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  1. since I updated the keyboard to the new firmware (3.29.32) the combination of keys wind lock key + f1 no longer works, it is consequently for me it is impossible to put the keyboard in bios mode, and therefore be able to use it on ps4. do you know how to solve?
  2. Bonjour, Lorsque j'essaie de mettre à jour le firmware de mon clavier K95 RGB Platinum à la dernière version 3.29 (depuis la version 3.21.28), cela échoue immédiatement (en 1 seconde même pas après avoir cliqué sur "compris") : Mon clavier disparaît du logiciel iCUE (dernière version 4.14.179) sur Windows 10 Pro 64bits jusqu'à ce que je redémarre l'ordinateur, ou que je passe le clavier du mode logiciel au mode BIOS, puis du mode BIOS au mode logiciel à nouveau (avec Windows Lock + F1, x2) pour revoir mon clavier dans iCUE. iCUE me signale alors qu'il y a une mise à jour, encore et encore... Pourriez-vous m'aider s'il vous plait ?
  3. So after a week or so of lighting malfunctions I have my keyboard functional. It types a it normally does, but there are no lights except for the upper 3 indicators. the three lights in the top left (Caps lock, Num lock and Scroll lock) are blinking together at a constant pace. about 1 or 2 times each second. I am lead to believe my keyboard is in some manufacturers debug mode. upon opening icue, i am immediately prompted with a "mandatory" update which goes as follows: 1 open icue 2 "a mandatory firmware update is available and required for the optimization of your device." ( i can click away, and the keyboard still works albeit without many features.) 3the update progresses, once it reaches 100% i hear the windows usb noise, the blinking lights pause before the keyboard returns tom this limited state. 4 Icue remains on this update screen for some time before arbitrarilly giving an "update successful to version 3.21" after this process takes to long i presume. 5 nothing changes, and Icue still has a "?" for the firmware version of my keyboard. 6 immediately after icue has another update available once i click on the keyboard. same version update; 3,21. 7 repeat without any successful updates. i suspect due to the blinking lights that my board is in some factory reset mode that prevents it from interfacing with icue properly. there is no rgb functionality and icue offers no options. i feel like I'm just a step or so away from restoring full functionality. icue recognized the keyboard model, but has a "?" next to the current version. it says there's an update available, (v3.21) but that update never applies correctly. Here's what I've already tried to correct the issue: 1 turning everything off and on again. 2 unplugging everything 3 soft resetting the keyboard with the esc key technique 4 trying to put the keyboad in and out of bios mode. this does nothing, i cant tell if bios mode even enables. 5 manually reloading the firmware by using the pinhole on the bottom, then loading new firmware provided by corsair support. despite this, my keyboard persists in this limited state. the caps lock, num lock and scroll lock blink consistently, there's no rgb and icue offers no customization options. please help restore my k96 rgb platinum to its proper functionality. thank you for your time.
  4. I recently acquired a Corsair K95 Platinum XT Keyboard, at first everything was perfect, the next day a very strange sound started to sound when I pressed some keys, in the video I show which ones, Does anyone know what the problem is? I can't upload videos through this medium, so I uploaded it to YT [ame] [/ame] I appreciate your help
  5. Hello, I would like to share my project that I had been working on. Some of you who are interested in AI might have heard of the term "Clustering" This project is simple. All the pheperials react to screen colours using clustering. By using my PyPheperials project, it would be possible to set LED colours whether it is Corsair or Razer. Here are some demos. (Might need some time for loading...) Demo #1 : Night Vision Demo #2 : Flash Bang Demo #3 : Blood I am quite new to this forum. So, if my post violates any of forum rules, please let me know. I will modify as soon as possible. Contact me via my email : edina00@naverDOTCOM If, you are interested , please check my GitHub. https://github.com/gooday2die/pypheperial
  6. Hello, I recently got a 2nd hand K95 and it works wonderfully.... However, I noticed at random; idle, gaming, it doesnt matter, it would freeze at random. It would lock the machine, it doesnt unlock and I have to manually turn it off. I notice after about 30 seconds whatever profile I have in iCue gets turned off and the default colors kick in. I also installed 6 LL120 fans, Im not sure if thats the cause of it, but I thought I should mention it. If anyone may have any ideas I would greatly appreciate it, its been frustrating getting decent gear new and used for it to cause issues. I appreciate it in advanced.
  7. Hi, ich hab mir im Corsair Webshop die PBT Double-Shot Pro in Weiß geholt, damit es zu meinem Gesamtlayout passt. Funktioniert auch alles sehr schön und sieht gut aus, wenn nicht ein paar Tasten nicht passen würden. Windows, Kontext und Leertaste passen überhaupt nicht. Steuerung sind beide kleiner als die schwarzen sind aber mit den Außenrändern nicht im in einer Flucht. Und die 6 G-Tasten waren überhaupt nicht dabei. Und auf das Ticket beim support wurde nun seit 7 Tagen nichts gemacht oder geschrieben... Habe heute nochmal darauf geantwortet... LG Rocket
  8. Hallo, ich habe folgendes Problem bei meiner K95 funktionieren manche Farbeinstellungen auf der Tastatur nicht. Zum beispiel bei der Farbe grün sind manche RGB´s einfach sehr schwach beleuchtet. Bei gelb sind manche Tasten orange. Hatte jemand das Problem schon und kann mir weiter Helfen ?
