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  1. Hello, I would like to know if Icue (and all features (game integration,...) are compatible with this motherboard Asus ROG CROSSHAIR x670e EXTREME?
  2. As the title says, The keyboard wont allow the pc to boot. Only way to boot up the pc is to remove the keyboard first and only then does it start booting like normal. When I put my computer to sleep and come back after a few hours i am greeted the the asus motherboard screen telling me press F2 key, this is where the pc gets ULTRA slow, and it makes me go through the whole process of going into bios and selecting the boot drive and exit bios. Then if im lucky ill get the windows loading screen other times it just stays black and i have to redo everything. While using the pc I get blasted with "Usb device not recognized" notifications like im physically unplugging the keyboard and plugging it in again and again. This also interrupts whatever im trying to do at that time. I used this keyboard with another pc a 2 other laptops and it worked just fine, no issues at all. Unfortunately this is the only keyboard i have and its literally unusable at this point. I find myself using the on screen keyboard half the time coz the constant notification sound and pop up is annoying as hell. Gaming is impossible like this, ive been using a controller 😞 So far I've tried: Reinstalling Windows Reinstalling icue and usb drivers plugging in different usb ports, and plugging 1 cable in usb 2 port and the other in usb 3 port. only plugging in the keyboard cable and leaving the passthrough cable unplugged Other basic windows hardware troubleshoot Im using the Asus z97 AR motherboard + i5 4760k. The keyboard is out of warranty so I doubt support will be helpful. Hope someone here can provide a solution.
  3. Hi, I bought the Corsair SP120 RGB PRO kit that comes with 3 RGB fans and one lightning node core. I have an MSI X-570 Motherboard with 2 RGB 4 pin 12v and 2 A-RGB 3 pin 5v. The lightning node core connects to the motherboard using a 2.0 USB connector. Then, it works fine with iCUE software, however, it is not recognized by Mystic Light as I'm not using either RGB or ARGB motherboard headers. Is there a way to connect the fans RGB lights to the motherboard's A-RGB or RGB headers so I can sync using Mystic Light?
  4. I tried reinstalling icue 4 and dragon center but still icue says "default device name" and shows only one port. So does it only support jcorsair port on it or it is only for the moment? They might be working on a larger support in the future but couldn't find a real answer :/ Will it gonna support MSI x570 ace fully like asus ones?
  5. Hello, I recently purchased a new PC with Corsair RGB RAM, light strips, and LL120 Fans. I've been having an issue with Corsair LINK that whenever I shut down my PC and restart it the software can't control anything (Even though it sees them). I decided to switch over to iCUE to see if it would fix the problems. Now in the dashboard I can see my Vengeance RAM, but nothing else. When I goto add a new item (Through the '+' beside dashboard) I see everything except the fans and strips. Something weird I noticed though is the Motherboard has 4 fans listed, (I have a total of 4) 3 are the LL's and 1 is a generic case fan. Thanks for your time!
  6. So I just spent 7 hours trying to get my motherboard (rog b450-f) working with ANY aura software, after completely nuking my registry, temp, install data in some system folders, and a bunch of other stuff. I got an old version of aura working perfectly, however where its old im assuming icue is missing some dependencies that newer versions install automatically, i have checked and i do have the plugin in my corsair folder.. list of programs: Aura Version 1.06.17 ICUE Version 3.37.140 I could have sworn there was some other programs but it doesnt seem like it, i also nuked something called windows developer sdk or something would that affect anything or no? It reads my motherboard and can give me temp info on it ect, but doesnt seem to register it for aura support (except in the official old app).. Should i risk just installing a newer version to see if it works or just scrap it all and disabled led's entirely!
  7. So I upgraded my pc yesterday new motherboard msi mpg z490 gaming carbon New processor Intel i7 10700k Also purchased the corsair h100i elite for cooling I used my original boot ssd from my old motherboard When I booted the pc up all working ok windows opened straight away The h100i lights on looked great After a few minutes it started blinking red on the fans and on the corsair badge on the processor Now when I boot up the pc after 1 minutes fans work up to full speed and no lights I looked on the motherboard info and the h100i is not recognized on the board just says unknown Also in icue it will not pick up the cooler at all no matter what i do Giving me crazy head ache now been trying for hours and hours Can anyone help please Thanks
  8. My asus b450M-f Gaming works with icue effects for 13 seconds then reverts back to the aura settings. This is a new system and I have no idea why this is happening. ICUE is working for all fans and strips, but not the motherboard for any longer than 13 seconds.
