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Found 20 results

  1. im on my last straw and nothing frustrates me more than tech issues. I bought the k55 today and I am on a early 2015 Mac book air on Big Sur. Icue keeps saying no device detected. I've tried turning off bios, I've uninstalled and reinstalled, I've changed USB ports, unplugged all usbs besides the keyboard, restarted my computer, made a second profile in icue, NOTHING WORKS. please please please find the kindest to help me out, no one has answers me across several platforms. I wouuld REALLY appreciate it....
  2. Good Day All, I'm coming into the forum to see if there is going to be any support for the Corsair LS100 on iCue for Mac in the future. Right now. I'm rocking 2 different setups (home and office) with Corsair and ElGato peripherals and have 2 sets of LS100 on both sets of monitors and would love to be able to control them as well instead of just having the rainbow effect. To all those in the forums there any plugin that anyone has found for this around? Thanks!
  3. Hi, I apologize in advance for my ignorance in the field. I have an Asus z390 motherboard and iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX RGB. The new iCUE software for mac does not detect any of the 2. I know that since Corsair is not the motherboard for now it will be difficult for iCUE to detect it, but at least for iCUE H100i ELITE CAPELLIX can I do something? I just installed the software and did nothing else. Did I skip any steps? Thank you Mojave, software 3.38.61
  4. Good Day All, I'm coming into the forum to see if there is going to be any support for the Corsair LS100 on iCue for Mac in the future. Right now. I'm rocking 2 different setups (home and office) with Corsair and ElGato peripherals and have 2 sets of LS100 on both sets of monitors and would love to be able to control them as well instead of just having the rainbow effect. To all those in the forums there any plugin that anyone has found for this around? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, New forum member here. I have recently noticed that with the iCUE software running in the background, all iOS devices plugged to the Mac will not be detected. In console, this message appears: 028001.068426 usbmuxd@(null): AppleUSBHostUserClient::openGated: could not open provider iPhone. provider already opened for exclusive access by iCUE iCUE will have to quit and iOS devices reconnected for a successful detection. Am using first-gen Corsair K70 RGB on macOS 11.2.2.
  6. Ever since upgrading my MacOS to Big Sur, the lighting effects on my K95 keyboard severely lag or freeze altogether. All inputs are still accepted and macro keys appear to be working, but the lighting just doesn't look good at all. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling iCue and have recreated my profiles from the ground up, but nothing seems to resolve the issue. Furthermore, I can't save any profiles to the onboard memory. I get an error every time saying that the keyboard has been disconnected even though it clearly hasn't. Can anyone help with this?
  7. Why doesn't iCUE not support mapping modifier keys to to buttons on the scimitar pro and harpoon mice? It works with CKB Next, Better Touch Tools and with iCUE on Windows. Mapping of modifiers doesn't work standalone (no option in menu), in Macros if no other buttons are mapped or as a keystroke.
  8. When i plug in my keyboard (stafe RGB) on my mac its says on Icue "no device detected" I tried to reset my keyboard but it dont worked. I cheked the firmware and that wasent the problem. I reinstaled it and downloaded the last version but nothing worked. So can someone help me? ( sorry if this is bad English but i am from the Netherlands so sorry )
  9. Will the K95 work on a 2011 Macbook Pro OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) without ICUE or additional drivers? I looked at the ICUE requirements and my mac does not meet them. I would think it would work as a basic USB keyboard, but I cannot seem to find a definitive answer. I'm purchasing a new keyboard for my gaming setup, but I also use the same keyboard/mouse for audio work on my mac. I simply have a KVM switch setup to go between the two systems. I will not need the ability to configure the RGB backlighting, or customize the macro keys. The media keys do not need to work either as my volume will be controlled by my audio interface. As long as all the basic keys line up and key combinations are functional, that's all I need. I'd really like to get a definitive answer on this as the K95 checks all the boxes for me, but will be a dealbreaker if it can't work with my mac.
  10. Hello everyone, I'm subscribing just for complaining and warn you from buying this product which is supposed to be the best Headphones from Corsair. I really really really hope to be wrong so I'm going to list the issues I'm having with this headphones and then listen to your opinions. I've received my Virtuoso 2 days ago. First issue: BATTERY LIFE. 100% Brightness, full charged. Goes from FULL to DEAD BATTERY in 4.30 hours. They claim around 20 hours. I'm getting 4. Do you think it's normal? Second issue: iCUE Compatibility I don't know what's wrong with this Software but the USB receiver is blinking RED all the time (stops after a few minutes), even though the headphones are connected. It's supposed to be steady white. If I close iCue, it goes to Steady White. so it's clear an iCue issue, really?! Third Issue: MAC compatiblity I got two computers, one for work, one for the rest. Well, I use a Mac for work and the idea was to use this headphones for that. I check the website, and look! iCue is fully compatible with Mac and also this Corsair. I install the SW, everything is fine. I try to play a video on Youtube, and before even reproducing sound, I head a STATIC NOISE / WHITE NOISE in my ears. Every time there's a media session with audio (so song, or video), a STATIC NOISE appears. UNUSUABLE. Guys, I really want you to prove me I'm wrong, so I can start appreciating an d fix these headphones; but, what I think is that I've either received a defective product or it's a defective model. Already sent a Ticket to Corsair, but I'm not receiving answers. See you and have a nice day :)
  11. Hi, Would anyone know if I can use this RAM: Corsair MacMemory CMSA16GX3M2A1333C9 (16Gb RAM/2011) DDR3 2x8Gb for a late 2012 Mac mini? Thank you. J.
