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  1. It would be great to have a single toggle which could adjust the brightness for all devices. Currently I have to go through about six devices at a time to adjust the brightness level. Sometimes I just want everything at the lowest brightness.
  2. I recently got the fantastic K55 keyboard so I'm trying to make use of the Fn key by mapping some macros to Fn combinations (for example, Fn+F to launch Firefox). To do this, I configured the Fn key to switch to profile "Fn" while pressed. In this profile, I remapped F to run Firefox. Everything worked perfectly until I tried to create more Fn combinations. Let's say I want to map Fn+F1 keys to F13. To do so I need to first make the "Fn" profile active. Remapping the key was fine but when I tried to rename the keyboard assignment to "F13", I started Firefox associated to Fn+F instead of typing the character 'F'... (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Of course, it was possible to circumvent this problem by typing in the default profile and copy-pasting. But what if I mapped Fn+V to something else, let's say, Visual Studio??? Conclusion: It would be nice to be able to edit a profile without making it active to facilitate the remapping of alphanumeric keys.
  3. So I've caught word that the Ironclaw and Ironclaw Wireless are part of corsair's previous design generation. This gave me an idea, and a glimmer of hope: This is the perfect time to improve on the Ironclaw's design. There are three main things I would like to change about the Ironclaw. One, is to have the same button layout across both wired and wireless models. The Wired model needs to have the same buttons as the wireless, if not just phased out entirely. The spare button would work much better as a sniper button placed under the thumb, rather than under the index knuckle. This one matters a lot to me, the addition of two more buttons on the right hand side of the mouse much like the ones on the top-left side. There is a gap between corsair's 10-button mice, and the scimitar. These two additional buttons will surely fill that gap!
  4. Hi there, What is the problem? At the moment all widgets with graphs (fan speeds, temperature readings and so on) adjust theyr Y axis automatically, so the reading shows a trend, but is not useful to determine the current value without reading the textual value. It would be better, if a graph would show the current value at a glance, without having to read the value itself (i think thats the idea behind a graph). At the moment a steady temperature at 27.56 degrees Celsius looks exactly the same as a steady temperature at 60 degree Celsius, but the second value is far more dangerous for the system. This would let you determine the current system status far more quickly. What is my suggestion? Include the following options into the settings of all graph widgets: - Choice between: a) Scale automatically (default, like now) b) Scale manually (let the user set a lower and an upper limit to the Y Axis). If the value falls below the manually set minimum value, just draw a line along the very bottom of the graph. If the value raises above the manually set maximum value, fill the graph completely. yours sincerly Christian
  5. The functionality is already there. Unless I am missing something and it already exists it would be really nice to be able to create our own button folders. For the K100 there is a "Show G-Keys" which already acts like a folder for macro buttons, but you can't add this anywhere else aside from the default K100 page. There is a lot of things that would be nice to be able to do ourselves. Including the volume sliders and DPI button folders. It is beyond me as to why we cannot put these on any pages we like or why we cannot create button folders. It is so much easier to go though folders for some grouped macros other than swiping pages and pages to find the ones you want. There is so much more that can be done with this, but you have to have certain products to get access to certain buttons which are then locked to the default pages they come with on said product, there are just certain buttons on all the different panels I have that I'd like to have one one or two pages in my own layout, but I am stuck with a limited amount of said buttons and they're stuck on certain pages with buttons I don't want. Please make this a possibility for these extra "hidden" buttons to be placed by our own accord and let us have as many of them as we want and on whatever pages we want. The image attached is for anyone who may not have access to see this "Show G-Keys" buttons which essentially acts like a macro button folder where you can assign multiple macro keys inside of a folder where you can return our of to the previous page, instead of swiping to another.