  9. I have a Gigabyte Z490 AORUS Master ATX Motherboard and have just looked at the booklet and it says it supports up to 3200 mhz ram. I bought the Corsair VENGEANCE RGB PRO 64GB (2x32GB) DDR4 3600 (PC4-28800) C18 Desktop memory - Black, 2 x 32 GB. Will my motherboard be able to support the ram, or will I need to get 3200 mhz? Thanks in advance
  10. I have a very simple profile for my K95 Platinum keyboard. All keys are white plus when I type I have type lighting. The problem is that since an update in iCUE this effect will extend to the Asus Z390's LED strips. I have set these strips to blue in Armory Crate software and would like them to stay that way. I have to manually set them back to blue everytime the profile with type lighting is selected. Where they turn white as my keyboard keys and the type lighting effect is being applied to them. I Want To Exclude The Motherboard Completely From Being Managed By iCUE ! Can someone help?
  11. I just flashed the BIOS on my ASUS TUF X299 Mark 1 motherboard and my H115i is gone. It isn't in iCUE and I can't figure out how to get it back. I assume it is running since my CPU temps are OK. Any ideas?!?!?!?
  12. Hey Guys, Sorry if this question is already asked by someone... The thing is the iCue software is amazing, and corsair has all the pc components but don't have motherboards and VGA Cards. And, I can get either a MSI Z490 GODLIKE or ASUS ROG MAXIUMUS XII EXTREME for my build, but what is the best motherboard that suitable for a full Corsair iCue Build? And also a good nvidia Rtx 2080 ti card (I can't get the founders edition candy in my area only AIB Cards) I need to sync all with one software, and I don't like to mess with many fan control, RGB softwares
  13. Hello all, I built my first computer about 4 days ago and was delighted to see when I finally got it up and running and all the LED's were compatible through icue even my motherboard's LED's. unfortunately, after I restarted my computer for the first time, icue no longer allows me to change the color of my motherboard's LED's. Now my motherboard's LED's don't light up at all and my motherboard doesn't show up under devices in icue at all. The peculiar thing is it worked perfectly the first time I downloaded icue and opened it. also, my motherboard's LED's turn a nice light blue color when my PC powers off and they stay on even though all the other LED's (I have 3 fans with LED's and a power supply with LED's) turn off. All the other Led's in my computer work perfectly with the icue system and I have already downloaded the recommended software from both corsair and ASUS help forums and support teams. This is obviously not a major issue but I would love to get my motherboard to light up again so that my PC looks as stunning as the day I built it.
  14. I have a commander pro linked to my motherboards usb header. I also have a lightning node core, that I was hoping to have plugged into the CP's USB header. The LNC is hooked up to 6 QL120mm fans. When the LNC is plugged into the CPs USB header, it does not show up in USB Deview, nor does it show up in iCUE. When the LNC is plugged into my motherboard, the LNC does show up in iCUE and appears to work flawlessly. I have a Strix LC that I would like to have its RGB illuminated when the machine is powered off. When it is plugged into the CP it will light up, but only when the system is powered on. --- In addition to this issue, I have been unable to sync Aura with my iCUE. My motherboard and GPU show up in iCUE just fine, though my AIO, RAM, and Strix LC fans (on rad) do not show up in iCUE. --- If there is any additional information needed or specs needed. Please let me know, I am glad to help. I built this system with the hopes of using iCUE for all RGB and monitoring purposes, seems like its possible, though I am the lucky one to have issues. --- Any help or suggestions are welcome :biggrin:
  15. Hello all, today for the first time ever I got a red blinking light from the right side of my pc! I immediately quit the game and it cooled down a little but after I checked on corsair link my motherboard temperature is so high over 100 celsius!! and it won't get any cooler! help please, below attached pictures of different softwares from speedfan ( https://imgur.com/IuQ8j4D ) from corsair link ( https://imgur.com/P3fNTxa) from speecy ( https://imgur.com/CVbDNp8 )
  16. Guten Tag, ich habe mehrere CORSAIR (RGB) Produkte im Einsatz: K95 Keyboard SCIMITAR RGB PRO VENGEANCE RGB PRO 3200 CL16 V4.32 RMI750i Um Tastatur und Mouse zu steuern soll iCUE Verwendung finden. Den Arbeitsspeicher hingegen möchte ich mit den restlichen Gehäuse synchronisieren. Das Gehäuse ist dazu an einen 3 PIN ARGB Header am Mainboard angeschlossen und lässt sich mit RGB Fusion 2 ohne Probleme steuern. Auf der Verpackung des Arbeitsspeicher ist das RGB Fusion Symbol abgebildet. Ich möchten den Arbeitsspeicher daher über die RGB Fusion Software steuern lassen und nicht mehr über iCUE, damit Arbeitsspeicher und Gehäuse jeweils die selbe Farbe anzeigen. Wie kann ich das einrichten. Zur Zeit funktioniert das nicht. Hin und Wieder wird mir den RAM in der Gigabyte Software angezeigt, aber auch nicht immer und wenn lässt sich der Speicher immer noch nicht steuern. Habe alle Beleuchtungseffekte für den RAM aus iCUE gelöscht. Kann mir einer hier weiterhelfen? Mit freundlichen Grüßen Daniel
  17. My Corsair Vengenace RGB Pro 16GB 3200MHz RAM and ASUS ROG Strix Z390-I Motherboard aren't being detected by iCUE all the time. There are times where it will show up, but most of the time only my H100i AIO and 4x LL120's are being shown in the software. Sometimes my RAm will be shown in the software, but I still can't control it. It'll show a red triangle on the lower left of the picture of my ram. I have updated my BIOS to the latest version (Version 2603) and also updated iCUE to the latest update (3.25.60). I thought that updating my BIOS and the iCUE software will solv this problem, but it didn't solve anything. I know iCUE is really buggy, but this is starting to be bothersome. Are there any fixes to this? I've also reinstalled AURA and iCUE, but the problem still exists. I'd like to know how to solve this problem.
