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H80 aftermarket fans?


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Okay I just had a few questions.


1.) If I wanted to replace the fans on my H80 could I?




2.) Do I have to plug my replacement fans into the water block?

** EX.) The new fans do not have a 3pin connnection rather a 4pin molex and 2pin cable for a fan speed controller adapter. ie- Thermaltake AF0026


If I do have to use the connection in the water block a simple 4pin molex to 3pin would work right?


Thanks for your input.

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You can use any 120mm fans in theory with your H80, but fans that are similar or better in performance would be the better choice. What would make a fan "better" is usually up to the user, depending on what factor they find most important, cooling performance or noise level, for example.


You are not required to connect fans to the H80's fan controller, but you'll need to work out your own fan speed control, if you need it.


I can't say what will happen using molex to three pin adapters with the H80 controller. First, some fans don't seem to function well with the controllers software, which is tuned for use with the Corsair fans. Next, when using those adapters, you may not have any fan speed feedback to the controller, although if that is necessary or makes a difference is unknown to me, I've never read a post about connecting fans to a H80 in that way.


If you connect fans to the H80 with the adapters, you'll need to experiment with the H80's speed settings and those other controllers to see how it works, I cannot predict how they will function.

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The fan controller is optimized for our fans so if you use other fans you will likely have to use the MB or another fan controller. But you can try it and see if it works okay. Just the fans you use cannot draw more than 2 amps each.
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