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Corsair Psu RMA in mexico

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Hello i do this thread for give info about the corsair rma in mexico.

They replaced me my cx750m for another because the first failed but the secon that came looks better but works too bad makes a very loud sound and for replace i will have to send it and it mexico the cost for the shpping its almost the same cost of the psu. and the computer is for my work. If want the replacement i will lose money time and even my job i feel bad because i bought a corsair dominator it fail the same thing will happen only make this for an advice for people in mexico. Thanks

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update: i rceived a new psu it has supposed to receive a cs750m but instead of this i receive same model and it has a bit of coil whine i just want to say that corsair rma service is good if you are in the USA but if you are in Mexico i recommend another brand because the time that you spend it to much and even more if you use your computer for the work so this is my recommendation.
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I just received this RMA product cx750m in early January i got it because the last Psu had a terrible coil whine. Then the last i Received from this ticket 6747031 had a little coil whine but this july started to be Really Terrible Coil Whine Noise when I play i hear only the coil whine and its terrible Psu I just want to recommend to avoid this units because its imosible to not have coil whine in this Cx750m my build doesnt use much power is:

I7 4770

b85m d3v

1 ram Hyperx 8gb 1600

Gtx 980

2 hdd 7200 rpm.

5 Fans

Case Corsair Spec M2


Its sad to have 750w and had a terrible coil whine whit this Pc


So if you are from Mexico Please Avoid The corsair Psu Because Dont have a Tech Service in Mexico and if you need Rma you have to send to USA and with the dolar Tthe cost to Send The product is Higher than the product.

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