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  1. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on... :( Going to create a ticket now with support, but I would love to get some quick tips if someone have them... Cyberpunk 2077 is waiting. *cry* Many thanks!
  2. Hey Corsair, I need help to solve a problem with Corsair iCue4. I have a error : " The entry point of procedure " UnregisterSuspendResumeNotification " is unfindable in the dynamic link library USER32.dll ". My computer is under Windows 7. I haven't update avaible. Thanks for all Have a nice day
  3. no se que mle pasa ultimamente a mi h100i platinum pero se desconecta y no es por fallo del usb es cuando se activan los drivers que sxe desconecta y se buggea no me permite contrreolar la refigeracion ni nada
  4. Hi all! Today iCue suggested a firmware update for me, and now my AIO is dead: FANs at full RPM, no RGB and iCue no longer recognize AIO. Have tried many things and no luck, changed USB port, restarted service and so on :,c I recently read other forums in which they talk about the same topic :c and from what I could see, everyone was able to solve the problem with the hex file of the iCUE H150i RGB PRO XT so I was wondering if you could help me by sharing that file, since the link From mediafire that I enter it says that the file has been deleted, please can you share that file with me to solve my problem since I cannot find the hex file on my computer: c I will be very grateful in advance
  5. Okay, I know there are other threads related to this, but I haven't come across any with my exact problem. I run a good rig with K95 Plat, M65 RGB Elite, MM800 RGB Polaris pad, and a RM1000i psu. So, everything can sync up through iCUE, right? Well, here's the problem. The K95 has onboard storage (OBS) and should supposedly be able to save 3 profiles for default and such. I was getting an error every time I opened iCUE before about the OBS, now I don't get that error initially, just 2 profiles show something saved to them and it's the exact same thing. A very suspicious, what looks like, kanji. I click to clear it and it says there was an error. I then click to save in that place and it says I don't have enough OBS space to save it. The profile has only one layer and it's lighting. I've tried to overwrite instead of clearing first and still the same error. Is there a way to manually clear a K95's OBS?
  6. Hi, I use the ICue 4 software, but it says that my mainboard is 90°C. It can't be so hot because even after the boot it is 90°C. How can i fix that? I have attached a picture
  7. Hi, im trying to currently remap some keys with the program iCue (running 4.17), and im using the k100 atm. So basically in the key assignments features don't work other than text, I seem to be only able use the text feature. Would like to know if im missing something to make it work or not, but ive tried a fresh reinstall and restart but that also failed. The keys im trying to bind/remap is to make G1 push/input as F6. Ive also tried to make W, D and it makes w become a dead key and d works as normal.
  8. I've had this issue for a while and tried everything i can find, I tried updating frimware and such but i can't find anything. If an mod could send me an old version that still makes them work i would be happy.
  9. Desde hace seis meses tengo un LS100 con un par de kits de expansión. Funcionaba bien, con algún que otro cuelgue que se solventaba reinstalando la aplicación. De golpe un día dejó de reproducir movimiento en el canal 1, los leds quedan fijos, salvo en la primera mitad de la primera tira, que si reproduce movimiento. Dejo aquí un vídeo que he subido para ver si me pueden ayudar. [ame]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] [ame=https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk]https://youtu.be/zDk2SEQmvJk[/ame] El botón de encendido y apagado de la controladora solo enciende y apaga el principio de esa primera tira que comento. Lo demás permanece encendido y estático. Cuando lo desenchufo de la corriente eléctrica y lo dejo 10 minutos sin corriente, al volverlo a conectar reproduce movimiento, hasta que enciendo el pc, en ese momento se queda fijo otra vez. He revisado conexiones, actualizado todo y demás.... Es un producto de bastante calidad y de bastante precio también, espero poder solucionarlo, y que todo fluya como debería . Saludos
  10. Hola, acabo de comprar los carsair virtuoso se gunmetal y estuve durante 2 dias bien sin embargo en algun momento empezo a dar un fallo ya que los conectaba y despues de unos minutos chirreaba el sonido o no daba audio, estuve viendo y al parecer dicen que es por el firmware, tengo instalado icue 4 y el firmware de los audifonos son los siguientes Receptor v. 0.16.80 Audifonos v. 0.17.149
  11. So I read most of the things on how to uninstall iCUE 3, did it, deleted all files on the system, even on regedit. Still have the same error, now I cant even use my corsair headphones anymore, what else can I do? :!: btw, im trying to install version 4.11.274 Error said: https:// imgur.com/a/5QCLAbQ (delete space)
