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  1. Does it show up as malfunctioning in CUE?
  2. I don't have the case yet, but this is good information to know. Thank you both!
  3. Is it possible to leave out the front filter when mounting the front glass panel? Is a custom piece needed in order to do this? I've seen some builds that don't have the honeycomb filter in the front. I quite like the look of the case but I'd prefer the complete clarity of just having glass in the front.
  4. Yeah, I've found it strange that Corsair has m.2 drives and the motherboard in the ONE has an m.2 slot, but there isn't an m.2 option.
  5. Are there any major changes in the 2.0 version of Builldog other than the updated motherboard?
  6. I'd imagine that it's a difficult market to simply enter. They sell coolers for GPUs, but selling GPUs (other than the MSI partnered ones) purely under the Corsair brand means either just selling stock GPUs with Corsair coolers or investing a lot of resources into engineering and building custom board GPUs.
  7. I agree with him. I definitely prefer the older KXX keyboard font to the newer Strafe's font that all the keyboards use now.
  8. 2.X is pretty great. There's a nasty issue with it that can cause WiFi to experience intermittent latency spikes though (it is still a beta, after all), so make sure you don't have any issues with it before taking it into a game or something.
  9. Updated for CUE 2.X! Future profiles will be released for CUE 2.X only.
  10. You gotta wiggle when pulling out your keys, guys.
  11. A consideration to make is that while only a small percentage of people experience problems, the people who experience problems are the most likely to post about the product (rightly so). You don't see many posts saying "Everything is perfectly fine!" even though most users don't have problems. If you buy a Corsair product and end up having an issue like mushy Blues, they will surely take good care of you :):
  12. I've noticed the Void USB Sidetone volume is much lower than the Void Wireless's Sidetone volume. In Windows's audio control panel, it seems the volume is limited to 25/100. http://i.imgur.com/6Rd2ArL.png
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