW, awesome response, thanks! I should have included in my question my intended purpose, for that I'm sorry. I was just looking for the best static pressure for the Hydro Series AIOs. I'm currently using the H105 with the SP120 QE, but for the new build, will be moving up to the H115i. So for that I will use the SP series again. For air flow, I will probably use the RGB if they are available in 140mm. If not, then the MAG LEVs. Thanks for the knowledge c-attack!
  16. Was just wondering which fan will provide the best static pressure? I see the Air Series SP120 QE is 1.29 and the SP120 HP is 3.1, the ML120 is 0.2 - 4.2 and the RGB 120 is 2.25. This answers my question mostly, but how much static pressure is created by the Mag Lev fans? 0.2 - 4.2 just doesn't tell me. Anyone know? Thanks.
  17. I just checked, I don't see them on Newegg or Amazon. Since no Corsair employee chose to answer my question, I will have to assume there are no Blue LED Vengeance coming out. Too bad, they would have been awesome. Much better than my boring Dominator Platinum modules.
  18. Will there be BLUE LED Vengeance??? If so, I'm ripping out my ugly Dominator Platinums for the Blue stuff asap!!!! Will a Corsair employee please answer my question. Thanks!
  19. I want to purchase the LED Vengeance RAM, but WHERE IS THE BLUE???!!!!! I saw Blue at Computex, when will it become available. Newegg has both Red and White only.
  20. Thanks Lady Fitzgerald, this was a great tutorial!!! In my opinion, this is the "GOAT" of all cases. So having the ability to modernize it for future use is awesome! Oh yeah, if this is your future case, then I would recommend purchasing an extra one for spare parts. Corsair has now discontinued all spare parts for this AMAZING case.
  21. It's ok, but please don't get me wrong, if someone likes the 750D then that's great. I have no problem with that. I just laughed when I saw what some were hoping Corsair would make the 750D new front fascia look like. It just seems easier to buy a 650D instead and enjoy the better quality and the SATA dock (which I have used a lot).
  22. Well, if you like the 750D better than the "GOAT" itself, the 650D, then that's fine. I'm sure their are others too that feel the same. However, way back on page 1 of this thread, this link http://img856.imageshack.us/img856/6473/vozf.png was given, now doesn't this look a lot like the 650D? lol So, at least some here who so desperately want this new front panel/front fascia sooooo bad could have just purchased the 650D and not put themselves through so much stress of having to wait for a new product to be released.
  23. Why don't you just order the better 650D which already has the thing everyone on this thread is screaming about. Problem solved. This thread makes me laugh.
  24. Look, I have to admit I didn't take the time to read the 24 pages this thread is made up of, but it looks like to me all of your 750D problems would be solved by just using the 650D instead. Heck, it's a way better case anyways. If all of you would just start asking George to forget all of this product testing (and wasted $$$) for a new front panel and just request him to continue the better 650D, then I think it solves your problems. Sure, you still have to modify the USB 3.0 ports, but that is very easy and not expensive. Furthermore, George would probably correct that anyways if he decided to continue the case. Maybe I should start a save the 650D thread? I just don't see what justified Corsair spending so much time and money on a thing like the front panel when the 650D is way better and solves these issues?! I wish I could hear from George himself as to why the 650D NEEDS to be discontinued?
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