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H100i pump RPM on system start


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Hi all,


I installed my H100i about 10 days ago and had the strange fan grind, so I did the firmware update. Everything was fine for the first day but when I went to boot up the following day I noticed that my pump was very loud. I checked the LINK software and my pump was running around 500 RPM. I waited around 4 to 5 minutes and it still hadn't stopped, so I started increasing and decreasing the fan performance profiles. After cycling from maximum to quiet 3 times the pump jumped up to 2,200 RPM and was silent. I thought it was going to be a one-off fluke but it has been the same thing on every boot since.


I have searched the forum but haven't found the same problem yet (**about to get linked to a previous thread from someone**). I have my radiator top mounted in my case with the fans mounted inside blowing air through the radiator. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!



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Toasted - I did try reflashing 4 days ago but there was no change. However I did try it again this morning and, as fate would have it, the pump is starting up around 2,200 RPM! I also changed my fan profiles so it booted at a lower RPM. I have no idea if there is a correlation between the two but thank you very much for the input! I'll be cycling my system multiple times this weekend to check if this will be a viable solution.


RAM GUY - The pump's RPM in my BIOS was the same value as the Corsair Link SW. CPU idle temp (no overclock) is around 31-33C. When the pump was loud with the low RPM, it was idling around 38C. I'll follow up in the next two days and let you know how things are working out, thanks for the help!




Well, turns out I spoke too soon. After cycling my system 5 times the same thing started happening again. I took a video on my phone and posted it to YouTube so you could have an audio visual representation of what I'm talking about. Sorry for the small shake during parts of the video. :)


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Disconnect the fans on the block and see if the pump still doesn't start properly.

Sorry for the delay, closing out the year at work has been extremely busy! I disconnected the fans on the block and still had the same noise. Here is another (shaky) video so you can hear the noise and then see the pump hover between 500-600 RPM.



Do you think this issue RMA? If so, should I process it through Newegg or Corsair?


Thanks for the help and insight! ::pirate::

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