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Nightsabre RGB Wireless Key Assignments stored in iCue sofware not functioning.

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I have been using iCue software on my Mac for some years and today purchased a new Nightsabre RBG Wireleless Mouse.  iCue has always been a bit finicky with my cabled Scimitar, but I had hoped all of that would be behind me, but not so.

I have configured up the iCue Key Assignments and also the Hardware Key Assignments, (both exactly the same).  However, the normal iCue Key Assignments simply do not work.  It as if there is nothing configured, and yet it is.  It is showing in the software.

I have tested this both wirelessly and using the USB cable, with the same results.

Sadly at the moment I have to quit iCue so the mouse will run from the onboard memory.

It is a small thing with the only real drawback being that I do not benefit from being able to have my profiles launch with a game that I assign it to and of course remember to manually switch my profiles.

I have tried all the usuals, eg uninstalling & reinstalling, rebooting etc.

Has anyone come up against this and perhaps have a work around for it.

My hardware is a MacBook M3 Silicon running Sonoma.

iCue software version is the latest V5.12.97, as is the Nighsabre.  All firmware the latest.

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I have managed to find the problem.  In case anyone else experiences the same issue, here it is....

On Mac Sonoma under System Settings - Privacy & Security 
Select Accessibility and ensure that the iCue button is on.

Mine was set to off for some reason.

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