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  1. I used reds (K70 Reds) for the better part of 2 years for mostly typing, light gaming. Too busy to game much. I've recently gone to browns (K95 RGB Brown) and found them to be slightly better for the typing but also very adequate for gaming.
  2. The holes on Corsair Hydro Series coolers for mounting the fans to the radiator are threaded in American standard machine screw threading #6-32. ::pirate::
  3. We'll need more information to assist you. 1. Do you know what firmware version you have now? 2. Do you have a Voyager Air or Voyager Air 2/2+? 3. Are you attempting to update the firmware while the USB cable is connected to your PC?
  4. It's been submitted to Apple. Watch for it to go live on their app store.
  5. Voyager Air Android App Release 2.3 Version 2.3.1 October 28, 2014 Compatible with Android v2.3.7 and above. Android 4.x (and above) is strongly recommended. This app release was developed to accompany Release 2.3 of the drive firmware. It is compatible with both the Voyager Air and Voyager Air 2 drives. What is in this Release: 1. Bug fixes related to Google Drive support 2. Compatibility fixes for the iOS 8 version of the app Remember to also download and install the Release 2.3 version of the drive firmware (version 2.3.0) from Corsair’s website (http://www.corsair.com/download).
  6. Thanks for posting but please resize your pictures before posting them.
  7. I don't have a case to test. Is it possible to get a slim profile fan in there anywhere?
  8. If you are not using the most recent firmware, you should definitely update it. Downloads are on the product page and under the Support tab on http://www.corsair.com
  9. Try this ^^^ with a laptop computer or Android device.
  10. You can get the Android .apk from us, on any Voyager Air product page under the downloads tab for any Android device that let's you load your own apps from unapproved sources. And no, Amazon has not given us a time frame on their approval process. http://www.corsair.com/en-us/external-storage
  11. First, we do not send out golden samples. Second, if you are reading the voltages with software this is completely useless.
  12. The choice to buy lesser brands of PSUs is yours to make. Good luck with whatever brand you choose.
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