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  1. I have recently bough this keyboard and installed the latest version of icue. When I turn on the pc, the keyboard is set to the default layout (Everything red except WASD and arrow keys). When I open up iCUE, it starts the raimbow for a few seconds and then it stays completely red. Instant lighting is disabled and iCUE DOES recognize it as RGB, but no matter what setting I put, it just stays red. Please help. Thanks in advanced.
  2. Hi I would like to know if it is possible to set what to buttons on the headset do in the CUE software? I can't find any information regarding this I hope someone here has an answer :)
  3. Hi. I recently bought a new PC and installed iCue 4. My Void RGB headset does not appear in the list of devices in iCue 4. I tried to install iCue 3 and it works perfectly, as it did in my previous PC. I would like to use iCue 4 as it's much easier to control the rest of my Corsair devices there, but it's even more important to control my headset, so I'm stuck with iCue 3. Does iCue 4 support the Void RGB headset? And if so, any idea what I may be doing wrong?
  4. Bonjour, Je possède le clavier K55 RGB, mais je rencontre diverses problèmes : Hier j'avais un problème : les touches couleurs (FN + ...) ne fonctionnaient plus j'ai donc cherché sur internet et j'ai trouvé la solution de faire F1 + Verrouillage Windows, depuis que j'ai fais ça les touches couleurs remarchent mais depuis le clavier n'est plus reconnu dans le logiciel CUE, et la touche verrouillage windows ne fait que clignoter et même en appuyant dessus je ne peux pas l'éteindre.
  5. So, there seems to be some type of limitation to the specific keys you can push simultaneously on the K55 NumPad. I first noticed it in a game, and used switch hitter to confirm. Problem: If you push multiple keys in 1 row, then other keys in those columns are disabled. Likewise, if you push multiple keys in a column, then other keys in those rows are disabled. Examples: If you hold down 7 and 9 (this is on the numpad remember), then the keys 1,3,4, and 6 do not work. If you hold down 1 and 4, then the keys 2,3,5 and 6 do not work. Is this a hardware limitation? or some type of bug? I've tried doing the Fn+F4 reset. I've tried with and without iCue running. I'm on the latest version of iCue (3.10.125)
  6. Got the VOID last week and it worked absolutley fine in all games and skype. Yesterday i got home and it stopped getting any audio from Windows 10. I tried: - Connecting USB dongle to other USB Port - Checking if the VOID is standard device for input/output - Restarted PC After i removed the CUE Software from my PC it instantly worked. The i reinstalled CUE and i stopped working. Removed it again and it worked. Oh the mic is still working for example in skype. Any idea?
  7. Hello! I'm using CUE (1.16.42) with my K95 RGB with the G1-G18 Keys. I have made a macro that I use, but I need to alter it back and forth a lot and thought it would be easier to just copy it to another G-Key and just edit it there keeping the original as it were. But whenever I edit the copied Macro the "Original Macro" gets edited as well. So every time I want to "copy" my macro and edit it I have to make a new macro from scratch. Is there a way to "copy" or "clone" a macro from a G-key to another without them being linked together when editing them? Or is there a way to seperate them after they been copied? Thanks in advance! :)
  8. 3/5 boots, my K95 RGB isn't recognised properly by CUE; the lighting effects don't run, and the keyboard isn't available in CUE. I have to either reconnect the keyboard, or restart in the hope it initializes correctly.
  9. I recently saw a video on YouTube about Corsair Cue2 and wanted to download it. The URL I downloaded it from: https://www.corsair.com/ww/en/newcue The problem is that the downloaded file has no specific type and can't be opened by my computer, does anyone have the same problem or does anyone know the solution? Thanks in advance for reading this, David,
  10. Since the last iCUE update I did, using my Scimitar Pro RGB I got back in 2017, it seems that iCUE resets itself each time it starts back up. It's not saving any of my profiles, I have to manually load them from their folder each time because they don't even show up in the list. What's going on, is this some sort of a glitch?
  11. I just got a new Corsair K95 RGB with MX Browns and it doesn't seem to work with my computer. I have had CUE working with my Corsair M65 RGB for the past week or two and now that I plugged in my K95, my entire CUE application is broken completely. If I open the application it just hides, not viewable in the notification area, but only in the task manager as "Corsair Utility Engine (32 bit)". I have tried running the application as an administrator, reinstalling it, which also gave me errors (I was able to get around those by doing a system refresh) but now that it is reinstalled it just opens and shows in the task manager buit does not actually open or interface in any way with the devices. I do not have any other Corsair hardware or software on my machine other than a Corsair CS750M which does not in any way interface with my operating system.
