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  1. Same here sold my 570x so now I'm caseless again waiting on this case.
  2. Nope but if you ask to rma the case they should swop it.
  3. You could shave off 2 day as the weekend made it take longer.
  4. Just to let you know Dice I ordered on the 18 th and got it today so it won't take long.
  5. That's a 6/32 thread I believe reason I ask is I've got some ones with a smaller head on it.
  6. Just bought one :) What's the thread size of the screws?
  7. Ordered the white psu cover and red fan filters going to look nice with my white case.
  8. Ordered one when it was in stock on the 12th with paypal got the email to comfirm it,got in contact with customer service to see what was going on and got no reply. Pmed Greybeard to help sort this out with luck I will know what's going on,when I tryed to contact customer service today there was a problem saying I had to recover my account,all I want is a psu cover for my case :)
  9. And I bet in uk money it will be the same price as I'm in rip of britian.
  10. Just got to spray it white,just had a delivery from corsair as well :)
  11. Cant belive it I got one at last,lucky for me I stay up late :)
  12. And it comes with a psu cover :P
  13. Just as I bought the 570x still like it though.
  14. Got my red ones for my white 570x they look better in real life,got to say I ordered them on Monday and got them today now that's great service from Europe.
  15. Ordered a set of red case screws and got red thumb screws coming from eBay :)
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