  6. At first, sorry for any mistakes - English is not my native language.. I just bought my iCue Nexus and to say the truth, I have a little "mixed" feelings. It is not a bad product, but with a little more effort in "controling software", it could be a MUCH BETTER product.. There are some ideas, i have been thinking of during setting up my nexus... 1) To have an ability to set our own tresholds for graphs - just like in this thread. - For graphs to have an actual use, it is vital to have an option to set fixed tresholds, because with variable tresholds, there isn't really much to read from them (apart from that they look nice :D ).. - I would suggest to take an inspiration from graphs situation in MSI Afterburner software, which I found very usefull in monitoring hardware 2) Adding MUCH MORE options for hardware monitoring. - Again, if I compare raw amount of data, which offers for example MSI Afterburner and iCue Nexus, it's a really big difference. - For example RAM usage, V-RAM usage and GPU load would be a nice additions (there are more, but this three I found vital). - There is also an potencial for CPU usage to shows all cores in one graph, but I don't know, if this is useful idea.. 3) Better ability to set brightness of iCue Nexus via different methods. - At first, I would like to see a touch button with that function on start screen - But it would be nice to have an opportunity to use my K100 control wheel to configure brightness of iCue Nexus in the same way, as it controls a brightness of keys. - With that in mind, there are many more possibilities in integrating K100 control wheel into iCue Nexus. 4) Possible integration with common media players (WMP, VLC, iTunes etc.) would be nice. - An integration with multimedia player (I mean showing "what's playing") would be nice - For example SteelSeries keyboards with displays have that ability - With sound in mind, an ability to dynamicaly show volume levels (in style of old "VU - Meters", or newer "db metters") would be a very cool feature as well Again, please don't take this post as complaining, I am very happy to have iCue Nexus (I always dreamed of having display on my keyboard), but in my opinion, there is so much wasted potencial in this device, that I just had to send here some suggestions and I would be thrilled to see at least some of them working.. Best Regards Pavel
  7. A feature that would be really nice to have is the ability to add multiple programs to a profile. I have lots of games and want their profiles to be different from the default profile so I have to create a ton of individual profiles for all of said games.
  8. Hello! As of writing, there currently isn't a way to adjust Left/Right audio channel balance for Corsair headsets (I'm using wireless void headset). Unlike with other headsets/earbuds the option for audio balance does not show up in Windows 10 sound settings. I don't believe it is too much to ask to add as equalizer adjustment is already in iCue.
  9. so some people might know that there is a feature for glorious mice where you can lower the debounce time. I want to suggest to add a feature to lower the debounce time for corsair mice, because some people, including me, might need low debounce time, especially for double-clicking on purpose. I dunno if this is gonna get accepted or not, but I hope it gets added, thanks. Edit: Also if you're wondering what this is for, this is for Minecraft pvp, which requires high cps for different things, for some clicking methods, being able to double-click makes that possible.
  10. Self Explanatory but I would like if mouse macros were given the ability to be set within X and Y parameters and that the mouse moves to a coordinate within said parameters (for absolute) or move a random amount of X or Y within the parameters (for relative). Basically add the ability to make mouse movements random within the macro creator.
  11. Hi, Since today I have the corsair icue nexus. I love to use the lightning link, battery indicator and all others from the default bar also in my customized bar. Those widgets are only in the default bars. Also hoping to get network activity and CPU clock speed in the bar. Please add these features. I got it with my old logitech g510s, I saw the workload clock speed of gpu and CPU and network activity. It would be great to get these features back.
  12. Wasn't sure where to post this, but I figured this was the best place for now. I was wondering if there would be a Version 2 of the Corsair 1000D. I currently own one and I can say that it's truly a great case, but there still some issues that have me asking me "why is this an issue on a $600 dollar case? 1) Why is the ITX button on the back of the case??? I understand not wanting to cause confusion, but a big power button and a small power (possibly labeled "ITX") on the front panel could have solved this issue. My case being up against the wall makes it a pain to reach it. 2) It would be nice if the Hard Drive Storage Bay was removable. However, more annoying is that the hard drive holders are made of the cheapest plastic you can find? I understand you don't see them, but its the fact that I'm paying $600 for a case. I expect quality from top to bottom. 3) My next issues is with the back cover used if you have a single PC system setup... why does it cover half of the vertical Graphics card ports for the second system?!? I understand a vertical mount is included for the main motherboard and aren't covered, but why wouldn't I just use the two vertical mounts all the way in front? However, I feel this is a simple part fix that just makes sense. Even if I don't have a second system, I'm going to want to display my graphics card as upfront as possible. 4) Finally, this is purely personal preference but it would be nice if the 2nd system could fit a Micro ATX and not just a Mini ITX. I feel the case is already huge...whats an extra 3 inches? But this would allow the 2nd system to be either a gaming or stream/recording set up. At this high end, most people are going to use an Elgato HD60 Pro 4K, or similar, that plugs into your PCIE Lanes, so you can mirror your game and capture it to the 2nd PC. You can use the the chips integrated GPU, but you would be pressed to be able to stream AND record. So having the second PCIE slot, available on the micro ATX would enable a graphics card and a capture card. Yes, I know you can get a USB capture card, but at this price point, you're gonna want the best of the best. And yes, I can use the main motherboard for steaming instead, but I would prefer to use a bigger motherboard to handle the CPU and GPU that I'm going to tax as hard as possible on ULTRA settings for 244hz 1080p or 144hz 4K, while the streaming/recording PC will be 1080p 60FPS stream and record. But most of these issues are not case breaking and the 1000d is still an awesome case. However, if these changes are made, mainly the first 2 and especially the 4th, I would buy the new version in a heart beat. I'm not sure what needs to be done to get the version 2 even considered, but I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks
  13. I recently purchased an LS100 starter kit for my PC, and it's great! However, I'd love to be able to get one for my TV as well. It would be great to have an HDMI sync box that was HDCP compatible, even better if it was a multi-input HDMI switch as well.
