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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I bought a Void Elite Wireless and audio is very muffled also after I pull brightness slider to 0, it locked up and I can't use my RGB lights.
  2. It would be great to have a single toggle which could adjust the brightness for all devices. Currently I have to go through about six devices at a time to adjust the brightness level. Sometimes I just want everything at the lowest brightness.
  3. Hello everyone, This thread is meant to be kind of like a petition, were if there is a considerable amount of people that also want this feature, then maybe Corsair can develop it. Petition: Add an option in iCUE > Advanced Config > Make brightness key control all iCUE devices. Reason: When trying to lower brightness/turn off lights, there is no point in doing so only in the keyboard, as the mice and other accessories are not affected. Going into iCUE settings every time is inefficient and making a profile with everything off is not an option, since I am using Wallpaper Engine integration and that overwrites whatever profile you currently have. Enabling this option would make that clicking the keyboard's brightness key will control the brightness for ALL of your iCUE's detected devices, not just your keyboard. That's all. Thanks everyone. Miguel
  4. I recently (3-4 months ago) got the k95 platinum and am not very impressed with the rgb for a $200 top of the line keyboard, the lighting behind the keys are poor without any backplate lighting and the back light at the back of keyboard can’t even be seen from sitting angle. I recently got hyper x pudding keycaps to try to brighten things up which it did but not much, if I could just get the rgb to be a little bit brighter to fill in those keycaps it would be great! Any ideas (I already have brightness mode on highest btw) Don’t make fun of me for crying about rgb but if I pay $200 for it imma use it!
  5. I currently have the previous generation Strafe RGB and love the brightness and color of the RGB lighting because of the white background but I am considering upgrading for other features but don't want to lose a significant amount of that brightness and color in the process. This thread is just concerning the lighting brightness only, ignoring all other feature differences. The question is: How much dimmer is the key lighting on the K95 Platinum compared to the Strafe MK.2 and is the K70 MK.2 SE somewhere in between? I use my keyboard during the day in a well lit room as well as at night with low lighting so I'm mainly concerned whether the brightness will be disappointing compared to my Strafe or if it is bright enough to still look good even during the day. I figure anything dimmer than my Strafe at 2/3 brightness wouldn't be bright enough for my tastes. Any thoughts or input would be appreciated :biggrin:
  6. My Vengeance RGB memory is too bright for me. I really need iQue to control it. Can it? Can anything else do it? If not, are there plans for it to do it? I really hope so.
  7. My new Strafe RGB MX Silent is a great keyboard with great colors. But I have two concerns regarding 1) high key sensitivity, and 2) dim punctuation symbols. Are there any keycap options or adjustments that would address these? Details: 1. Pushing a key down by a tiny amount, like barely a millimeter, seems to activate it. The keys also feel light for that first millimeter. I end up pressing the "d" key by accident just by resting my left fingers on the keyboard. I think pressing a key should require more downward travel or more downward force. 2. On any key with two symbols on it, like the number/punctuation keys, the backlit bottom symbol is too dim to see well, even at the brightest setting. So on the 3# key, the 3 is bright and the # is too dim. On the single/double quote key, you can barely see the double quote symbol at all. The top symbol is the “non-shift” character, which is counterintuitive (on most computer keyboards it's at the bottom), so I guess they’re trying to highlight it. But it’s a problem for me. Strangely, the photo on the box shows the top and bottom symbols at almost identical brightness (hello Photoshop) So it's a bit misleading, not that I noticed the box anyway. If there's a way to rectify these issues with new key caps or mechanisms, especially the sensitivity, I'd love to know. Thanks!
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