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GS800 PSU powers on immediately, won't shut down


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Hi, I just installed a new GS800 PSU in my existing system (Asus P5Qgreen MB, Q8200 CPU).


When I power up the PSU (switch on the back), the system immediately comes on (as though the case power switch has been pressed which it hasn't). Also, when I choose shutdown in Win 7, the OS goes through the shutdown, VGA goes dark, but all case fans and PSU are on still on.


I have tried disconnecting the case power switch lead from the MB to see if the switch was at fault. No change in behavior.


Anything else I can try or do? I am sure this question has been asked already been asked somewhere in the forums, but i couldn't find it after several searches (found one very terse post with a similar question that had no responses).


Is there a MM reading I can take on the pins to see if a voltage is present when it shouldn't be?



Thanks in advance for the support!



[uPDATE] - I swapped in an older PSU I had at home and it does NOT exhibit the problem behavior I describe above. Anything else to try before returning?

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