  9. Hi all I have a Vengence K95 keyboard, I have downloaded the iCUE to program the G keys however the keyboard is not showing on the iCUE screen?
  10. I believe that my mount between the K95 keyboard and the Nexus got thrown away by accident and so I called Corsair to try and get a replacement. They said that they don't do that. Please can anyone help?
  11. Ever since upgrading my MacOS to Big Sur, the lighting effects on my K95 keyboard severely lag or freeze altogether. All inputs are still accepted and macro keys appear to be working, but the lighting just doesn't look good at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and have recreated my profiles from the ground up, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Furthermore, I can't save any profiles to the onboard memory. I get an error every time saying that the keyboard has been disconnected even though it clearly hasn't. Can anyone help with this?
  12. I'm trying to remap numpad keys to the Gkeys and they will NOT save. I have deleted the old profiles after a hard reset on the keyboard by holding ESC while plugging it in again. I deleted the profiles created new profiles selected my options for the remapping and lighting selected the profile i wanted to save saved it to a new slot quit the program repaired the installation of iCUE, tried again, and did not work cleared memory thru iCUE, forced updated of firmware, tried again, nothing just the lighting gets saved...not the remapped keys. On top of all this, the iCUE program freezes every 10 seconds when doing an action it seems like. What is going on here? EDIT: the remapped keys run fine and work when iCUE is running in the background...but i don't want this software running. iCUE version: latest, 3.37.140 K95 FW: 4.11.25
  13. I'm using iCue software v3.37.140 and trying to do something as simple as a SHIFT + A as a macro test. I've tried both MACROS and KEYSTROKE to do this. I then assign a G key to the macro. We'll use G6 as my example. I then go to "Onboard Profiles" and click on one of my 3 onboard profiles. I've tried both CLEAR -> OVERWRITE and SAVE on an empty profile. NOTE: Inside the "Hardware Actions" section when I do this, a yellow exclamation at the bottom says, "Hardware Actions need to be saved to the device and are active when iCUE is not running." I go to NOTEPAD and press the corresponding hotkey (G6) and nothing happens. Things I've tried to fix this: 1. Repair the iCUE software. 2. Unplugged\replugged in my K95 usb plugs. 3. Googled the hell out of how to fix this. I read a lot about this being an issue. IS IT? These keyboards aren't cheap and you would think they would package it with good software. Are there any solutions to this issue? Anything from Corsair? Screenshot of what my Hardware profile screen looks like is attached.
  14. I cannot get my new K95 platinum to light up without a full restart of iCUE after I wake my machine from its sleep mode. I tried to follow the steps in this old forum post but no luck. I've taken pictures of my keyboard in the following phases: 1.) Keyboard lights off completely as computer is in sleep mode 2.) Computer has been awakened, Windows login screen is now present to resume work on machine. Keyboard defaults to this RGB rainbow... 3.) I force quit iCue. Keyboard remains in the above RGB rainbow.. 4.) I relaunch iCue, keyboard lights appear to go back to "normal" but in actuality, the profile is wrong.. I set my numpad to be red, everything else white as seen here This is really frustrating to deal with. I am on the most recent iCue version as well (3.37.140).. iCue also claims that the firmware for the K95 Platinum is up to date.
  15. Hi everyone, I have recently adquired the k95 platinum rgb keyboard and I have a question abaut the volume wheel. The problem is that the wheel spin nice until it reaches a point, then do a "clack", and then works nice. Always happens and I don't know if it's normal or not. If someone can help me I would be very gratefull.
