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  1. A password macro, so you can use macros for passwords without them being stored on your drive unencrypted, would be nice.
  2. This might've been already suggested: An action to lock your computer.
  3. Not sure if this is feasible, or even remotely possible, but a way to change certain parameters of actions (like repeat delay) while said action is being executed would be a really nice feature. You could assign keys to increase/decrease the delay by a set amount and/or change other parameters in a similar way.
  4. Being able to set delays in macros, etc. to more than 100 seconds. Like 10 or 20 minutes or even more if possible. And also repeat options for all action types.
  5. Saw this on the pcmasterrace subreddit. I don't think something like that is currently possible. Basically set colors for specific keys and using the existing effects to turn those on and off.
  6. A move to the new CUE forum would be nice. Edit: Thanks!
  7. Oh, I thought you list every profile you converted in the main post, sorry xD Thanks for the conversion :)
  8. I've already requested it, but I figured I post the link here for good measure :) http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=136840
  9. Thanks to thomja's request, I came up with another suggestion.
  10. :rofl: Need more layers! The sky's the limit.
  11. I want a layer system like this: http://i.imgur.com/ukRXYdj.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/Li3ENDq.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/5Yu0mVT.png
  12. Update: Please see http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showpost.php?p=783885&postcount=48 Post any suggestions you might have for CUE here. Hey there, so I've been messing around in CUE quite a bit now. It's definitely not as complicated as many made me believe it was. But it leaves much to desire, still. Here are some suggestions that'd make creating profiles a lot easier and more powerful: A layer system: Like in an Image or Video editor. That way you can put for example a group lighting on top of a single key lighting. The current rulesets apply to each layer individually. There are global groups which apply to all layers and every layer can have its own local groups. The layers themselves can be grouped together as well. Each layer can have its own reactive typing on top of the global one, the layer reactive typing would be prioritised. Being able to initiate an action/different lighting once a lighting effect has finished: Like when you create a macro there is an option for a second action. Also make that second action available for every action type and being able to start a lighting effect once an action is finished. That way you can chain an infinite amount of actions and lighting effects together. Initiating a lighting effect on other keys with the press of a specific key or group of keys: This applies (unlike reactive typing) only to a single key or a selected group of keys, which initiates a group or single key lighting on a selected group/key. Make the software window and column sizes adjustable: As it is right now it is very tedious to browse through lots of groups and many actions/lighting effects with longer names. Creating profiles for a different keyboard/layout: Maybe a drop down menu from where you can choose the keyboard (K65/K70/K95) and the layout (US/DE/AZERTY). Unused or not available keys will be ignored when displaying on the actual keyboard. A built in converter would suffice as well. Making lighting effects repeat on top of themselves: For example a ripple: Maybe a checkbox [X] Overlap on repeat, which makes the effect play to the end regardless of how long the effect is set to last. That way, the effect overlaps making smooth and constant multicolor waves and ripples much much easier. Static group gradient effect: A static gradient on a group that doesn't cycle through the colors, instead spans the gradient colors across the selected group of keys. If you have more suggestions feel free to post them here. I'm not pushing corsair to implement this, just giving some ideas. Regards, Pp
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