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Spacebar malfunction issue


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Hello Corsair enthousiasts,


Please bear with me if i make a typo or two by typing too many or too little spaces, it seems i suddenly have an issue with the spacebar key.


Before you ask, i've already tried to create a support ticket, but instead of putting me in contact with somebody from customer support i instantly get transferred through to RMA.


My product that i've bought only about 6 months ago: Strafe RGB MX Silent

with product code:CH-9000121-BE (can't even select this product code on the RMA page by the way, what's up with that?) Cherry mx red keys


My issue: When i press the spacebar key it created two spaces instead of one about once every 3 clicks. What's even more infuriating (and my rage is increasing as i try to create this post :p) is that it simply doesn't register a keystroke when pressing space now. This seems to happen about once every two strokes.

I noticed that when i press the spacebar i have to press it completely down and even add a bit of extra force on top of this in order to get a keystroke. Sometimes this creates one or two keystrokes. If i don't smash the key with full force it has about a 60% chance that it won't register a stroke at all.


The other keys of the keyboard that still function well are really sensitive like cherry reds are supposed to be. If i press a key down to about 60-70% of it's reach, it already registers a keystroke. Something it does no longer do with the spacebar.


As an ending statement i'd like to stress that it's simply impossible to use this keyboard any longer for typing or remotely serious gaming. And i was hoping that there is a fix for this problem instead of simply shipping it back. I never really hold on to boxes, so i believe that sending it back to Corsair for a replacement is out of order. I admit that this is a bit careless of me, but in my years of pc gaming i've never had any malfunctioning hardware.


Thanks for reading, and hopefully also your help!

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  • Corsair Employee



Sounds like you may have key chatter issue, which is related to the actual switch itself. To remedy the issue, it needs to be replaced. Assuming you purchased the keyboard from one of our authorized reseller and have the invoice, we can replace it without the original box. The reason why your ticket went RMA is due to the fact that the agent recognized that the only resolution is to have it replaced.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply.


I purchased the keyboard together with an M65 PRO RGB mouse using the Corsair main site. I'm fairly certain i deleted the e-mails i received with this purchase once the package was delivered, like i usually do. The box, which might've contained the invoice, was also discarded as soon as i installed the keyboard.


I don't suppose Corsair keeps records of their keyboard sales around? My email and paypal account should be documented there somewhere i suppose. Hopefully i didn't destroy my chances by throwing away these things.

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Hello again,


I thought i'd contact you again to see if it's normal that i didn't get a reply within 2 days from customer support. I created a ticket on '3/22/2017 3:44 PM' and i still haven't gotten a reply even though i believe it said i would get an answer within 2 days. So excluding the weekend that's still 3 days. :p

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