  14. Would it be possible to have a feature where you put all your parts in order for a more synchronised feeling? For example, a feature where you can put devices in order of "Keyboard, mouse, front fans, top fans, led strips, pump, GPU block, RAM, CPU block" the lights would go either left or right following a set sequence, like the rainbow wave which goes from left side of keyboard and ends on the right side of mouse, only after the mouse, it would go up the fans, to the stuff inside.
  15. Hello everyone, So I've seen this suggested a lot of times already but it isn't added yet. I think it should be possible to attach actions (like macros etc.) to key combinations. So for example: I want to be able to paste the text "hello world" when pressing alt+5 at the same time. I know there's a workaround with making several Profiles, but for People that have profiles for each game or program it would be a pain to have like 3 or more profiles for the same application. I would really hope this could be added in a future update, because it got first requested back in 2014. Thanks! Sense
  16. I just got a new motherboard and fans about 2 months ago, and started with the ICue software. It's pretty great. About a month ago there was an update, no info on what changed... I came to these forums, and first post is "Where are the patch notes" with many replies. No patch notes. I see about 3 or 4 different threads about the last new update causing issues for some people. Why update when nobody knows what is added. I figured 'maybe their workers are working from home due to Covid19, forgot them this release' etc. I updated so I'd stop getting the notification to update. Today, new version 3.29.110 out. No info about it. Come here, no patch notes. I see a couple threads already about certain functionality being lost etc. Still no notes. You guys are high-end hardware, and have great quality. Why is the software team hurting the Corsair name? It'd literally take 5 minutes "here's what this version changes". If you guys are working from home and able to update the software, surely one of you can put a quick 10 line patch notes together. C'mon guys, please post patch notes.
  17. So one thing I like is that with the wireless mice, it shows a battery icon on the bottom right (https://kipli.ng/image?i=gc33acz.png) when using Windows. However, it doesn't show a battery icon or any icon on how much battery is left on wireless headsets though (not sure about keyboards though since I don't have one). I wish there was a mouse/keyboard/headset icon there that changes color depending on how much battery is left. Like green is fully charged, yellow is medium/halfway, and red is close to dying. When hovered over, it will tell you the battery status (high/medium/low OR the battery percentage)
  18. Hello! I am making this thread to first of all thank the iCUE developers for adding windows spatial sound support for headphones, which was a feature that a lot of people requested, as well as ASUS devices support. I would also like to request some other features that i believe a lot of corsair product owners would really like added to the iCUE software. The first feature i believe should be added is a Gradient lighting feature for RGB headphones, just like there is the gradient feature for Keyboards and Mice. The other feature, although it is for a device no longer being sold but is still owned by lots of people, is to light up all the M keys + the Windows lock and brightness indicator keys at the same time and be able to use the different lighting modes that are supported for all the other keys on them such as gradient or raindow wave on the K95 RGB (+other devices that do not have such support) In my opinion the alternating between two colors option in some settings is a bit limited and i think it should be replaced by a more gradient-like setting menu, so that you can add more than just 2 colors. Also, the void visualizer feature on keyboard is not really responsive and it really could use some fixing, and last but not least, i believe that you should also have a visualizer for the headphones (the color brightness should go up and down depending on the volume that sounds reach, or maybe it should switch between configurable colors, like green being for no sound being played and it goes to red the louder a sound is played) Sorry for my bad english, i was trying to sound professional lol Thank you for reading this, i hope you take these requests in mind, plus i believe there should be a feature request megathread of some sort (if there isn't one already):biggrin:
  19. It would be pretty neat (and beneficial) to have the ability to tell iCUE where in your case each (RGB) part is located. This would especially help when building RGB sequences.