  12. Currently when starting ICUE with my K70 RGB I receive an error message that the device is not found (profiles are still intact and keyboard acts normally), before this I originally received a message telling me to "turn on wireless keyboard" even though the K70 is wired. I have tried different USB ports and have updated the ICUE software to the latest version (4.13.226) with no change. ICUE allows me to update the firmware to 3.08 but I am hesitant as the keyboard works fine (I'd rather have a working keyboard than use ICUE) and the software does not seem to be communicating with the keyboard as it only indicates "?" as being the current version of the firmware. I love the board and have never had any problems with it whatsoever. Should I update the firmware? Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. Hello everyone, This is my first post because i am looking for help and cant seem to solve this issue as ive tried everything that i personally can think of and maybe someone has a solution. Before my issue i will state what im currently running with Asus Strix z390e Mobo Asus Strix 2080 GPU Lighting Node Pro Corsair RGB Fan Hub 6 LL120 Fans 4 Corsair Light Strips My fans are configured in order from 1-6, 1 being Front Bottom --> Top Rear The problem i am having is that my 1 and 2 Fans are properly synced with iCue with whatever light effect i have set, and the 3-6 fans are either, glitching out, sometimes completely off, or showing a different color than i have (i.e. i do instant lighting red, fans 1+2 are red, Fans 3-6 are Blue). i know for certain the LEDs on all 6 fans are okay because i have unplugged each fan that are placed 3-6 and plugged them in number 1 and they light up fine. at first i thought it is simple the LED Hub that was busted, but i have an extra one that i never used (from LL120 3 pack) and replaced the one in my PC and it did not fix any issue. Lighting from fans 3-6 still completely off, or buggy. upon startup all fans turn on full Rainbow RGB but 3-6 begin glitching almost as if its doing a rain effect but in rgb. then my pc is fully started and my instant lighting turns on and the fans 3-6 go off. I have CCleaner'd my icue software AND all asus aura softwares incase that there was a confliction error or something going on with them. Note that i do NOT care if my mobo and gpu are synced to Icue. i usually manually set them to white LED through asus Aura. This leaves me to believe my issue is with either 1. Lighting Node Pro or 2. a bug in the iCue software or maybe 3. an issue with an update or maybe multiple programs causing an error of some sort. I will buy the commander Pro IF it solves my problem but i dont want to cough up 75 bucks if the problem will persist. any thoughts please help. thank you for reading *EDIT i forgot to mention that, of course, i do have everything properly configured in the iCue software on the LED channels. i should add that my lighting setup was completely fine up to some point in time that i cannot pinpoint. without ever physically opening my PC or changing any hardware the problem came out of no where.
  14. Adding buttons to start apps located in the AppData folder simply does not work for me. I get "The File cannot be accessed by the system" when trying to select the application to launch every time. This issue is present on ALL apps located under AppData. Most of the apps I am trying to add are ones I REALLY wanted to add to the Nexus, such as Spotify, the Xbox PC App, Discord,... I am logged in as admin (only account on pc), I have full control/permissions, tried making a shortcut (and placing that in various locations),... Am I missing something here?
  15. Hi!, I have a problem that appeared six months ago: I have always carefully maintained my Icue software and downloaded new updates, but for six months there has always been an (irregular) error on my Corsair Vengeance RAM bars have a small symbol with an exclamation mark so a warning now i can no longer click on the settings for my bars for me this is nothing normal and it appears irregularly I hope someone had the same problem and can help me (there is a photo with the software and the warning in the appendix).
  16. Hola. Compre mis hs60 pro hace dos días, recién el día de ayer instale icue para configurarlos para xbox, el problema es que icue no detecta el micrófono pues no me sale el controlador del volumen del audio que esta colocado del lado derecho. Ya revise mi pc y sí detecta el micrófono de los audífonos, además, tiene habilitado el que otras aplicaciones utilicen el micrófono. ¿Qué solución me dan? ya busque si no ocupa actualización tanto manual como automáticamente y no funciona nada.
  17. Hello. :maldad:. In icue, the second channel does not appear. The LEDs that I connect to the first channel, 2 strips of 250 and four of 350 do not respond either. The button to turn the lighting on and off also stopped working. My experience was positive, everything worked perfectly. Yesterday everything began to fail. Uninstalling ICUE does not fix anything. What I can do? Hola. Mi LS100 Starter Kit muestra un solo canal de iluminación. En icue, no aparece el segundo canal. Los leds que conecto al primer canal, 2 franjas de 250 y cuatro de 350 tampoco responden. El botón para encender y apagar la iluminación también dejó de funcionar. Mi experiencia era positiva, todo funcionaba perfecto. Ayer empezó a fallar todo. Desinstalar ICUE no soluciona nada. Que puedo hacer?