  18. Hello people. I would like to know if the Corsair PSU's (including the CX450) have some sort of "smart protection" that prevents the computer from being turned on right after an unexpected shutdown or a power outage. I'm asking that because sometimes my PC just does not power on by pressing the power button. When it happens, the workaround is: remove the ATX cable from the MOBO; make a jumper between the PSU_ON and GND pins; connect back the ATX molex connector; press the power on. After that, I'm able to use the computer perfectly. I noticed that it happens when I forget to shut down the line filter while I'm not using the computer (e.g. overnight). As lately there have been some power outages in the neighbourhood, I'm wondering if it could be related... PS - The other option I'm considering is that my MOBO (Gigabyte B450M Gaming) might be defective and it is intermittently failing to start up the PSU. Could it be possible? Even knowing that, once powered on, the computer works perfectly? Thank you. My regards. (edited to correct misspelling)
  19. I have an Asus Prime Z390-A and Im having issues with 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance Pro CMW16GX4M2D3000C16 With just the motherboard being able to boot with only 1 stick of 8GB. I have no bent pins and I think Ive messed alot with the bios and have not found anything that helps. So I would love If anyone can tell me something that Im missing. Thank you.
  20. Alright, so I'm working on a new build and I'm really excited about it, but I'm not sure if all the parts will fit into this case, which is the Corsair 280x. So I recently acquired an AsRock x570m pro4 motherboard, and I'm currently looking at a really good deal on an all white RTX 2070 OC from gigabyte. I know that the 30cm/12 inch GPU will fit if I only put 2 fans in the front, and put the radiator on the top. However, I'm not entirely sure if the motherboard will block my radiator (Corsair h100i Platinum SE) from being mounted up there. My brother recently ran into this problem with his build, so I'm curious to find out what you guys have to say about it. Is it something that may be an issue? Or do you guys think the radiator will fit fine on top?
  21. Hi Guys, I Thinking To Build A Full iCue Build And The One Place I Stuck is The Motherboard Can You Refer A Best Motherboard Works Well With iCue? I Found Some Asus, Msi, Asrock, Aorus Motherboards But These Mobos Comes With Their Own Softwares For Control Fan Speeds And Light Control Softwares Is There is Motherboard That Can Controlled By iCue
  22. Title says it all a Corsair RGB motherboard Would be amazing And you could sell GPU’s with extra support and things with it... could be a cool bundle I can see $$$ you can send me a % if you guys take off with it and I’ll build my all Corsair pc finally all but CPU!!! Thank you for your time guys I live Corsair and everything you guys make <3 only Corsair or You really don’t care (about your pc) lol
  23. can MP510 run on z390 chipset? will I be able to run 3x MP510 in raid 0 with GIGABYTE Z390 AORUS XTREME Bundkort Model: Z390 AORUS XTREME is there any benefit of going with x299 instead of z390 regarding storage?
  24. Corsair One i160, was working fine but today at morning when I booted it, right side cooler went too loud, it is impossible to sit around without noise cancelling headphones. Speccy shows motherboard temperature 107C. BIOS shows motherboard temperature 55C but fan speed at 3400RPM. All other CPU temperatures around 45C, GPU - 30C. CPU/GPU pumps are at ~1800RPM. iCUE logs shows this: - MB Temp #1: 104.0°C - MB Temp #2: 127.0°C - MB Temp #3: 104.0°C - MB Temp #4: 46.0°C - MB Fan: 3400RPM - GPU Fan: 3441RPM - CORSAIR ONE Fan: 413RPM Tried to play with fan curves in BIOS - didn't change anything, so I reverted it all to defaults. Any help/ideas?
  25. I ordered the Carbide 275R from Amazon, but it didn't come with the accessory kit. I saw another thread from someone who had the same issue, and they were able to purchase the accessory kit on Corsair's website. However, I live in the UK, and in the UK store the accessory kits are out of stock. So I'm resorting to this. Does anyone recommend any replacement screws for the Carbide 275R for securing the motherboard? I've looked everywhere but I can't find the screw size for them. If it helps, the accessory kit it uses is the Carbide 270R one. Thanks.
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