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post. I have 4 Corsair RGB LED strips connected to a Lighting Node Pro. The Lighting Node Pro is connected directly to one of my motherboard USB 2.0 headers. I am also using a Cooler Master MasterCase H500P (non-mesh) which has 2 200mm RGB fans up at the front. These fans are controlled by the JLED header on my motherboard. I also have an RGB GPU, the Zotac 1080TI Amp! Extreme, the lighting on which is controlled by Zotac's FireStorm utility. The FireStorm utility doesn't cause me any issues as it is only capable of controlling a GPU. Corsair's CUE doesn't give me any issues. The only issue I have is that once I set all of my lighting in my CUE software (K70 RGB Strafe, Void Pro Wireless RGB headset, ST100 RGB Headset stand) it works fine... Right up unitl I open or even start the MSI Gaming App to control my motherboard and 200mm fan LEDs. As soon as the program is opened or run, my Corsair strips immediately default to the Rainbow Wave pattern. I have force killed the MSI app, and the lights stay in the Rainbow Wave pattern. I have been into the CUE software and tried to set all my strips back to my preferred colours, but as soon as I leave the CUE app, the strips default back to Rainbow wave. The only way I seem to be able to re-enable my own colour and lighting schemes are by deleting them all within the CUE software, and re-doing them. Quite annoying. Nothing else in my system is affected. My keyboard, headset, headset stand, motherboard, and front fans all stay the colour that I set them as, but the strips refvert back to default and often refuse to do what I want them to without a full system shutdown. Once I have everything set up, it looks great, but I can't seem to open the MSI gaming app without it hijacking my CUE software for my RGB strips. I have hunted through the settings for both the CUE and MSI software but I can't find anything that seems to be wrong. Is there something that I am missing? A hidden setting somewhere? Surely I must be able to deny the MSI software access to my Corsair lights? I have repeatedly emailed MSI about this issue but they haven't replied. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) EDIT: All of the firmware for all of my Corsair devices is up to date. I have just managed to get my corsair lights doing what I want them to do, but after 5 minutes they changed back to default. I haven't even started the MSI app this time.
  13. Hi Got a new VOID PRO RGB Wireless headset. Since installing the iCUE software the CorsairService keeps nailing my WMI service. Constantly using about 15-20% CPU. Updated to the latest dongle firmware and software, still happening. :mad: If I stop the service, WMI settles down but then the headset lights go disco mode... :sigh!: Is this normal?
  14. So I have the Void Pro RGB headset, and ever since I first got them, I get this really weird issue with Dota2. No issues in any other games (CS:GO, Fallout 4, Skyrim, PUBG, etc). Basically I'll start up my game, and whether i'm on the main screen, or in a match, or any other UI of the game, if I minimize the game for any reason, there's probably about a 30% chance that when I re-open the game window, I will drop from 100+ FPS to 3FPS, and my game will stutter, by about half a second. Everything from my mouse cursor, to the sound of the game volume, to the actual background of the game will lag. It's the strangest issue, but it only occurs during Dota2. I've tried re-installing drivers & iCue, and it doesn't seem to make a difference whether I'm in fullscreen mode, or windowed mode. I'm using the latest version of iCUE, v3.17.94 Anyone have this issue?
  15. Bonjours, Je viens d'acquérir le corsair Strafe RGB et un problème ce pose, je n'arrive pas et ne sais pas si c'est possible d'enregistrer un profil avec des effets de couleurs (ex: spiral rgb) directement sur le périphérique, mais seulement les couleurs fixes, par conséquent mon profil ne ce lance seulement après le démarrage de windows et du CUE. J'aurais préféré pouvoir l'enregistrer directement sur le périphérique afin que le profil avec les effets ce lance directement à l'allumage du PC. Merci d'avance, Cordialement.
  16. Hi, I have both a K70 RGB RapidFire & K63 Wireless with the latest firmware and CUE software. With the K70 I can choose the colour & brightness for individual keys under Lighting Effects in CUE. With the K63 Wireless (which has blue per key lighting) I am unable to adjust individual keys. I want WASD keys to be brighter than the other keys. Is anyone else having this issue and those anyone know a solution? Thanks in advance
  17. I bought a factory refurb'd M65 PRO RGB from Scan.co.uk less than a week ago, however as described in the title the side thumb buttons cease to work unless i use one of two workarounds. (neither are practical) The 2 workarounds ive found are either to force close CUE (Makes me lose my RGB and more importantly DPI settings - cant play a game like that), or to Repair CUE with the installer (then have to restart my pc). If im playing an online game or using one of those buttons to push to talk with discord it completely ruins my game. Both of these methods work in making the side buttons work again, but this is the only way. Without closing/repairing CUE the side buttons flat out don't work. I had an M60 for years with no similar problems and given that the buttons work under some circumstances im sure its not a hardware issue. Can I get some advice on what to do/how to fix this please? Also all firmware is updated to latest Many thanks peachyyy
  18. Hi all! I bought a K68 RGB two days ago and right off the bat gave me some issues getting it to work but then after trying few things it worked for like an hour or two. Suddenly it froze.. keys weren’t registering but lights were on and device was not found in the Cue software. I again tried a bunch of stuff and somehow got it to work. Fast forward to today I turned on the pc loaded up a game everything was fine and mid game it froze again lights on and non responsive keys. I tried everything again but this time I had no luck... I then tried forcing firmware update and poof there was an error and since then my keyboard can’t be found on CUE... Any ideas?