  18. Products: - Corsair K55 (keyboard) - VOID rgb elite wireless (headphones) I have multiple profiles in iCue, but I've only tested this on 1 of them, the one I use regularly. When I am charging the headphones with their USB cable, the connection is a bit "delicate", since with a slight movement it disconnects and reconnects for a second. Recently (2 weeks maybe) this error began to happen in RGB lighting. When the charging USB is disconnected from the headphones the keyboard illumination changes to stable red suddenly and cannot change it in any way. The only thing that works is to completely close the iCue software and activate it again.
  19. Hello everyone, I have the following problem, for a while my Commander pro no longer shows me all fans and if then usually only two with strange values. I have connected 5 fans and one pump. It seems that the problem is caused by Hwinfo, is there a solution? At the beginning everything worked great. Thanks in advance for your help. Best regards Luca
  20. The title pretty much says it all.. the issue started after updating windows to version 2004 and is still here after updating to 20H2 as well. It's impossible to recreate the problem, since it's completely random. It happens whenever it wants. The error message appears for a brief moment right before the computer shuts off and says about an exception in a memory address I think. Also I've noticed one more thing: When the system boots up if I go in the event viewer there's always a Windows Error Reporting event related to Corsair.Service. DisplayAdapter.exe.. only when there hasn't been an error window during the last shutdown. Every time I get the error when shutting down, the next time I start the system there's no Windows Error Reporting event related to DisplayAdapter. Very strange behaviour... This is a widespread issue Corsair, please try and fix it or at least give us the option to disable this service.
  21. Hey there, I've got a little problem on my end here. Maybe you guys are able to help. For about 5 Months I've got a Lightning Node Pro with 4 RGB Strips. However, I'm not able to turn off 4 LEDs. I'm also not able to change their color. They are stuck at pink. Things I've tried - Disabled SDK - Updated iCUE (Now running 3.36.125) - Force Updated the Lightning Node Pro (Running 0.10.4) - Removed Third Party RGB Management (MSI Mystic Light) - Restarted iCUE Service - Removed my iCUE Home Integration Service - Reseated the LED Strips I've attached some Pictures to illustrate my issue. Thanks in advance and enjoy your Saturday!
  22. Habe seit dem Update das Problem das 2 meiner Lüfter nicht mehr leuchten. Habe schon so ziemlich alles versucht was mir einfällt. Neuinstallation mit AppData, Spannungslos machen, Settings in iCue... Jemand eine Idee? VOr dem Update lief alles einwandfrei :wtfeh:
  23. Hello everyone. Recently (less than 3 months ago) I bough a H100i RGB SE. All my build has been white since the start and so the RGB from cooler, motherboard, ram etc. But out of nowhere the pump from the cooler turned yellow-ish and right now is full yellow-orange (picture attached). Is this a software problem, windows or what? Thanks for the help!
  24. hey leudde meine relativ neuen corsair produkte m55 rgb pro und k55 haben beide seltsame probleme. kleine info: ich verwalte beide mit icue es hat zuerst mit der maus angefangen: plötzlich, nach etwa immer 10-15 minuten nach start des computers reagierte sie plötzlich nicht mehr und ich muss sie erneut anschließen. ab und zu sehe ich auch in icue ein kleines rotes dreieck bei den einstellungen der maus. dann fing es mit der tastatur an: manchmal reagiert sie nicht oder entkoppelt sich einfach so beim drücken einer taste und verbindet sich sofort wieder. machmal spammt die tastatur ohne dass ich etwas mache die letzte taste, die ich gedrückt habe und hört dann irgendwann wieder auf. auch bei der tastaur wird gelegentlich ein rotes dreieck angezeigt. ich habe icue reinstalliert, die geräte entfernt, updates erzwungen und komplett neue profile erstellt, aber nichts hilft. hat irgendjemand tipps? danke im voraus<3 leo
  25. So I got my Corsair Harpoon RGB mouse a while back and i wanted to install iCUE to customize everything. No problems installing whatsoever, but soon enough I found out my HDD that I installed it to was broken. I didn't bother installing the software again onto my SSD because I already had gotten used to the feeling of the mouse, and had completely forgotten about it by the time I got myself another HDD. Now having gotten a Corsair keyboard I wanted to install iCUE again, and here's where the problem lies. For some reason when I try to install the software, an error message pops up saying: "Invalid Drive: E:\". The same message pops up if I try to delete the program (Yeah don't know how that still exists somehow since I took out the whole drive it was installed on). Also I seem to have two different installers as well, one for 2.24.50 (which I assume is the one I have/had installed, also gives me the option to uninstall/repair) and the other one is the one I just downloaded for version 3.10.125. I have tried to uninstall, repair and install both onto my SSD and HDD but neither work. My SSD is C:\ and my HDD is D:\ so I don't have an E:\ in place anymore. Anyway I thought I'd post this here, maybe you could help me fix this, it is getting a little frustrating.
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