  16. Hello together I have owned a Corsair K95 Platinium keyboard for 3 years and a new high-end PC for 1 week. Now that I have the power to stream, I would like to put some keys to control OBS and OBS scenes on the G-keys. Unfortunately I haven't found a way how to program and assign the G-keys with the corresponding functions. So I would be glad if someone could give me a detailed instruction for this. I would like to assign the following functions to the G-keys: G1 - OBS scene "Stream starting soon G2. OBS scene "Game Capture" G3 - OBS scene "Be right back/Pause G4 - OBS scene "Stream Ending G5 - Start recording G6 - Pause or Stop recording I have no experience with macro programming via iCue and I find the software for this rather complicated. I would be really happy to get support and I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot
  17. Hi Leute, ich habe mich heute seit langem mal wieder mit den Profilen von der K95 beschäftigt und fand die Idee gut, ein Cyberpunk2077 Profil runterzuladen welches von einem User erstellt wurde. Das Profil selbst klappt auch ganz gut, nur versuche ich mit: "Profil mit Programm verknüpfen" auf die Verknüpfung auf dem Desktop zu verweisen und er nimmt es nicht an. Was mache ich falsch? Vielen Dank für Eure Hinweise und eine frohe Weihnacht. Das Profil welches ich verwendet habe: https://www.hisevilness.com/downloads/download/7-corsair-icue-profiles/22-cyberpunk-2077-icue-profile.html
  18. Hello, I am new here, so sorry if I am not posting in the correct place. I have been running into an issue with my k95 where I see the red triangle with an exclamation point next to it (will be posting issue in another thread). This lead me to discover another issue. When attempting to resolve the issue with my K95 by quitting and restarting iCUE, I have been experiencing constant crashes of the iCUE software. I am unable to get it to start up again after quitting. Steps to replicate: 1) Quit iCUE 2) Launch iCUE 3) Observe system tray where iCUE icon appears 4) Wait a couple minutes and hover mouse over iCUE icon in system tray 5) iCUE icon disappears and is not running In addition to my system specs, I have the following Corsair peripherals: K95 RGB PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard — CHERRY® MX Brown Dark Core RGB Pro SE
  19. Just purchased the Virtuoso wireless headset and K95 Wired Keyboard and the lighting will only show a steady state red. I have configured a Lighting Link "Rainbow" selection as the first profile on the list and I've selected that profile. I've only seen the actual colors selected shown once, and only for a minute or two before it reverted back to steady state red. I reinstalled the iCUE software today, and ensure both devices had the latest firmware installed. At first I thought it was just the headset, because I bought that first a few weeks ago, but after plugging in the K95 today and seeing the same thing happen, I'm thinking it's a software issue. Please help; thanks in advance!
  20. Moin, habe mir die K95 gekauft also soweit bin ich zufrieden mit der Tastatur. Nur hab ich ein "kleines" Problem, meine Farbe Blau wird nicht angezeigt. Nun ein LightReset habe ich schon durch, genau wie Firmware Update erzwingen. Beides hat nichts gebracht. Gibt es noch mehr Möglichkeiten wie ich das Blau wieder zum laufen bringe?
  21. I didn't see anywhere to submit an official bug report, so I'm just posting here. I'm using a K95 RGB Platinum with the latest firmware (3.21.28). I installed iCue 3.34.161, and the 'While Pressed' option under Profile Switching Settings doesn't seem to work. I set up a profile switch for when I hold the shift key, and it does switch profiles, but when I release shift, it remains on the new profile. There doesn't seem to be any change in behavior when 'While Pressed' is selected. I uninstalled 3.34 and installed 3.33.246, and this feature works normally. Thanks!
  22. tenia un par de meses con el teclado, hasta el momento todo correcto, hace poco me di cuenta que dos teclas "d" y "f" no les funciona correctamente el RGB, o de por si el LED, si el teclado esta en color estatico blanco la letra "D" queda roja y la letra "F" en color violeta, y en el RGB los colores no coordinan, ni muestran el color verde o celeste, ¿hay alguna solucion o F para mi?
  23. I recently bought a K95 keyboard and I'm really in love with it, but every time I turn on my computer, it doesn't seem to recognize the USB passthrough and I have to manually disconnect and reconnect the cable to make it work. (I have both cables connected to USB 3.0 since using just the keyboard cable won't make the passthrough work) Any thoughts on what could be happening? Thanks!
  24. Hello to all, Having recently purchased a complete Corsair setup, I have a question. Is it possible to press a special key (G1, G2 ...) in order to get the percentage of battery remaining in my wireless VOID headset? (like the female voice who tells how many %left we have) That would be very practical !!!
  25. Hey hope someone from Corsair sees this cause this finally got me to create an account :o: first some information, I have been using icue for over 2 years now and hadn't really had any problems before.. normally my ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when idle and that is with the following connected. K95 PLATINUM DARK CORE SE VOID PRO WIRELESS MM800 RGB POLARIS ST100 RGB COMMANDER PRO LIGHTNING NODE PRO LS100 STARTER KIT 6 x LL120 FANS 4 X LED STRIPS 4 LONG LIGHT STRIPS AND 4 SHORT LIGHT STRIPS so with all that my normal idle ICUE CPU load is 2,5% when i plug the Nexus into my k95's usb hub my ICUE idle cpu load is 20% that is crazy! so from 2% to 20% i have tried plugging the hub cable from the K95 in usb 3.0 port usb 2.0 port usb 3.0 hub it's all the same... load on 20% if i take the nexus and plug it directly into my machine and not in the k95 hub then the usage drops from 20% to 11% so that's half of the raised load, still crazy but alot better, so it doesn't look like the K95 platinum hub can't handle it with the current load, maybe a firmware upgrade to the keyboard can fix this if not directly related to the nexus firmware or icue software. but right now i can't use it cause the CPU usage with it plugged in will never be that low so my machine can idle... it would be nice with a quick fix... it would be nice, as someone else said in another post that we could be able to control the refresh.. from 24 maybe all the way down to 1, that would work for most of my usage with it. my CPU is a Intel Core i5 8600K (running stock) i would love to provide more info and help if needed to get this fixed or else i would have to return it :( running K95 Plat firmware version 3.21.28 Nexus firmware version 2.2.5 icue 3.31.81 all other icue related stuff is also running the newest firmware.
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