  12. I bought a K90 last April and I have been in MMO nirvana ever since. LOVE this product, one of the best, if not THE best, keyboard I've ever used. And I'm something of a keyboard nut. (My editor described me as having a "keyboard fetish" since I buy new ones every so often. I am very choosey.) I was totally jazzed when I saw the K95, and I will be among the first in line for this product. I need a new keyboard on my Mac at work, and the K95 would be super awesome. But you know what would make it perfect? A couple of Mac key caps for the bottom row (next to the spacebar). Just a couple of proper Mac keys down there and I would be ready to call it the most perfect keyboard ever, assuming it is every bit as good as the K90. What do you say Corsair?
  13. I currently have an Open Beta version of Corsair's iCue Software for my Dark Core RGB Mouse. I haven't had any problems with setting up the profiles with the mouse, but recently I had purchased a STRAFE keyboard online and I can't get it to work with my current iCue Software nor have I been able to find another program that would work with my MacBook Pro. Any resolutions to this issue would be greatly appreciated. Specs: Computer: MacBook Pro 13-inch, 2019 (Running Mojave 10.14.6) Keyboard: Corsair Strafe RGB Mechanical Keyboard - RGP0018 - Cherry Red MX
  14. Hey everyone! I recently got a corsair rgb mouse and keyboard that are icue compatible. I tried downloading ICUE on mac but it downloaded as a MSI file, when extracted there was no installer file. I was able to successfully use the keyboard/mouse on my windows computer.
  15. Now I do have a PC, but im using my corsair wireless void headset as my headphones and listening to music on the mac is very crappy without the dolby audio and stuff. Is there a way to enable that stuff because there is not a mac version for the cue?
  16. You might notice on ckb's webpage that it hasn't been updated in AGES. As a result, some guys gathered together to make a fork called ckb-next. It is located here (https://github.com/mattanger/ckb-next). It's still pretty newish at the moment, and don't expect too many changes over ckb at the moment, but hopefully (if the developer/maintainer for ckb doesn't come back) this project will get more attention and we can still have healthy cross-platform support for Corsair products. :D:
  17. Using a Strafe RGB with CKB and loving the keyboard however I'm looking for mac keycaps for alt/cmd. Anyone know of a good source for keys, preferably one where I can just order the individual keys?
  18. has anyone managed to get the new k63 wireless keyboard working with a mac via Bluetooth? it asks me for a pin but when I type nothing happens
  19. Hi all! I've recently bought a Corsair M95 mouse and tried to make it work on a Mac without success. It works, but almost just as a regular mouse. I've tried some 3rd. party software to recognize m95's additional buttons, like SteerMouse, BetterTouch Tools, and Usb Overdrive, but all of them recognize just some of the buttons. It's as if the mouse didn't have 15 buttons, but only 9, because some of the rest of the buttons are recognized as the same one =( I've also read that Karabiner is a good app for this sort of things, but I didn't get it to work properly. I'd like to know if anyone had the same problem and fixed it, and some application recognized all the buttons on the mouse or if I should stick with Corsair and Windows only. Thanks a lot!
  20. Hi. I just got my K95 RGB keyboard the other day and I love it. I'm still learning the software which isn't as difficult to figure out as some reviewers reported on youtube videos and other forums. The main reason I bought this keyboard was for MMO gaming which I do on a Windows platform. Normally I work in OSX (same machine/dual boot) with professional audio applications. Digital audio workstations (DAWs) and video editing packages are quite complex to learn and there are companies that specialize in making keyboards with color coded keys to designate the hundreds of shortcuts and help users to learn the software. Now that I've had some experience configuring this keyboard I can't help but to think of the potential for setting up color coded areas for editing shortcuts. Sadly, in OSX (which is the industry standard for pro audio) the extra macro keys are ignored and I can't configure this thing. It only works in a limited capacity as a standard keyboard with the factory default color presets. I'm just thinking that, by not developing software for the Mac OSX environment, Corsair is missing a huge potential market. This K95 would rock as a customizable pro audio/video editing control panel.
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