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  1. Also, if you line up all the volumes to the same value does this behavior still happen?
  2. Hey Tachyon1, It appears that the battery on your VOID is defective. Please submit this in for an RMA and provide me with the RMA # so that we can bring this unit back in for a failure analysis. Thanks!
  3. Create a thread and get tons of views and responses. That way if popular enough I can bring it up with the Product Manager and we'll take another look at this just as we did with double shot keycaps.
  4. Hey Andrew, Check to see if there's a Windows Security pop-up preventing it from starting or abort and try it again.
  5. Also, you can turn on "Sound Notifications" so that if your battery is low CUE will trigger a voice saying "Low Battery".
  6. We're still looking into this issue, and we encourage those who haven't sent in their dump files to do so.
  7. Hi Antares004, Currently we do not support that function. It was a feature we thought about but ultimately decided not to go with because... how often would you use a macro in games since it would require that your hand leaves the keyboard or mouse to activate. With that said, if there's enough demand for it, we can always take another look.
  8. I've PM'd you back with directions on how to recover it from bootloader mode. Let me know if it works.
  9. Hi all, we are aware that the auto-shutdown isn't working on certain systems. We need a little bit of information to help with the investigation. If I don't already have your system specs, could you PM it to me along with which OS you're running and which games did you notice this happening on?
  10. @GamleDK, We're looking into this for future versions, at this time we don't have an ETA on when it will be implemented.
  11. @xplode-bg, thank you for providing us with the dump file. I've passed your system info and dump files over to the devs, I'll give you an update once we have one.
  12. Hey NeoReaper, just as an FYI. We have found the cause of the lights not resuming after plugging it in again issue you listed and it will be fixed in the next FW update. As for the other issues, we're still investigating it.
  13. @Kindly As Toasted has already mentioned, it sounds like your headset is not paired with the dongle provided. Just follow the directions in the link that he has provided.
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