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STRAFE RGB (Mk.1) saving profile to the device - FIX


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Hello everyone,

I am a big fan of this keyboard (Cherry MX Red version), recently I changed the keycaps to SteelSeries PrismCaps (double shot PBT white pudding) and it looks fantastic. The only thing driving me crazy was an issue with saving my profile to the device.

My favorite profile is Static Rainbow by Alex Krastev and unfortunately, after updating iCUE and firmware (3.08) my profile got erased and I was not able to save it to the device.

I have tried many iCUE versions (really old legacy ones to the latest -2.24.50, 3.36.125, 3.7.99, 4.33.138, 5.7.106) and nothing seemed to work.

After hours of trying different versions and firmware, I found the solution.

I have recreated manually the profile in iCUE 3.38.88 and saved it to the device.

I hope it helps and saves a headache for STRAFE RGB users 🙂

Link to the profile: Download | file.io





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