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I have just built a new PC and am now using iCue4.


On my old sytem using an older version of iCue I was able to save RGB colour settings to the onboard memory (i think thats how it worked) of my Strafe RGB keyboard so that they were a certain colour when you first booted your system.

This had to be a static Colour, but this option is not available for the keyboard in iCue4.


I am running a different colour scheme now and it's annoying that the keyboard is a different colour to everything else until iCue has started running and the colour profile I am using starts.

Does anyone know how to change this?

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  • Corsair Employee

Hi Jyster,


Can you try just recreating the color lighting profile and replicate what you had on the older iCUE? Static color option should be available in the new iCUE 4. I will still bring this up to my team and see if there are others who have reported this issue.

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Thanks for the reply.

I have checked on my older PC and the option is there as I have now changed the colour of the lighting on my keyboard when the PC is booting up.


In iCue 3.x when I select the keyboard under devices and then click the hamburger icon on the profiles tab there is an option to "Save Static Lighting and Performance to Device".

This means you can create a profile with the static colour you want your keyboard when you boot the PC, save it to the keyboard memory and then it doesn't matter whether you delete the profile from iCue.


I cannot find this option for the keyboard in iCue 4.



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I have the same issue. I can't save profile to my strafe even after downgrading to icue 3.


Previously I can save profile to device but now I cant. And when I plug my keyboard to another PC that I cant install icue (company policy), I end up with no backlight at all.

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