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Found 9 results

  1. Hello, I have a Corsair Crystal 570X case that I have installed 6 LL120 fans into (3 in the front, 2 attached to a Corsair h100iv2, and 1 rear exhaust) that I am having trouble with. They are all working properly and the RGB cycles through in order but I can no longer find them using the iCUE software and therefore I cannot control the RGB for. I first noticed the issue once I removed the little controller that was at towards the back and on the back side of the case (thinking this only allowed controls through the case itself with the buttons on top.) I have a commander pro as well but I never installed it as I did not need it prior to having this issue once I removed the controller that was pre-installed. (I was also trying to minimize cables in the case as I have an NZXT HUE+ and an extra USB hub inside the case. My main question is would removing the pre-installed fan controller have caused an issue where iCUE can no longer detect any devices in my PC (6 LL120 fans along with an h100i) iCUE is up to date as well on update 3.37.140 Thanks for any insight.
  2. Hi there, just bought the HS75 XB and right after using it the following problems occur on my Series X: Using an Elite 2 Controller, starting my Xbox with it. Connecting the Headset - all is working fine. Now I switch off the headset, shut down the console via controller. After that, I am not able to start the console by controller. Hitting the power button manually starts the console but it won't connect to any controller! Only solution is to pull the plug, give it a few seconds and reconnect. Now, all controllers work as expected. If I do not use the headset in a session, shutting down and turning on again is not an issue at all. This all starts as soon as I connect the headset and turn it off after some time. Any ideas? thank you!
  3. Hi, I recently bought a full corsair pc set up (you can see specs in my profile), my case brought 3 frontal fans, and one in the back which I replaced for a LL rgb 140mm, now, as you can see in the photo, I have 8 fans, 5 of them are the ones in the front and in the bottom of the case, connected to the corsair controller pro that comes with the case, then I bought a liquid cooler h100i, that came with another corsair controller, and there I plugged the aoi fans and the fan in the back of the case, the thing is, I started playing metro exodus, and when I play the game, and you interact with the environment, rgb it's only seen in the fans that are plugged in the case corsair controller's. The other fans (back and superior fans) are disabled. Is there a way to change it?. Having 2 different corsair controllers make Icue doesn't work properlly?. Thank you.
  4. Under other circumstances the headset works fine, but when it is plugged in via USB and I am using an Xbox One controller also plugged in via USB, the headset will turn itself off at random intervals with no sounds or notifications. Just having the controller plugged in does not cause this, but using it in a game does. Unplugging the headset will fix this issue, but plugging the headset in again after the controller is no longer in use will often cause random shut-offs again (reboot is required to fix). I have tried disabling/enabling the CUE software, uninstalling/reinstalling it and no changes to the problem. Has this issue or anything similar come up before and is there any known solutions? Thanks.
  5. Hello corsair forums, I'm new here. So I have an ll120 3 pack and I was wondering is it safe/ok to plug the mini USB cable in the lighting node pro through the back of my case and into the USB on the back of my motherboard with a mini to A cable rather than take up an internal USB 2.0 port. My motherboard only has 2 and my Lian Li built-in case strips and node pro take them both up, leaving my stock AMD wraith prism uncontrollable and I'm sick of staring at the rainbow when the rest of my RGB and desk setup is orange white and black. By plugging the node through the back it would free that up for my CPU cooler but before I do so I would like to check with yall if it is ok/safe and if it will still allow me to control my ll120s. Also the cable I would be using is an old GoPro charging cable that's pretty hefty. The color mismatch has been going on for months since I built my pc and I just can't take it anymore Samus
  6. Hello, I've ordered a Corsair RBG fan hub controller online and received it on the 5th November, after installing it on the same day, following the instructions, I've plugged my PC back in and as soon as I turned it on, a load of black smoke came out from behind the panel which made me turn it off immediately. After removing the panel more smoke came out which sounded the fire alarm and I've noticed that the SATA power cable from the controller has fully burnt down damaging my other cable components. (H150i pro hydro series cooler). If I return the product, do I get compensation for the damage the faulty product has caused? And what are my options. I've reported it to the corsair support members but they've not explained it clearly on what happens. I've shopped with corsair multiple times and never experienced a single problem until now.
  7. Hallo ich bin neu hier und bin verunsichert. Ich möchte mit die HD140er im 2er Pack mit Controller kaufen. Nun ist da natürlich nicht der Commander Pro drin um das ganze ding mit dem PC zu steuern. Sonder "nur" diese Knopf Bedienung. Nun zu der eigentlichen Frage. Auf youtube und co konnte ich nirgends den Rainbow effekt sehen wenn eben dieser Controller verwendet wird. Und den will ich unbedingt dabei haben. Gibt es ihn nun im normalen Controller oder nicht. Liebe Grüße xSKYY
  8. Hey i wanna buy the HD140 Fans with a controller. But in every video i saw there is no rainbow rgb effect with just the controller but i want especially that one. So the question is: is there no rainbow wave rgb effect however you call it on the controller with just the buttons? This is the kit i wanna buy no ref. link! https://www.alternate.de/Corsair/HD140-RGB-LED-High-Performance-140-mm-PWM-Fan-Geh%C3%A4usel%C3%BCfter/html/product/1343836? This standard effect i wanna achieve [ame] [/ame]
  9. Hallo liebe Community. Ich habe ein Problem mit meinen Lüftern. Und zwar habe ich mir vor kurzem 2 RGB Lüfter (Corsair SP120) gekauft. Dazu ein Corsair RGB Hub und ein Corsair HDlightning Controller. Akktuell sind die beiden Lüfter jeweils ans Mainboard angeschlossen und am RGB Hub. Der RGB Hub wiederum wird per SATA Kabel mit Strom versorgt. Der HDlightning Controller ist ebenfalls am RGB Hub angeschlossen. Nun passiert beim PC Start aber folgendes: Die Lüfter laufen tadellos, doch die LED's von nur einem(!) Lüfter leuchtet für eine halbe Sekunde. Die LED des zweiten Lüfters bleibt komplett aus. Den eigentlichen Zweck, das Kühlen, klappt hervorragend, doch eine kleine Lichtershow wäre auch nicht verkehrt. Hat einer von euch eine Idee woran es liegen könnte? Ich habe auch schon probiert im BIOS die Lüfter auf 100% laufen zu lassen (dies habe ich im Forum gelesen).. aber vergebens. Ich danke euch!
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