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570X fan options.


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Hey all,


I have just bought a 570x case from Corsair. It comes with 3x SP120 RGB and I plan to put two more up top and one exhaust at the back and connect them to the LED controller to sync colours. Now what would be the most efficient and cheapest way to connect these fans to my motherboard? I currently have 2X CHA_FAN available on my motherboard but it looks like I need to split the power between my fans. What's the most efficient way to do this? I also want to control them off BIOS (not any other software ATM) and be able to see rpm and stuff inside bios for each individual fan.


Now I understand I can buy fan hubs but unsure weather they'll do what I need. Can anyone help?



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From my own research, I've found using a splitter is the best option. Although they'll only show as one fan in BIOS.


I would attach 3x inlet fans to Chassis 1 and the 3x exhaust fans to Chassis 2. You'll be able to see what each header is doing in BIOS. & given the fans will be doing the same job, it shouldn't pose too much of a problem.


If you want complete control over each fan, which I don't think is really necessary, you should look at the Asus Fan Extension card. Otherwise, upgrade your motherboard.

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I was wondering what had happened to the Commander Mini, now I know. Will this one allow you to control the fans attached to it using the thermistor temps?


The old CLCC can, but in general only for Temp 4 :bigeyes:


I would hope so and I also gather it supports Zero RPM mode :biggrin:

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