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  1. How do you rep Corsair gear? For school use only? For competitive gaming conventions? For work? Let us know your thoughts as well as any ideas for clothing ideas in the future!
  2. If you need help with your CORSAIR headset or other CORSAIR gaming gear, you can always reach out to us at https://help.corsair.com!
  3. 📣 Different colors? Different designs? What about different materials? Leave your comments down below! We are always reading and listening to your feedback! 📝
  4. Hey everyone, We're excited to present to you the wireless mouse for champions! The CORSAIR SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS Gaming Mouse has everything you loved from the series, designed for and tested by top esports professionals - now providing a competitive edge in wireless form. Here are a few quick highlights: • Ergonomically shaped to perfectly suit claw and palm grips, while providing long-term comfort in an ultra-lightweight design. • Sturdily designed and lightweight at just 79g to support rapid movements and twitch reflexes. • Combined with SLIPSTREAM WIRELESS' sub-1ms wireless transmission speeds and 2,000Hz hyper-polling, your movements and clicks register up to twice as fast. • Spring-loaded CORSAIR QUICKSTRIKE button design - delivering your clicks, shots, and spells are faster than ever. Click here for more information. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below. Q: Aside from weight, wireless and RGB, what else is different with this SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS mouse? A: The SABRE RGB PRO WIRELESS incorporates the first-ever CORSAIR MARKSMAN optical sensor. It has a native 26,000 DPI – the highest of any CORSAIR mouse to date. Q: Is there onboard memory? A: You bet! You'll be able to adjust the three onboard profiles to store your lighting profiles, macros, and DPI settings and take them with you wherever you go. Q: Is this mouse compatible with NVIDIA Reflex? A: Yes! Like the other SABRE mice, we've earned a chart-topping mouse click latency rating - you can find details on our blog. Let us know your thoughts!
  5. Hey C74, sorry you're having trouble. Assuming the mousepad came out of delivery, packaging etc. all right and it's clean by normal means - what kind of mouse do you have if its ok to ask? You shouldn't need to clean the mouse pad unless there was some instance of the material piling (piling like on clothes and stuff). Adding pictures here will help me take a look at it.
  6. School is back in session! What's your school setup? Do you live in a dorm room as a Single Occupant or a Double Occupant? How do you setup your lights to make things work with your room mates? Got any design hacks to share when it comes to a gaming shared space? Share your comments, thoughts and advice on the matter!
  7. Now that it's getting cooler, how are you adjusting your battlestation accordingly? Are you adding a fall touch? Show your desk, setup, fan orientation, room setups etc. with that extra pumpkin spice touch?
  8. Hello everyone, Featuring more capacity options, higher speeds, and an updated, sleek design (MP600 PRO XT), we're bringing you two more SSDs to the SSD family lineup. Load games, boot windows, open and transfer files, all faster than ever with the CORSAIR MP600 PRO XT Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD and the CORSAIR MP600 PRO XT HX Gen4 PCIe x4 NVMe M.2 SSD. Here are a few highlights: • Blazing fast sequential read and extreme storage performance, using Gen4 PCIe technology with read speeds of up to 7,100MB/sec and write speeds of and 6,800MB/sec. • Guaranteeing endurance of up to 3,000 TB written, you may reliably store your data without any worries - backed by our comprehensive five-year warranty for peace of mind • Stylish aluminum heatspreader for high sustained performance (CORSAIR MP600 PRO XT) • Integrated Hydro X Series XM2 Water Block lets you add your SSD to a custom cooling loop (CORSAIR MP600 PRO XT HX) Click the following for more information: MP600 PRO XT HX, MP600 PRO XT. We’ve put together a quick FAQ below. Q: Is there any utility software? A: Yes, there is the CORSAIR SSD Toolbox software available for download and allows advanced drive controls, such as secure erase and firmware updates. Q: How do I know if my system is compatible? A: If your motherboard’s or laptop’s specifications mentions a connector/socket for a Type 2280, PCIe 4.0 x4 or 3.0 x4 M.2 then you’re on the right path! For fitment concerns, please double-check with your manufacturer. Installation into a laptop may require heatsink removal, potentially affecting performance. Q: Do I have to enable anything in BIOS for full speed? A: Not always - but if necessary please refer to your motherboard's user manual or check in with your motherboard's manufacturer. Q: Is there any performance difference between using this in a PCIe 3.0 or 4.0 system? A: If used in a PCIe 3.0 system, speeds will be limited to PCIe 3.0’s constraints. Let us know your thoughts!
  9. Hello muxasya, thanks for your feedback. We're always here listening and reading everyone's comments. Large monitors are the best aren't they? I feel so productive with them 🙂 Corsair Angie
  10. Hey there catloverjerryga, Yes, there is a way to view the battery level of your headset (with iCUE). You can check battery life in the device's settings and enable the "Show Battery Gauge in Notification Area". Here is an example with the Virtuoso below - After enabling the Show Battery gauge, you may see something similar to this - Hope this helps.
  11. Hey there mmarsh, Unfortunately, the MM1000 has been discontinued and while it's still listed on our site because there are still a few out there in the market, being an older product - it may be difficult to find it anywhere at this point. The closest product similar to this that I would recommended for your needs would be the MM800 RGB Polaris (there is also a Cloth version) - for the size, surface material, and USB-passthrough. Hope this helps. Corsair Angie
  12. Hey there. I'm not sure if I'm understanding your post correctly but for clarification, you're saying someone else (like another wireless connection) is connected to your headset while your headset is on (while you are using it)? This situation shouldn't be possible as the HS70 Pro Headphones comes with it's own dedicated dongle. I'm wondering if you are hearing sounds from around you (outside the headset). The headphones do not act as true outside noise canceling devices (for clarification). Besides resetting the headset as mentioned above and/or updating the firmware (if need be), let me know if you are still encountering any issues.
  13. Hello there Hedobang, I'm sorry you are experiencing trouble with a headset. Unfortunately, I cannot see the image you linked there. You can put images directly into these posts on the forums. Please share again these images and what model/type of headset it is. Best, Corsair Angie
  14. Hey Bgbg101 - you've come to the right place to ask for help and definitely get feedback on your builds or anything you you need/want to setup in iCue etc. here on the forums. What help do you need exactly with your QL fans? Make sure you describe your models and also attach pictures here if you can! Here is a video on our Corsair Lab YouTube page that might help you get started -
  15. This weekend, September 3rd to the 6th is PAX West 2021! We want to know - will you be attending and what are you looking forward to at PAX West this year? Here are some of our favorite memories 🥰
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