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  1. I agree with him. I definitely prefer the older KXX keyboard font to the newer Strafe's font that all the keyboards use now.
  2. Use Task Manager to close CUE, then use Windows Explorer to go to the folder %appdata%\Corsair\HID Once there, delete config.cfg.lock if it is present.
  3. After using my friend's Wireless VOID, I've noticed that the Wired headset's sidetone is definitely lower in comparison.
  4. 50 seems like a good amount for high quality keycaps, from what I remember seeing on /r/mk and around the Internet. I think I paid 60 for the set I'm using, but I had to buy it in parts rather than just a full mass-produced set.
  5. Is there also going to be a software-based gain ceiling increase in the future?
  6. Can the mic be bent? I feel a bit nervous about doing that, haha.
  7. The mic is indeed fairly quiet. Hopefully Corsair implements some sort of software-based gain boost or something into CUE.
  8. I might end up picking up a Lapdog since my desk's height isn't very ergonomic. I could really use something like the lapdog to have a lower keyboard and mouse position.
  9. 1. You can just clear the caps lock key in CUE to disable it. There's no global setting, though. 2. What keyboard and what game(s)?
  10. It would be nice for multiple actions to be able to be assigned to a single key.
  11. I think that this is technically feasible for Corsair but would take away from developing other features to work on.
  12. Personally, I wouldn't mind a button that removes all unused effects. There'd have to be a nice "This will pemenantly remove all unused lighting effects. Are you sure you want to do this?" warning before it does it, though.
  13. Hmm I'm not sure how I feel about not being able to get the kit without the motherboard. Some people may not want the chipset/manufacturer of that particular motherboard, or may already have a mini-ITX board they want to migrate over to Bulldog. Of course, if I'm wrong and the motherboard is a special form factor for this specific case that regular mini-ITX boards won't fit in it, then that's a different story. I'm liking Bulldog overall, so far :):
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