  19. Hey guys, so I have Scimitar mouse that I like for FPSs (I know, mmo mouse, eh I like it). I was using CUE to map the back six buttons on the thumb to be mouse 4 and front 6 to be mouse 5. It was awesome, I loved it. I did it by going to Actions-> Remap Keys and under Key Functions -> Mouse buttons there USED to be (until today) radio buttons for "Back" and "Forward" (what I think of mouse 4 and mouse 5, respectively). They're gone now. Has corsair just screwed me for buying a nice mouse? Or am I just blind? Thank you!
  20. CUE So in attempts to keep a very long story short, I recently purchased the K55 RGB for my best friend in celebration of her building her first PC and the computer booted with the keyboard without any issues. However, when she tries to run games such as Maple (via Steam) the game will freeze and crash when she loads her character. She tells me she's forced to alt+tab, but it takes 10 minutes just to do so. The only work around that she has figured out is to reach back and unplug her keyboard until her character is fully loaded in then plug it back in. She shared that she also does for the other games too. I've seen similar threads about this, but they all mention that a game controller had been connected, in this case she doesn't own a game controller. I'm out of ideas how to fix this, I've tried helping her by updating drivers on everything but the problem persists.
  21. Hello, I recently bought the Corsair Void 7.1 USB version and everything was fine until I installed the CUE software. For starters, the windows wasn't detecting the headset, so I had to install and older version of the CUE, and then the windows detected the headset and everything was again working perfectly except for when I try to play any games using this headset, my fps goes to 20~30 and if I unplug and plug the headset again, my fps goes back to ~120. What should I do? P.S: I've tried the newer version of the software and the windows now detects the headset, but I can't record my audio using that software version.
  22. So after trying every, and I do mean EVERY possible thing, and still failing to install the CUE for my new K70 RGB, I've found the only way to install it is: Let it fail, force reboot. Copy the installation files from a working install, into install destination "C:\Program Files (x86)\Corsair\Corsair Utility Engine" (my Surface got this ... questionable software installed without any issues) And yeah it works now >.> Eh, I wish someone had written this and saved me hours of trial and error madness.. (Corsair please fix). Here is a download link for the files if you lack a second PC that magically can install this software.
  23. Hi there, The macros on my K95 keyboard stopped working. The only two macros that work are the ones that open programs. When I do a reinstall or repair of the CUE 2 software, the keyboard works again. It's because "Corsair composite virtual input device" does not stay in Task Manager. I can hear it "unplug" so to say with the Windows sounds for USB unplugged. I have tried what is described in this thread, unfortunately I did not work: http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=140717 Comes down to uninstalling Logitech Gaming Software (LGS) and CUE, then uninstalling all USB Input Devices, then reinstalling CUE without LGS. I have also tried deleting the CUE folder in C:\Users\name\AppData\Roaming\Corsair My Device Manager: https://image.ibb.co/e14YBG/CUE_Broken_Keyboard_1.png I would greatly appreciate help as I highly depend on my 18 macro keys to keep me working fast. Thanks!
  24. I'm facing the same issue as one described in this thread: Problem with CUE.exe constantly accessing its own configuration file Here you may find an excerpt of a procmon capture: https://pastebin.com/sSFWtGmb %APPDATA%\Corsair\CUE\config.cuecfg file get opened about 100 times per seconds! This make no sense! Icue.exe process is constantly eating CPU Cycles (around 10% cpu) probably because of this: How can i fix this?
  25. So I have encountered this for the majority of this week which is when it started, I don't understand why it happens but it does for all games, so what happens is that at first everything is fine and then suddenly after using my computer for a while the mouse will start causing fps drops like from 120 static to 80 and dropping every time I move my mouse. The only fixes I know about for it at the moment is unplugging the mouse and plugging it back it in causing a temp solution however it will start happening maybe 5-10 mins later, the other fix is logging out or restarting my computer and that fixes it for maybe a couple of hours. I have tried an older install of cue and it hasn't worked and I have tried resetting the firmware on the mouse. I do also have two other corsair devices being a k70 rapidfire and a void and they also seem affected. Also I couldn't make a support ticket since I got this error code: CE5F114C-8EA2-4262-98A9-FB3AD82F1031
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