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Mac key caps


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I bought a K90 last April and I have been in MMO nirvana ever since. LOVE this product, one of the best, if not THE best, keyboard I've ever used. And I'm something of a keyboard nut. (My editor described me as having a "keyboard fetish" since I buy new ones every so often. I am very choosey.)


I was totally jazzed when I saw the K95, and I will be among the first in line for this product. I need a new keyboard on my Mac at work, and the K95 would be super awesome. But you know what would make it perfect? A couple of Mac key caps for the bottom row (next to the spacebar). Just a couple of proper Mac keys down there and I would be ready to call it the most perfect keyboard ever, assuming it is every bit as good as the K90.


What do you say Corsair?

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