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  1. Finnlae, This may be an combination of your specs for your computer. We would have to look into your issue. Please create a ticket fill out your computer specs and provide us with an RMA number. We will look into your case.
  2. Anyone On the Overwatch Hype? Imba#1543 feel free to add me!
  3. Finnlae, Please include your RMA # whenever you get the chance. We will take a look into your situation.
  4. Bunni, You can submit a ticket for a replacement on our support website at http://corsair.force.com. Please make sure you attach a copy of your receipt to your ticket so that we may verify and honor the warranty. Our Tech Support will then review your ticket and give you feedbacks within 1-2 business days.
  5. OVERWATCH - anyone else pre ordered this? I am excited to play it since it is one of the best pickup FPS games I've tried. DOOM- 6v6 ?!?!?! =O
  6. oRairwolf, We try to make all of our cases with the best materials possible out in the market. That being said, we would also have to keep our high end cases budget friendly and not outrageous. There is an appeal for every market, someday we would be able to do a super case (carbon fiber ) =P
  7. Bunni, Have you double check the connections with the I/O panel and motherboard? I would suggest creating a ticket if the I/O panel is faulty. Also double check the Microphone and audio headset you are using, try it with another system.
  8. I would suggest removing the HDD cage to see if there would be a difference or any physical flaw to the case. I have seen rescrewing the case down have seemed to help the issue.
  9. Marco, Look under "Paper Clip Test" http://www.corsair.com/en-us/support/faqs/power-supplies
  10. Marco, This sounds like a typical PSU problem. What trouble shooting steps have you tried? Things I would start with. 1. Paper Clip test. 2. Check connections 3. Try the PSU with another existing system. 4. Re-seating CPU.
  11. Any updates on this game? feedback? Would love to hear more before playing =)
  12. Peekandco, Well its based on preference, they are both great mouses. I use my M65 for games like Counterstrike where impeccable timing is a must and having to move the mouse half across the mousepad. The scimitar does great for games like MMO's and MOBA's hence why I use it for division.
  13. @Greybeard I finally hit level 30 yesterday. sigh... time to get rekt by 99% of the population in this game.
  14. Link to full thread : http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=157418
  15. Anyone see this awesome Division 780T MOD posted on our instagram page?! https://www.instagram.com/corsairgaming/ http://i.imgur.com/OE6Zlkq.jpg
  16. Niteshaft, Instead of pressing CTRL+1 or CTRL+2 I just did record with the desired macro key (Scimitar). For Keyboard, G15 which is next to my pinky would be my SODA for 40% cool down reduction. I hope this helps!
  17. http://i.imgur.com/cF3C4IX.jpg https://www.ubisoft.com/en-US/game/the-division/ https://www.facebook.com/TheDivision/ Here is a quick rundown of the game-play experience with The Divison by Ubisoft using the keyboard K95 RGB and the Scimitar. While The Division is considered an MMO-FPS hybrid, I think this game deserves its own category. I really believe Ubisoft did a fantastic job of adding in so many different elements from popular games into a strategical adrenaline - rushing thrill. It truly endeavors the aspect of a shooting game that can be related to Grand Theft Auto 5 or the custom skill-leveling of an MMO comparable to World of Warcraft, while adding the mixture of survival instincts of Day Z. This innovative hybrid creates an eerie feeling of expecting to be betrayed, while feeling compelled to seek safe haven in numbers. Its unique range of influences creates a whole other gaming experience. The most notable aspect of the game personally, is the ability to use many different ranges of weapons and skill; the level of timely key-pressing execution is something necessary. Whether it was equipping gear or choosing my talents and perks, having multiple hotkeys or macros greatly awarded a player significantly. Imagine a large fire-fight between two opposing groups, the mechanics of the game allows each individual player to regenerate a certain amount of health one has lost while in combat. This strict mechanic may award or punish the player being able to timely execute the key necessary for a fighting chance or death. I’ll admit, there are many instances in the game where it is not always as glorified as it sounds but with most MMO’s, grinding for loot feels like a chore. Regardless of the sluggish grind, the fast-paced commotion kept me grinding. In my personal opinion, the most action-oriented gameplay would be in the recovery of loot in the “player vs player” environment known as Dark Zone. The Dark zone accentuates APM(actions per minute), having the execution means being able to grab loot quicker than your “allies” may make the difference between having nothing or a legendary item. Being able to have the abilities to have extra keys may differentiate you from a newb or an elitist. The Verdict: The Division by Ubisoft is an overall multi-faceted MMO-FPS hybrid. The game can be played alone but built to played with others; just don’t forget to turn on your microphone. Covering all the bases from intensive shooting action to different character customization it definitely blends the entire necessary ingredients for a great game in its own category. K95 Macro Keys Shot :biggrin: http://i.imgur.com/LefHyqC.jpg?2 Currently using G1-G6 as MY consumables Swords of 1000 Truths http://i.imgur.com/zUKgb3R.jpg?3 My macros on here are mostly grenades. Shock, EMP, Frag..etc Thank you all for reading! Feel free to leave any comments or thoughts or add me on Uplay Uplay:Imbahax Current level:24 :D:
  18. So for those of you who play hearthstone, this happened during their winter championship :laughing:bigeyes:
  19. http://www.cjs-cdkeys.com/products/Tom-Clancy%27s-The-Division-CD-Key-For-Uplay.html $47 dollars! -13 dollar discount =) Here is the intense action of the game play: [ame] [/ame] < > (thanks fauxbeard lol)
  20. Whos playing THE DIVISION?! you can add me - imbahax
  21. Mr scary, The correct part number would be "CC600T-DRIVECAGE". if you're still under warranty and the item is defective, we would be more than happy to send out a replacement. I would suggest creating a ticket.
  22. AHHHH @emissary I loved Heroes of Newerth, one of the funnest times I had with moba. Sadly that game died and a lot of users stopped playing it due to the learning curve of the game( my opinion). Game was super hard to learn and the community were not really welcoming for new players. Ultimately, many people moved to league right after.
  23. @terbyte it feels like a single player game when I play n64 Smashs Bros with some of my friends and colleagues here. :sunglasse
  24. Hello Corsair Fam, I just wanted to create a quick thread on what are some games played by our enthusiasts, I am a huge gamer myself so I am curious! I am retired in some, and still play most. dont challenge me :p: *edit added some of the ranks I achieved! Games I personally play : Counter - Strike - LEM League of Legends - Diamond Hearthstone - Rank 4 Starcraft 2 - Masters Black ops 3 - Wood league World of tanks/warships - Casual Street Fighter - Casual Marvel - I dont think this cant be ranked correctly Smash bros N64 Melee Heroes of the Storm - Casual Dota 2 - Casual Day Z Excited for The Division (comes out in 6 days woot!). Cant wait to wake up my significant other with my Cherry MX Blue's :D:
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