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  1. FDISK /MBR was the command. after XP i dont think it comes with windows anymore.
  2. did you break the RAID before recommissioning them? ive had MBR issues with even regular drives when i didnt break the RAID prior to reassignment as single drives.
  3. that just means 2x120mm fan rads. not exact enough to determine fittage ;):
  4. the rad is only a few MM bigger on the GTX according to the specs, i wonder how much room is left around the H100i rad in that case.
  5. combining ram is not suggested, recommended or supported even if you bought 2 kits of Corsair. mixing 2 different brands on the other hand is even more likely to be unstable (as you have seen) also your CPU has a listed max speed of 1600, i know it can do better however the memory controller on the CPU is very confused right now. it is receiving instructions from two very different IC chips on the rams and cant make up its mind which set to listen to. there is no fix for this issue im sorry to say.
  6. in the meantime because i didnt see any legs in the parts area if you have some binder clips http://cdn.instructables.com/FAH/FDQQ/GLL4VBS3/FAHFDQQGLL4VBS3.LARGE.jpg you can adapt like this... http://cdn.instructables.com/FQH/C8YW/GLOX6Q3B/FQHC8YWGLOX6Q3B.LARGE.jpg
  7. are you able to call them later? it's toll-free. at the very least you should get a live update to the ticket.
  8. Wired is slacking i guess :P i will try to catch him online somewhere and get some attention to your query.
  9. only because i want to help, i just found out that the X-shaped backplate has to be mounted a certain way. One side has a bit of a cutout on it and that side should go towards the top of the case. i hope this helps.
  10. just to be technical, Corsair officially publishes it supports the 1150 socket style (which it does 100%). nowhere does it claim to be compatible with ANY motherboard, just the socket style. this is where the MB maker is at fault for using a cheaper thin PCB.
  11. correct, and likely because the cooler fits the standard 1150 they should not have to test every motherboard made. obviously your model is thinner than most and needs modification to work as advertized. Corsair cannot be held liable for a thinner PCB that your MB mfg decided to use and not the standard thickness found on the vast majority of the rest. it is for reasons like this stores have a return policy. you should take this up with them or just use washers like suggested. what got me to post is when you said which i dont agree with since it fits the majority of 1150 boards or the forum would be flooded with hundreds upon hundreds of threads like yours. there was no fraudulent advertizing, you just were unlucky enough to buy a motherboard that is thinner than 99% of all the rest. also like you said, "compatible" not "guaranteed to fit all 1150 boards." because then you would have a case to take up with them and i would be behind you 110% while i feel your frustration and disappointment, it seems as its misplaced and should be directed at Gigabyte for using non standard PCBs on your model. if you disagree i respect that and will not post in your thread anymore.
  12. its a gigabyte board right? chances are the pump was in contact with the capacitors and never got fully seated. we have seen that here many times. sometimes rotating the pump 90 degrees gets you clearance. i would reseat the cpu as well and check for bent pins just in case as uneven pressure can shift things..
  13. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/1/1e/ZeroWing_arcadeflyer.png yup. sounds fine the way it is :):
  14. you can try that. also best bet is after activating, take it to a bank and cash it in for the full amount. if your bank has a VISA logo on the door they HAVE to accept it and give you cash. dont take no for an answer, ive been through this a few times with a less than forthcoming bank but in the end once they called their home office they were told i was right and i got cash all 3 times.
  15. i posted this a while ago, there are 3 local places to RMA in India if the need should arise :)
  16. Intel is not a direct competitor of Corsair, and this is a hardware support forum. Corsair hardware :):
  17. sorry dude, this has been covered 82,412 times. not gonna happen.
  18. Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology is stupid when it comes to SSDs ignore it. once ALL the manufacturers come to a single standard one day it may change.
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