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Someone who knows very little about web design and forums seems to be re-designing the website.


Apparently they didn't get the message that black backgrounds are out. If you notice, the main corsair site is using the same colors. Yuck.


I bet the next thing will be flash and games.

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I do not like the new colours. They are harsh on the old eyes.


i agree,i have several sites open,,all are white

going from black to a white one is like a smack in the eyes

also being color blind,,it quite hard to tell what posts ive read and what i havent


and when you reply to a post, BAM its white

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I too agree - the new colour scheme is awful, distracting and not useable :mad:

The point that forum designers have missed is that, if no one else can see the colour option I have selected, then there's no reason to have that option taken away.

And no it does not take more resources to manage different colour schemes. If it does, then Corsair should seriously fire the web-site developers.


Conspiracy: It's a way to reduce product bitching on the forums.


I am going to curtail my activities on this site if it does not change.

It was good while it lasted :[pouts:


Absolutely crap !

No contrast in the orange (read/unread items). Black and white is to sooooo yesterday !

Web designers, take a leaf from Apple:


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I will pass the comments to the powers that be. But, I was instructed to make the forum match our new website (love it or hate it) which is based on the same color scheme and we've had a generally positive response internally and here. Nothing about the forum will change in the immediate future but I will inquire about enabling the option to change to the old/default color scheme. ::pirate::
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You could keep the black banners and red trim, but maybe change the post backgrounds to a dark gray with a slightly larger/bolder font so the stark contrast doesn't cause eye bleeding. For now I'm using a script to invert the site!
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