  20. 1. Make "Macro" records ALL the available mouse clicks, not just the basic 3 When recording macros, it only records the Left, Middle, and Right click from a mouse, but not Forward and Backward clicks. 2. Make "Text" outputs standard keypress, instead of some weird international language keys You expect whatever you type in "Text" to be the same as if you just record them in "Macro", but that's not the case. Instead, "Text" uses weird combinations of international, language, and random keys to reconstruct whatever is in the box. That makes it so that "Text" will only type out in Notepad and Windows, but nowhere in Chrome, which is inconsistent and annoying. Please fix these issues and continue to make ICue the best software on the market, thank you ICue team! ❤
  21. Hey there, new guy here, just bought a VOID PRO RGB and I'm astonished at how fast the battery dies...no biggy, I guess it does draw a lot of power and yes, I did full charge it before use, however, I've got a suggestion. How about a way to know the battery's current power level within iCUE? Is it possible and if so, could we see it being implemented? I'd sure hope so. After each gaming session I'd like to know exactly how much power I've got left, if it's worth leaving it to power back up before my next session or whether I can have another session before I lay it down to recharge. Hope this can be a worthy contribution to you guys.
  22. A little story and a lesson i learned in hard way. This happened to me long time ago. But i thought i just share it :) While i was stress testing to see if my OC was stable, i decided to change the pump speed to see how it affects CPU temps. Just when i applied new speed, system froze... unstable OC, BSOD. It didn't take too long until i noticed my CPU was running at 800Mhz, super slow. Could not boot into windows. even in bios it was struggling to run. Temp was at 100C! Basically pump speed was set to 0... what a mess! So i shutdown my PC, plugged out all power cables, waited like 10 minutes for pump to cool down. (It was really warm!) Then i tried to get into windows, I only had a few minutes before the CPU reached 100C again and shutdown itself. So again after 10 minutes i reduced Vcore voltage as low as it made sense! Finally i could get into windows and set pump speed back to Quiet mode. And there i revived my cooler :3 Not to be paranoid or anything, just make sure your system is stable before changing the pump speed. Because it can be a PITA if you get unlucky... That cooler is still running good though ;) ---- My suggestion to Corsair is to include hard reset button on their coolers because that would be really handy for cases like this.
  23. I have multiple profiles that have no app assigned so when i leave an assigned profile (such as going to the desktop) it will try to use one of the other profiles that is not default. which doesn't light up my RGB how i would like it to when I'm on the desktop I can think of 2 solutions off the top of my head: 1. Add a checkbox that makes a profile default on the same tab where you would enter the assigned application path. 2. Always prefer the topmost profile for default. Using iCUE 3.13.94 Another unrelated suggestion: Make it so we can sync actions/macros across profiles within the same folder (maybe even lighting to) (in a addition way, so they can have there own unique actions but have some shared actions aswell) (an easy way of doing this would be just to treat the folder as a profile and being able to add actions/macros/lighting to the folder that will be available in all its child profiles)
  24. Imagine if Corsair ICUE had IFTTT support because it would be awesome if someone followed my Twitch or someone Tweeted or something and a lighting profile is activated which makes my Keyboard all purple or something would be awesome to see this implemented (Plus corsair would be the first todo this ;): )
  25. So I've been watching some videos of Razer products and saw the software for the products and they have something which I wished Corsair ICUE did and that is to be able to rearrange where your Corsair Products are on the software to where the product actually is on your desk as not everyone has their ST100 between their Keyboard and Mouse so it would be nice to move the ST100 in the software to the location it is in Real Life so the lighting link is in sync.
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